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My friend A's armpits
Posted:May 28, 2020 2:23 pm
Last Updated:May 28, 2020 2:32 pm
A was a blond slim girl from Europe who came to Taiwan to teach English. We worked at the same school and got along like best buddies. I had a girlfriend and she had a boyfriend so we hung out as friends. We partied a lot and spent a lot of time together just the 2 of us. We could talk about anything, there was no judgement or conflict.

Naturally sex was a recurring topic and we shared our fetishes and kinks with each other. Hers was quite a rare fetish: Asian men. She loved being the first white pussy for Asian men and seeing their excitement when she gets naked with them, then their reaction when she inserts their penis inside her. It was as if they expected her to feel completely different to Asian girls, she told me. They expect her to smell differently somehow and will sniff her hair, mouth, ears, belly button, feet, pussy and asshole of course, and her armpits. The sex varies, with some cumming prematurely, some after 2 pumps, and some going all night.

I told her about my armpit fetish and how the right type of armpit with a specific type of smell could drive me crazy and make me cum if I don't control myself. She wanted me to try her armpits and see if they match my requirements. She had a slim toned body with no scars or blemishes and her body hair was immaculately shaved. Her armpit looked completely clean and dry without any hint of stubble and there was absolutely no hint of body odor when I sniffed her.

Unfortunately, I needed a decently strong BO smell and visible stubble. Those were what got me off, although a clean spotless one like hers also gets me erect. I told her my thoughts and she seemed disappointed.

After this, she seemed to keep exposing her armpits for me. Usually when we sat next to each other on the sofa she would raise her arms up and lean against me. Her armpit would be touching my cheek, or she'd put an arm around my neck with her armpit near my face. Soon I noticed longer stubble and a faint smell of an "onion" smell. It was the type of odor that got me rock hard. I started discretely turning my head into her armpit and breathing in deeply, even brushing my nose and lips against her skin every now and then. I'd adjust my position to hide my erection and it seemed she didn't notice my actions.

One night she fell asleep leaning against me while her arm was around my neck. I took the chance to really nibble, smell and kiss her armpit. I cupped her tits for good measure and could feel her nipple hardening since she was bra-less. I rubbed my erect dick through my pants and was quickly reaching orgasm. Suddenly she shifted position and her hand landed right on my dick. Her armpit and breast was pushed harder against my face but she seemed to still be asleep. It was suspicious since she placed her hand right on top of my erection and kept moving it, almost like jerking me off. I pushed my face into her stubble and took deep breaths as I nibbled on it and very quickly started cumming.

My pants grew wet as the cum seeped through and onto her hand. I slowly moved myself off her and laid her down on the sofa. Her hand was still raised above her head exposing her armpit. I couldn't help it, I pushed my damp crotch into her armpit and side boob and rubbed my cum all over. I went to clean up in the bathroom and when I came out, she was awake, examining her armpit and the damp cum.

She had a frown on her face as she rubbed it with her fingers and sniffed it then tasted it. Her tits bounced as she scraped the cum and it looked so hot I started getting hard again. I sat down next to her and offered to help her clean, while pretending to have no idea what it was. I took a tissue and started wiping her. When I got to her tits, I lingered and she laughed. "Trying to cop a feel eh?" she grabbed my hand and slipped it under her top letting me directly fondle her nipples. She truly had the perfect size breasts with the perfect firmness and bounciness. She started moaning and pressing her body into mine. Her hand reached for my crotch but I did not want her touching it in it's current state. Right now it was damp with cum, shrunken and shriveled and not likely to get erect.

Standing up I aborted whatever this was leading to and she frowned. I quickly changed the subject by suggesting we go for a drink in an excited manner and got her to agree.
She went out still wearing the cum stained tank top that barely covered her poking nipples underneath. The cum under her arms dried soon and left a flaky residue that stayed the rest of the night.
She kept french kissing me and moving my hand to squeeze her tits that night.
To get away from this situation I texted her boyfriend to come pick her up. He came and quickly grabbed her possessively and held her close. He dragged her out of the bar and took her home.

Our relationship was never the same after that. She seemed to hold a grudge against me and started ignoring my calls. She never tried to get close or hug me when we did meet and kept a cool distance. Soon we stopped seeing each other completely.

I'm not quite sure what I did wrong..


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