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The Adventures of Brock Hardwood and Candy Ass  

rick315875 62M
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9/3/2016 1:13 am

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7/10/2020 4:40 am

The Adventures of Brock Hardwood and Candy Ass

The Office Meeting

He enters the office, and sees her standing, bent over the front of her desk, with her forearms resting on top of her desk. She turns her head towards him as he enters.

He say's in his deep and manly voice, "aren't you Candy Ass, the porn actress"?

She smiles and replies in her sweet and innocent high-pitched voice, "yes, that's me, and what's your name"?

He responds, "My name is Brock Hardwood".

She responds with her hand delicately poised over her mouth, "oh my and why do they call you that"?

He replies, "I'll give you three guesses and the first two don't count".

She responds, "Oh Brock", and giggles.

She says, "So, how can I help you"?

He responds, "Yeah, I've got this paperwork they wanted me to turn in".

She relaxes with her back to her desk, with her hands spread back on either side of her, with her sweet candy ass resting on the edge of her desk, with her legs spread as if to invite him to lick her sweet pussy. As if to invite him to fuck her.

She replies, "you can put the paperwork here on the desk".

He moves towards her to lay the paperwork on the desk. She doesn't move out of his way. They come close to each other. She can smell the testosterone coming from his body. And he can smell her perfume. He lays the paperwork on the desk and moves away.

He says, "your perfume smells nice, what kind is it"?

She responds, "oh, it's just something I picked up, thanks".

He drops down onto the chair behind him to continue his conversation with her. He relaxes back in his chair spreading his legs as if to urge her to suck his cock.

They start to feel the sexual energy, the tension is building in the room. His cock stiff in his pants and starting to drip, aching to unload. Her pussy starts to get wet, turning a bright cherry red, aching to orgasm. She leans back her head; taking a deep breath thinking to herself "oh my God, I can't take this. I've got to suck his cock"! She can see his huge cock in his pants. The air is thick with sex, they are both so hot and horny that one of them has to make a move.

She sighs almost overheating. She's got to do something. She moves closer to him getting down on her knees between his legs. She starts to rub the inside of his thighs, he tilts his head back and moans "fuck"! She starts rubbing his cock through his pants. She unzips his pants. He lifts up, so she can pull his pants down. She sees his huge stiff 10 inch dick and moans. She leans forward to take his cock into her mouth and sucks down hard on it, they both moan.

She begins to suck his dick. Sucking on it. She loves the feel and the taste of his cock in her mouth. She doesn't want to stop sucking it. But she pulls away not wanting him to cum yet.

She straddles him on the chair and shoves her pussy into his face, so that he can eat her out. She rides his mouth and tongue like a cowgirl riding a bronco. Screaming as she finally orgasms. She pulls away from him and slides his huge throbbing tool into her dripping wet pussy. She feels his cock slip deep inside her. She wants to feel his huge cock as deep as she can take it. She starts riding him. Thrusting herself up and down on his cock. Riding his cock as if she was racing a thoroughbred. Pounding harder and harder, faster and faster into her soaking wet pussy. Fucking him. Fucking his cock with her pussy. Until finally they explode into orgasmic ecstasy.

rick315875 62M
10389 posts
7/10/2020 4:24 am

I don't know. It's just how I write

SmartSexyBlack22 37F
1 post
6/25/2020 4:16 pm

How did you learn how to write like this?

rick315875 62M
10389 posts
9/3/2016 9:27 am

Hi Ricky, oooh! Your story is hot! You've got me all cherry red! Can I be in one of your stories? You sure can baby doll! Why don't you come over and we'll think of something to write about! Oh Ricky!

rick315875 62M
10389 posts
9/3/2016 1:24 am

I don't know just comes natural I guess....

rick315875 62M
10389 posts
9/3/2016 1:15 am

Hey dude not bad where did you learn to write like that....

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