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The Adventures of Captain Rick Longwood and his Sub Commander, Alexia Pussaphilia  

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The Adventures of Captain Rick Longwood and his Sub Commander, Alexia Pussaphilia

This is a story from the adventures of Captain Rick Longwood, and his sub commander, Alexia Pussaphilia. One of Captain Longwood's most appealing attributes is his insatiable sexual appetite. To Captain Rick Longwood sex is something to be experienced when desired, and as often as desired. Of course, Captain Longwood follows strict protocols, when having sex, whether it be with any gender or humanoid alien species. He will run a bio scan to determine if there is any pathogens existing within his soon-to-be lover. This enabled him to stay healthy and free of disease. Although, Captain Longwood presents himself as neutral, it is really just a cover, so that he doesn't offend other species. He is really very partial to the female gender. In other words, he loves females of any humanoid alien species. And when I say he loves females, I mean he loves females. To him the female is God's gift to life. He really loves everything about females; from their physical appearance to their feminine personality. He adores females, worships them. Some would say he is obsessed, but he is able to keep it under control and for it not to interfere with his duties as captain of his starship. Captain Rick Longwood is considered by many females to be handsome. Extraordinarily handsome; with a sex appeal that few females can resist. It is only coincidental that his name Rick Longwood reflects the size of his huge thick 10 inch beautifully sculpted woody.

His favorite female is his sub commander, Alexia Pussaphilia. Alexia Pussaphilia, if you can really call her female, unknown, because he or she is a changeling. But she works to the Captain's advantage. She can change herself into any pleasing appearance that truly excites the Captain. The Captain loves this about her, and they have had many nights together with her in the form of many beautiful females. Alexia adores her Captain, one might say, she is secretly in love with him. Although, she would never profess her love. But the Captain has often wondered; when he sees how she looks at him or how she acts towards him. He himself has thought that if he were to ever settle down, it would be with her or him, or whatever.

Let's move on with our story.

Captain Longwood and his sub commander, Alexia Pussaphilia were en route to the planet Filicia to assist the alien inhabitants with a hostile band of renegades forcing their females into sexual slavery and . These renegades were ruthless criminals, who would not hesitate to physically harm or kill someone who stood in their way of abducting females for their sex trade operation.

Captain Longwood and his sub commander, Alexia Pussaphilia met with the planetary counsel of Filicia. The Filicians were eager to meet with the Captain and his sub commander to plan their attack on this criminal organization. It was planned that sub commander, Alexia Pussaphilia would infiltrate this criminal organization as a sex slave, and report back to Captain Longwood about their weaknesses and vulnerabilities, and that she would sabotage their defense systems. And Captain Longwood would appear as a highly oversexed rich businessman seeking female accompaniment after a long week of business negotiations with a Filician business conglomerate. Which turned out to be most successful and deserving of celebration. Captain Longwood would meet the renegades to acquire a sex slave for the night, or maybe even for the week, since he was such a successful businessman wanting to celebrate and having the money to do so.

The organization is run by an alien male by the name of Brutalius Maximus. He is a ruthless, intelligent male, who thrives on brutality and sex. He is a sadistic male who hates females. But is intelligent enough to run a sophisticated sex trade organization. But he has one weakness. He adores his mother, and only wishes to please her. His mother being a angry bitch, who only criticizes him and degrades him at every chance she gets. Which only fuels Brutalius' hatred of women and his desire to please his mother. They live together in a mansion on a private compound with a highly sophisticated security system, and armed guards patrolling the perimeter.

The plan is for Alexia Pussaphilia to shape shift into his mother's likeness and sabotage the security system allowing Captain Longwood and his men to infiltrate the compound and secure it and capture Brutalius, his mother, and roundup his guard. Captain Longwood will use Brutalius' mother as a bargaining chip against him threatening to have his mother imprisoned for conspiracy to commit .

With the plan to get sub commander, Alexia Pussaphilia to be sold into the sex trade organization; Alexia began hanging out at various places in the city where females were found to be abducted. Alexia changed yourself into the most beautiful of Filician females, and would allow herself to be captured. And so after a week of this, Alexia one night vanished into thin air. The Captain then waited to be contacted by Alexia, once she was able to do so. It took a few days, but Alexia was finally able to contact Captain Longwood. She informed him that she was indeed captured by the sex slave operation, where she was displayed as a Filician female for hire. Since it took a few days for Alexia to contact Captain Longwood, she had to have sex with several males as well as Brutalius himself. Brutalius according to Alexia had an abnormally small penis; not more than 3 inches when erect. Alexia couldn't help but feel sorry for the guy, when he tried to have sex with her. She could not even feel him inside her. But since she was a shape shifter, she could adjust the area inside her pussy to grip Brutalius' tiny little dick. But this also was one of the abilities of a Felician female, the ability to control the inside of their pussy; expanding and contracting the inside area of their pussy using muscles to grip whatever cock was inside of their pussy. Filician females were also able to release pheromones, which acted as an irresistible lure to any humanoid alien male species.

Alexia was also able to meet with Brutalius' mother and get a good look at her, so that she could change into her likeness when the time came. She had the opportunity to see firsthand, how his mother belittled Brutalius. She was vicious and merciless in her condescension of him. His mother was surprisingly, a very beautiful woman. Alexia was left wondering what was her story. Why was she so bitter and angry. Alexia later came to find out that Brutalius' mother herself had been brutalized as a and adolescent by her father and his male friends. Her father was verbally, physically, and sexually abusive towards her. Her father also let his friends use her for sex. So she grew up absolutely despising men, and having low self-esteem. She passed these traits onto her , Brutalius.

Well on with the story.

Captain Longwood continuing to pose as a very rich oversexed businessman began hanging out at various bars in the city asking questions about rumors of a sex trade syndicate where he could purchase beautiful Filician females for sex. The captain was soon able to connect with a representative of the sex trade operation. Captain Longwood was given the opportunity to choose a sex slave from a number of beautiful Filician females. He had a hard time choosing because they were all so beautiful. And when I say a hard time, I mean his cock was rock hard in his pants sticking through for all the Filician females to see. All the females were eager to be with him, because they could see he had a huge cock. But Captain Longwood knew he had to choose Alexia, so that he could speak to her and finalize their plans to overtake the compound and put Brutalius and his sex trade organization out of business.

Once Captain Longwood chose Alexia as his sex slave. They went off to one of the suites. It was a beautiful room with all the amenities needed to have a grand evening and to delight the patron. But all the suites had cameras and microphones hidden inside. So it would be difficult to talk with Alexia without raising suspicion. So Captain Longwood and Alexia would have to play along and have sex. Which would not be out of the ordinary. They had sex many times before. They were true lovers.

Captain Longwood was a good lover. Some would say an excellent lover. He knew how to please his female and to satisfy her sexual desires. It turned him on to see his female moan with pleasure building her sexual energy to its peak before pushing her over the top to have the most exquisite orgasm. And Alexia was the most beautiful of women. She wasn't Filician, but as a changeling, a shape shifter, she was able to have any appearance one would desire. No one knows her true appearance. Whether it be male or female. Attractive or not.

Alexia and Captain Longwood went to bed, so as to not arouse suspicion. First they kissed each other ever so softly and gently. Then the Captain kissed, licked, and sucked Alexia's neck. Alexia began to moan becoming more aroused. Alexia was extremely sensitive around her neck and breasts. Then Captain moved down to her tits. They were nicely shaped. Her nipples were hard and protruding. Captain kissed, licked, and sucked on her tits. Alexia continued to moan. The captain sucked on her nipples and gently tugged on them with his mouth. He wrapped his gums around his teeth, so that she would not feel his teeth on her nipples as he sucked and tugged on them. Then he licked her sweet delicious belly button. Stroking it with his tongue. Licking it and sucking on it. He then brought himself down to her pussy. By this time it was a bright cherry red, ingorged with blood. Pulsating, aching to orgasm. The Captain ran his tongue over her pussy careful to not yet touch her clit. But Alexia did not just have a clit. She had two. Right next to each other. This was another attribute of the Filician female. This would enhance her orgasm to an extreme. Alexia let out a scream. She was so scary crazy hot. She grabbed the Captain's head and shoved it into her clits. She was ready to cum, and needed to be taken over the top. Captain Longwood wrapped his mouth over her clits, licking and sucking on them with an even steady rhythm. Alexia was moaning and screaming in ecstasy as she came closer to cumming. Rocking herself back and forth crying out with pleasure as Captain Longwood continued to lick and suck on her clits, until finally she exploded into an orgasm. Captain Longwood kept his mouth on her clits as she orgasmed, causing her to have a cascade of orgasms one after another. Alexia was screaming out of control in total ecstasy as she experienced one orgasm after another. As Alexia orgasmed a flood of her sweet delicious nectar poured from her pussy like warm sweet delicious honey. Captain Longwood willingly and eagerly licked up her warm sweet delicious juice as it gushed from her pussy and ran down her inner thighs.

Alexia relaxed for a moment after the orgasms subsided exhausted. But after a brief rest she was eager to suck on Captain Longwood's huge delicious throbbing aching cock. She took his aching throbbing love tool into her mouth stroking and sucking on it with her mouth. She moaned with pleasure loving the smooth feel and taste of his huge warm cock in her mouth. With each stroke she moaned with pleasure. She enjoyed sucking his cock as much as he enjoyed it being sucked. The Captain began to moan moving closer and closer to cumming. He moaned with every stroke of pleasure, until finally he shot his huge thick milky load into her mouth. She gulped it down as if it was some life-giving potion that would somehow extend her life. Exhausted the couple cuddled up to each other; giving them the opportunity to discuss their overthrow of this ruthless sex trade syndicate. When the right time came which would be tomorrow at 12:15 pm Alexia would disable the security system allowing Captain Longwood and his men to attack and capture Brutalius and his guard. After finalizing their plan Captain Longwood stuck his cock inside Alexia and they fucked each other into oblivion.

The next morning they had breakfast enjoying the time they had spent together. It was time to put their plan into action. Soon it was 12:15 pm, Alexia having disabled the security system after posing as Brutalius' mother. Captain Longwood and his men stormed into the compound rounding up Brutalius, his mother, and his guard. Having taken them into custody the Captain sat down with Brutalius to bargain the terms of his mother's sentence. Brutalius was willing to write a complete confession, and plead guilty to all charges in return for his mother to be put on probation and house arrest for 10 years.

And so Captain Rick Longwood and his sub commander, Alexia Pussaphilia were able to end the corruption and evil that laid within the planet Filicia. With the planet Filicia now safe, Captain Longwood and his sub commander, Alexia Pussaphilia took a well-deserved respite. Which they spent together in each other's arms; with the Captain's huge thick cock in Alexia's sweet delicious pussy.

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