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Not all women on AFF are "bad" :)  

realnicedik4u 58M  
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8/9/2015 3:20 pm
Not all women on AFF are "bad" :)

So after my experience with the bad apple (hornyhotmilf15) I continued on with my AdultFriendFinder experiences. Previously I saw a 25y/o in my area view my cam. She watched rather intently but didn't IM me and I didn't IM her. After I came she clicked off. I moused over her profile and saw that she wasn't interested in anyone over 34 (I'm 54). I've had other young women watch my cams repeatedly so it's wasn't a big deal. However when I saw her on IM (after my run-in with the other member) I decided to contact the 25 y/o. My introductory IM:

Me: Hi, I saw you watching my cam before and hope you enjoyed it. I read your preferences and respect them. You're welcome to view my cam again if you'd like.

She immediately replied (which is something given how bad IM is here!) and we began chatting. I made it a point not to entice her into meeting and while camming we began to get to know each other. She told me about her fantasies being with an older man and she enjoyed my cam. I told her that I wouldn't pressure her but if she ever felt comfortable to meet then we could talk about it. She's watched my cam a number of times since.

So for those of you who feel you should never contact someone if you don't fit their preferences, here's an example of how that doesn't apply. True she "approached" me first but there must have been something to catch her eye for her to reply to me. It doesn't mean that we'll end up in bed but there's noting wrong with chatting so long as both parties keep things in perspective. Once again, if a man approaches with respect it would be nice to return that respect.

Just being "real" again

1seeking1 54F
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8/9/2015 3:26 pm

Happy for you, respect, manners and sense of humour can go a long way.

nightsoul1962 57F
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8/9/2015 3:44 pm

Continue to be real....that's always the best approach!!!


KItkat1415 57F  
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8/9/2015 4:23 pm

I get contacted by men outside of my preferences all the time. Sometimes I answer their messages and sometimes I don't. Just now I got contacted by a 34 year old that is completely out of my age category (I prefer 45-60) but because of his profile name (he had the word Jedi in it), I did message back.

By the way I think it is against the rules here to mention a profile name in a negative way. I'm not even sure mentioning someone that you don't know very well in a positive way is allowed. I always give permission for people to use my profile or blog name ("Kinks and High Jinks" is the name of my blog) for whatever purposes. I wouldn't want you to get in trouble with some of the people here who seem to enjoy turning people in.

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realnicedik4u replies on 8/9/2015 5:07 pm:
I appreciate your comments. Honestly I'm not worried about it. There was no libel or slander involved so free speech should apply. If it's determined otherwise then I'd like to know how her comments couldn't be held accountable.

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