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Fitness Trainer - Bangalore  

realmen4womens 33M
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2/21/2019 11:29 am
Fitness Trainer - Bangalore

As part time earning and enjoying with profile I work also a fitness trainer 3 sessions in a week

But one fine day a women aged 50 has me to book an appointment she was quite average women she was wearing saree, she inquired about the types massages and she said she is been having back pain for a long time and was not able to move anywhere, so we offered aback massage and my colleague asked her to undress, she did and was laying on the bed,

once she came to know that I am the person who is going to massage her she stopped and the to do ti so, as she refused by saying that she is a trainee, I told her please do not worry madam everything will be fine, with no interest she shook her head, so her back is fully visible to me and was wearing a bra, and she did not remove her saree from her hip.

As she requested I stared to massage by applying oil on her back the moment I touched her body it was not like a 50 years women body, her body status would be 36-34-38. She was quite sexy.

I started massaging her back hardly since she told she was having back pain half an later I started massage slowly and was garbing her flesh as I was doing I heard she was slightly moaning hope she enjoyed and then I were done and I left the room and she left for steam, later she got our visiting card and left.

As days passed one fine day I got a from a women asking for body massage and then I came to know it was this women I greeted her, she told me that she feels better with her back pain and she wanted to do it for one more time and I invited her based on the schedule, but she wasnt interested to come she called me to her home .

she asked me to come personally and she pleased me to come cos the distance from her residence to my home is very far, but I realized that there should be something behind it and I said ok, I told her ill be coming tomorrow and gave my personal to her and got her , and the next day turned up I called she said ok you can come,

while speaking with her in phone I heard a male voice and I was shocked, so I asked her that is the massage only for you or anyone else cos I need to carry extra towel and oil she said only for me, I was quite disappointed and reached her home she was wearing a nighty and her body was well exposed her boobs wear bulged, she greeted me in and gave a cup of tea,

then I asked here about here family she said she has a studying in bangalore and hubby working in bank and just left a min ago to work, I was happy to hear it. So back to ma job I asked shall we start she said ok and asked me weather can you do it in the hall by keeping a mat down I said ok,

she laid down by removing her nighty and she was wearing a skirt below I had a chance to see her boobs was like a rock ready to tear a bra and fall, but immediately she covered with a towel and laid down. So I started to do my job but this time my hand was shivering and my dick was standing like a rock, I was in control that something wrong shuld not happen which may lead to loose my job,

so for half and hour I was massaging her but this time I heard she was moaning loudly,so I wanted to make a try with her, so I intentionally was hurting my fingers with her bra strap and made sound like I was no comfortable, she asked what happened and I told her the bra strap is hurting my fingers and immediately she asked me to unhook it,

I loved that answer so now I had chance to touch her side boobs which is jammed out slowly I started to move my fingers towards side of her boobs and touching to my surprise she did not tell anything she was just laying as she slept. So this time I was massaging her side boobs and her stomach, so I wanted to try her back,

as I was massaging her back I nodded my finger inside her skirt and was touching her ass lightly this time also she never responded, then with some courage I told her madam do you want to massage for some more time she said ok and I asked do you have any other pain in your body like leg pain she said my whole body is paining so I find my self am 80% close to it,

I told her ill massage your legs and thighs she ordered me by telling do something but I want to get rid off from pain I was very happy I lifted her skirt up towards her thighs her thighs were very big and the color of her skin I was reddish,

I started to massage her leg and very soon I reached her thighs I knew very well she is enjoying it, but I wanted to caress her and bring her to the peak so I placed her foot touching my dick and I was massaging her thighs slowly I felt that she is pressing her foot towards my dick, so with more courage my hand searched to her ass crack and my fingers going in and out from it,

I lifted the skirt fully up and rested my fingers touching her hole, now I am 0% sure am gonna fuck her and she is enjoying, I slowly inserted my fingers next to her pussy it was wet and oozing out, I got courage and I removed her pink panties she too was cooperating me by lift her waist,

But still I did not see her boobs or whole body, but I knew she is mine I placed my handed on her butt and started to massage harder by inserting my fingers in her hole, without any hesitation I licked her ass hole for about mins wildly she started moan louder, and the I turned her facing towards me, she was very shy seeing my face, I removed her skirt and saw her clean shaved pussy,

and removed her bra, what a boobs she has I just smooched her by pressing one boobs and rubbing my finger on her pussy we kissed about mins,i kissed her boobs, bit her nipple she was enjoying with full pleasure and I came to her cunt started to lick her and bite it like a hungry she cummed immediately but I did not stop,

later she begged me enough and was jerking my dick and gave me awesome blow job even I cummed soon I told her am gonna cummed she never bothered I cummed inside her mouth she just spat on the floor,

After 5 mins I started to fuck her in different styles she did what I told her to do, later I cummed inside her pussy, and we both was laying on the floor for about 30 mins and she asked me to lick her armpit and also her asshole, she enjoyed we made 69 and she cummed on my face I did not bother,

she wanted me to fuck her back and I was happy to hear from her I started to stroke it was tight but I was different, she was having the pain initially and later she started to enjoy I fucked her till noon, both wear naked.

Then later she used to me when she is alone home, after her ’s<b> wedding </font></b>she left to Bangalore.

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