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Denver Dream Part One  

rdirtysecret15 54M/52F  
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3/23/2020 11:36 am
Denver Dream Part One

Our friends have one bed room place at the Brooks Towers in downtown Denver.
They let us stay there just about anytime we want to go to Denver. Perfect location for most events. We got back from the concert at Midnight and were feeling good and very naaughty. I texted the number Tom had given on the AdultFriendFinder message. He texted back the second i stopped typing. "yes Please" it said . I gave him the address and he said it would take him 20-25 mins, ...was that OK? Yes no problem just come we said. He texted from the lobby in what seemed like maybe ten minutes and I went down to meet him . He was dressed nice in a button down shirt and gray jeans.Looked just like in pics on line.I said I knew he was gentleman from his messages , and told him how she likes me to be in charge and tell you what to do. Like a film director . He agreed to be filmed and to keep it private. I had him knock the door. It took only seconds for her to open the door . My hotwife had slipped into a black fishnet full bodystocking
that is missing the crotch area. A tiny satin g-string covered her pussy and you could see her pebble hard nipples easily through the netting. "So nice to finally meet you Tom" she said. He replied "The Pleasure is all mine and held his hand out to shake , she ignored it and went down to her knees and undid his belt and unbuttoned his jeans quickly pulling his pant down to his ankles. His already semi-hard cock popped out and the wife smiled and went to work on it. I had to kind of push them in the doorway , cause I was still standing in the hall. She grabbed his hips and spun him against the wall as the door shut .She did not miss a beat on his now thicker growing cock. She used both hands and her lips to tease it. I went to set the video in the bedroom. I called them in after a minute in the hall. My hot milf lead him by the hand the bed and positioned him at the end. "stay there she said as she climbed onto the bed. she sat her knees and rubbed her pussy and pinched her nipps just looking at him<b> stroke </font></b>his now fully erect penis and teasing him with her eyes.She then came round the side of the bed slid inbetween him and the bed. She looked over her shoulder at me with a coy smile and put her forearms flat down the bed. Her sweet ass sliding his thick between her cheeks as she pushed against it.

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