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rattailgirl 54F  
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10/5/2011 1:43 pm

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12/29/2018 9:31 am


Somthing I've been thinking about lately---at what point does your religion get in the way of your sexuality and personal life? I know most organized religions frown on adultery and premarital sex, so how does what you do, align with what you believe in? Does your brain ever start yelling at you "what the hell are you doing??" or do you just ignore it and go on?

lustyleo60 70M
353 posts
10/7/2011 5:50 am

It all boils down to conscience for each individual. I for myself have some guilty feelings but they never last long. Especially during the throes of passion. LOL But each person has to deal with their own inner feelings so I do not really think it matters to me.

justwonderfulfo 64M
260 posts
10/9/2011 12:09 pm

Thats a good point!!! When I was married a lifetime ago and looking...kinda felt the "what the hell am I doing" thing...everyone deals with it a thousand different ways...

Kurious2explore 57M

10/30/2011 12:17 pm

It is definitely there. I know I could never cheat on a girlfriend/spouse. Life is full of "needs" and choices. I just do the best I can.

1countryboy50 62M
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11/9/2011 4:36 pm

Hi just thought I would say hi to another Richmondner

rattailgirl 54F  
363 posts
2/6/2012 12:04 pm

LOL! I said i was thinking about it, not that I actually retained any of it in my memory

rattailgirl 54F  
363 posts
2/11/2012 12:39 pm

Did I mention that this particular conflict doesnt bother me at all? Ahhhhhh one of the perks of being a heathen atheist!!! LOL

loneleix 60M
449 posts
12/8/2018 8:22 pm

At no point at all....

The better question is at what point does not having pre-marital sex still seem like a good idea if you are thinking about getting married.

rattailgirl replies on 12/9/2018 4:39 pm:
When it comes down to it, it's ALL pre-marital sex, until the point you marry someone. I never had any issues with this kind of thing, obviously.

loneleix 60M
449 posts
12/9/2018 5:37 pm

Well.... there's also post-marital sex in some cases.

Hey.... good sex is good sex and it's not that common in my experience so why pass up on someone you already know is good?

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