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Hiking trail fun
Posted:Jun 23, 2016 11:40 am
Last Updated:May 18, 2018 5:25 pm

This took place last summer

My fwb was on his way back from a business meeting and he text me and asked if i wanted to fuck.. Silly question i told him of course i do.. So he picked me up and i saw what he was wearing and i got wet... He was in a dress shirt, tie, dress pants .. Mmmmm Mmm ... He was also hard the minute i got in the car, He always is when i get in the car with him ( hehe).. So we find this public hiking trail and we go down but not to far... We go up into the woods just a little bit tho.. Anyone walking by if they looked up could of saw us and thru the trees i could see workers on the other side... Now that was hot knowing anyone could see... We kiss a little and hug.. I then turn around my back to him and i slide down my capris and i bend rubbing my ass against his hard cock... He rubs my ass and then he put his hard cock deep in me.. He grabs my hips and starts pounding my pussy.. I am trying not to moan to loud.. He keeps pounding me .. When he is done he zips back up and i pull my capris up and i turn to him and wrap my arms around his neck and we kiss very passionately ...
Yes it was a quickie he needed to get back to the office... hehe
There is nothing wrong with a quickie once in awhile they can very hot at times
Naughty stories :)
Posted:Jun 22, 2016 3:41 pm
Last Updated:Aug 10, 2017 5:12 pm

I assume you may want to hear about some of my naughty adventures .. hehe. Ok i will try this one

A friend and me went on a drive and we went to a campground.. Now mind you this was not an ordinary campground ( grins ) This was a clothing optional campground.. It was a long drive but well worth it. We get there and we are greeted by a man with a garden hat on and that was it... So we paid our money and he showed us around a little.. We then found a very nice place to put our blankets and then the clothes came off.. I wasn't to sure how i was gong to feel about that but it turns out i loved it.. So we layed down and we started to enjoy each other.. Kissing and touching each other all over.. I am a very passionate person and he is too so it made for a hot time.. He then scoots down and gets between my legs... Oh that man knows what he is doing... He starts to eat my pussy and my legs went up and he was devouring me.. The feel of the air all over my body and him eating felt so damn good , I came all over his face and his fingers that were inside me.. He gets up and sucks on his fingers that had all my juices all over them and then i sucked on them... we kissed more and more.. I then scooted myself down and i took his cock in my mouth.. He loves the way i suck his cock ( grins ) I take him deep in my mouth and i suck him ever so slowly , I look up at him as he watches me... I look over by the path and there is another man watching me suck his cock and i just smile and keep going... I stop and he has me get on my hands and knees so he can lick my asshole... then he has me lay on my back so he can slide his hard cock in me... He fucked me so good.. I was so wet and so turned on.. We then cuddled and kissed and enjoyed each others company
If your standard leave a message
Posted:Nov 3, 2015 4:19 pm
Last Updated:May 23, 2018 5:21 pm

I don't think it is right that they made it so standard members can't leave messages so hopefully this will help
Just me
Posted:Aug 29, 2015 9:16 am
Last Updated:May 15, 2018 6:00 pm

I don't really know where to start... I have been on this site for 2 years now and I have had some very good experiences and some not so good but I think that comes with the territory. My first fwb I think is where this should start.. He was a very nice man and he taught me a lot about myself and I am very thankful that I had the chance to meet and be with him for the amount of time we had.. He became very ill so we had to stop but I will never forget him..
My second fwb and current at that is also a very nice man.. We have been seeing each other for almost 2 years now, at times it's tough time wise but that is how things go as well.. Then there has been the not so good ones.. Such as saying there very oral and not true at all , very selfish.
Now as far as why I am on here with me being married and all.... I guess we all have our reasons why we are here.. It doesn't mean we don't love our spouses it just means that we all have needs.. Don't judge me for that and I won't judge you.. I have made a lot friends on here as well mostly in the bbw chat room.. . I can be a very kind and caring person but I do not and will not stand for someone being rude or mean to me... I have dealt with a lot in my life and life is just way to short to deal with crap..
I have also dealt with talkers... Man that is the worst sometimes. You are honest and upfront about certain things and they say " oh that won't bother me" and then boom you either don't hear from then again or you get all these excuses on why they can't meet.. If I am honest about things then man up and be honest too.
I guess this is all for now

The one thing you need to know about me is that i can be very blunt... So i will add this.. One thing i have found out is that 90% of the men are nothing but talkers... They like to talk a big game and that is as far as it goes... So if i come off bitchy you will know why... I don't play games and i don't like them... And don't automatically assume that i fuck everyone... I am very picky and very careful and discrete

Now i have to add another thing... If you just want to cyber then don't bother... It's a waste of time to me

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