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My Mistress  

rick315875 62M
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11/7/2016 2:14 am

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4/26/2020 9:40 pm

My Mistress

I enter my goddess mistress home. I need not be told what to do. I already know. She has supplied me with instructions. She cannot be bothered with menial tasks with regards to me. I am immediately down on my knees upon entering my goddess mistress palace. I am to refer to her home as her palace, her fortress, her dungeon. I am to strip naked and be on my knees. I am always to remain in a submissive position and posture, when with my sweet goddess mistress. My mistress always wants me to be fully paying attention to her and her every need and desire. I am to look upon her every moment possible so that she knows my thoughts and desires are on her and only her. She wants to see the lust and desire in my eyes as I gaze upon her voluptuous body and her gorgeous face.

My goddess mistress strips off her blouse and skirt tossing them onto the floor; kicking off her high heels. I move on my hands and knees to pick up her blouse and skirt. I neatly fold and place them aside. I see her heels; my heart is pounding in my chest with anticipation, my breath deepens, a flood of adrenaline rushes through me as I take her heels; I can smell the sweet odor of her feet linger within her heels. I lick the inside of her heels to capture her scent on my tongue. I place them next to her blouse and skirt. My mistress is in a red lace bra. I can see her thick hard swollen nipples through its thin lace. And red lace panties; it's fabric so thin I can see the outline of her pussy lips.

She summons me to kneel before her. As I kneel before her, she towers over me looking down upon me, as if I was an insect to be crushed beneath her feet. I am simply an insignificant fuck slut to be used as she sees fit. But secretly, she wishes to please me. She has a soft spot for her darling little fuck toy.

My mistress lays back on her couch; stretching out her legs as if beckoning me to lick and suck on her sweet delicious soft tender feet. My cock swells at the very thought of licking her. She takes good care of her feet. Her toenails painted red and neatly trimmed. She had nice straight toes. Nice and even, getting smaller, none of them longer than her big toe. I massaged her feet. I took her sweet delicious feet into my hands and gently, tenderly massage them. They were soft and warm, I put a little more pressure on to the bottom of her feet. I gently kiss and run my tongue up the bottom of her feet and give the bottom of her feet a thorough licking and massage with my tongue. I lick and suck on her toes; licking in between her toes. I moan with every stroke of my tongue on her toes. I lick and suck her feet for however long my darling mistress wishes.

My mistress then commands me to remove her panties from her voluptuous body. I willingly and eagerly abide by her wishes. She lifts, so I can gently release her from her panties. As I pull off her panties, the smell of her sweet dripping wet pussy lofts through the air. I breathe in the sweet aroma of her love box. Her pussy is a deep cherry red engorged with blood, pulsating, throbbing with every beat of her heart. I stare at her glistening wet pussy. She has full sweet and juicy pussy lips. I lick and caress her inner thighs with my tongue, stroking her, licking her, drawing ever so close to her aching, throbbing pussy! Pulling back, licking her, stroking her inner thighs! I draw my tongue up around her pussy, as close as I can to her pussy lips without touching them, licking her, stroking her with my tongue! I gently lick over her pussy lips, flicking my tongue, licking and stroking her pussy lips! I wrap my lips around my teeth and I take one of her pussy lips and pull on it with my mouth, sucking on it. First very gently to judge her reaction, then pulling and sucking a little harder. I take her other pussy lip pulling and sucking on it. I stick my tongue in between her inner and outer pussy lips. Stroking, licking in between them. I run my tongue over her pussy, licking it, stroking it. I am careful not to just yet touch her swollen clit. I slowly run my tongue around her clit; teasing her. I raise my eyes to see her eyes closed, her mouth open, moaning and gasping for air trying to catch her breath. Her moans and gasps excite me. I bury my mouth on her clit and lick and suck her. Flicking my tongue, she moans and screams as she moves closer and closer to her orgasm. My rhythm is steady as I suck and lick her clit, awaiting her almost volcanic eruption of sweet honey nectar. Building and building, she thrusts her hips screaming, suck me, lick me, you fucking little bitch, till she explodes into orgasmic madness! A flood of her sweet delicious nectar cums pouring out of her pussy. With my mouth still on her clit her orgasm subsides! I quickly lick up every drop of her sweet honey from her pussy and inner thighs. I love the taste of my sweet goddess mistress pussy juice. She lays back to rest.

My mistress then tells me to move back as she flips over onto her knees and commands me to lick her clean sweet delicious ass. I bury my face in between her ass cheeks and lick her sweet delicious tender opening. It is so soft and smooth and warm to my tongue. I lick her ass for however long my mistress wishes....

smoketup 60M  
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7/1/2020 3:44 pm

damn hot

rick315875 62M
10389 posts
4/4/2017 6:20 pm

    Quoting author51:
    Mmmm my Story Teller.I wonder how I could have missed this post.Delicious description of the finer details and precisely how this Mistress would enJOY having a lover who pleasured me in every single way.Not missing one inch of my body. That was erotic, sensual and HOT....
It's my oral fixation that drives me to this madness, this lust to taste every inch of you!

rick315875 62M
10389 posts
4/4/2017 6:17 pm

    Quoting kajiraAriel:
    Sounds as though you are a very attention pleasure giving sub. One whom enjoys serving your mistress' every whim{=}
Yes I will do my best to do so.

author51 57F  
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3/18/2017 2:43 am

Mmmm my Story Teller.I wonder how I could have missed this post.Delicious description of the finer details and precisely how this Mistress would enJOY having a lover who pleasured me in every single way.Not missing one inch of my body. That was erotic, sensual and HOT....

One can never have enough JOY in their life...

rick315875 62M
10389 posts
11/7/2016 2:19 am

One moment closer

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