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How do you thank the man ....  

rattailgirl 54F  
611 posts
6/4/2016 6:40 pm

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1/31/2018 11:38 am

How do you thank the man ....

.....who makes you squirt 4 times over a couple hours? Well, by thanking him, of course. And then by helping him hang the sheet up so it'll dry out eventually. The ultimate compliment? "holy crap, look how big that wet spot is!!!!"

mrlust64 56M
58 posts
6/4/2016 6:52 pm

Lol good girl

rattailgirl replies on 6/4/2016 6:58 pm:
Woof woof woof! LOL Best friends can make the best lovers sometimes. Now if only he had let me know of this talent years ago ......

fkmeallnitelong9 49F  
2113 posts
6/4/2016 7:00 pm

Hey, I put towels under myself to NOT get huge wet spot!! Try that

rattailgirl 54F  
363 posts
6/4/2016 7:12 pm

Well, it wasn't something we started out doing. It just kind of happened. And a towel finally came into play after the 2nd or 3rd go round. I promised him I'd bring the rubber sheet next time

gardenboy321 57M  
41432 posts
6/4/2016 7:31 pm

So glad no one had to sleep on the wet spot. lol Normally I don't mind, but with a squirter...

Thoughts from the Garden...

lomileage5 64M
10255 posts
6/5/2016 5:39 am

I cannot honestly say I ever had such a pleasurable experience. Happy birthday!

RVAfunJohn 49M
8 posts
7/13/2017 7:35 pm

... only have been afforded one squitter ... so far (hint, hint) and did not know what I had as I was young... but enjoyed the swim lessons immensely!!!

rattailgirl replies on 8/21/2017 7:28 pm:
We need to go skinny dipping sometime

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