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The Voluptuous . . . The Dinner Date  

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4/25/2017 9:12 pm

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The Voluptuous . . . The Dinner Date

Here is a link to Chapter 1
The Voluptuous

As they are walking along, Dave asks Katie, if she would like to get her feet wet as the waves come ashore. Katie walks closer to the water's edge to dip her toes into the ocean water as it rushes in upon her. The water was warm, she says. Felt good on her feet. Dave asks, how about we go for a swim? She looks at him saying , how are we supposed to do that?! With our clothes on?! He smiles, not with our clothes, but with our birthday suits. She proclaims, no way! I am not getting naked in front of you! He responds, I promise to be the perfect gentleman! She paused as she looked at him . . . she somehow trusted him, and said okay! They took off their clothes and put them aside and walked off into the water. Diving in once the water was above their knees. The water was warm! They kept close to the shoreline and only swam for a few minutes, before heading back in. Once back on the beach, Katie felt a little bit of a chill. Dave took his shirt and moved close to her wanting to dry her off. For some reason, she trusted him not to take advantage of the moment; with her standing there naked in front of him. He first uses his shirt to dry off her arms, then her back. He bends down to dry off her legs. He was just inches away from her pussy. Then he gave her his shirt, now damp, to dry the rest of herself off. They put their clothes back on and he gave her his jacket just to help her feel a little warmer. When he slipped his jacket over her shoulders their eyes met and a moment of passion suddenly was felt between them. He moved in to kiss her and they shared a passionate kiss. Then they began to walk back to the restaurant parking lot.

Dave was a little stunned by the kiss. It was electric! It was like they were united as one person for that moment that their lips met. Just that one kiss stirred something inside him. Something deep inside him. Some kind of emotional transference. He now felt this emotional connection to her. This emotional attraction to her. Which confused him. Saying to himself, all from one kiss?! He suddenly cared about her in a much deeper way. All he knew was that he had to kiss her again.

They reached the car and he opened the door for her. There wasn't much communication between them on the drive home. Dave was a little out of sorts. Didn't know quite what to say to her. He had all these feelings that weren't there just moments ago. But now this passion was ignited within him that he didn't understand. He was trying to make sense of it; trying to figure it out. When they arrived back at her house, he walked her to her doorstep, and kissed her good night. Again, it was electric! It shot through him like a bolt of lightning! He left her with a good night, and walked back to his house.

That night as he laid in bed, he was restless, he couldn't sleep; tossing and turning. He couldn't stop thinking about her; how he felt, when he kissed her. How exciting it was. He wasn't thinking about having sex with her. He wasn't thinking about her double D's or her cute little pussy belly button. All he could think about was kissing her again, and how it felt to kiss her. How it felt to hold her hand; to hold her in his arms. Just to be close to her. Just to be with her. Just to spend time with her. She was no longer this hottie across the street; a sex pot. She was a beautiful woman. Thoughts were racing through his head. Thinking to himself, I need to settle down; get a hold of myself. I need to get her off my mind. I need to stop thinking about her. She's making me not think straight. I'm off my game. I can't think of what to do next.

He wakes the next morning not having gotten much sleep; four hours at most. Still feeling restless; with thoughts racing through his head. I've got to get her out of my mind and get back to thinking the way I did before. But every time he tried to forget about how he felt about her the feelings came racing back. He couldn't escape them. They won't let him go. So, what do I do now? What's my next move? I've got to think. I've got to settle my mind and think about what to do next; as he sits at his breakfast table with a cup of coffee.

It was a Friday night that they went out. So, it's Saturday morning. A whole weekend of free time. I can't just go to work and forget about this thing. So what do I do now? He thinks to himself for a while. He finally decides he will have some flowers delivered to her doorstep. Nothing fancy, something simple. Some red roses?! With a card saying, thanks for a wonderful evening. Because that's what it was. It was a beautiful evening. An absolutely incredible evening! I wouldn't be lying to her. Because it was. So, he makes a phone call and had a flower shop deliver some flowers that morning to her house. And he tries to forget about this whole thing for a while. He showers and gets ready for his day.

He decides to go out and check the mail, maybe do some yard work. As he is walking to his mailbox. He sees Katie come bolting out of her door and rushing over to him! She grabs him and gives him a big hug and a kiss, saying thanks for the flowers, Dave! That was really sweet! You're welcome, he returns. She asked him, so what are you doing today? He responds, nothing much. Probably just work on my yard; hang out. She says, let's do something! He responds, okay! Let me see! We could go to the beach! Go into town, do some window shopping, people watching, grab something for lunch. We could go for a drive along the coast. Do a little exploring! What do you think? Well, I just bought this new string bikini that I have been just dying to tease the guys with, so why don't we go to the beach! Sure, that sounds great! . . . .

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    Quoting Lady_Jayne_Layne:
    Please tell me this is a memory from your youth, and not you scamming on young girls at your age. amp;
This is a fictional story. Has no basis in reality. About a gentleman around the age of 26, who falls in love with a girl who is 19.

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