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Sexual attraction towards neighbor aunty  

prraveenkumarr17 23M  
8 posts
9/3/2020 1:25 pm
Sexual attraction towards neighbor aunty

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fashionablegma 77F
8060 posts
9/3/2020 9:30 pm

Yes well what if we do prefer young men that are tall and handsome,we still have standards even though we are old,attraction first then chemistry is what catches my eye

prraveenkumarr17 replies on 9/3/2020 10:56 pm:
Yeah it is ok, peace

prraveenkumarr17 replies on 9/3/2020 11:05 pm:
I didn't say aunties are average, I was talking about average looking MILFs

vasantha2020 35F
16 posts
9/3/2020 10:39 pm

hi dear i am housewife my husband is not satisfaction me if u interest will meet my home only hyd fun with beneties only

prraveenkumarr17 replies on 9/3/2020 11:01 pm:
We talked already, you are pricy. You wouldn't do that to a boy/man u like.

vasantha2020 35F
16 posts
9/4/2020 4:01 am

i like sex dont mind boy or man i need fun with benefits

prraveenkumarr17 replies on 9/4/2020 11:06 am:
Yeah costly costly benefits.

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