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Posted:Aug 3, 2011 1:03 am
Last Updated:Aug 3, 2011 1:08 am

So I've spent the last few months teasing myself with strippers and getting fucked from time-to-time at home. Bottom line is I haven't yet hooked up with what me and my cock are longing for. I'm really not complaining about what I'm getting at home...I'm complaining that I just don't get enough. It's good when I get it (did I say "good"? Make that GREAT!), I just don't get it enough. Take right now for instance. Here I am, writing a fucking post for a blog that exists totally for the purpose of helping me find a woman who likes to fuck as much as I do. Meanwhile, a hot piece-of-ass is just a few scant feet away sleeping soundly while I debate whether to watch some porn and jerk off or do this. I'm doing this with a semi-erection, okay?

I just watched some porn and naturally my mind wandered. Guys, remember when you first hooked up with your lady and getting off just once a day was a slow one? Remember how anxious she was to make sure you were pleased? Hell, I couldn't leave the house without a blow job! Some where along the line all that fizzles out and eventually you turn in to that guy wondering from day to day if tonight you'll "get lucky". I used to laugh at the guys who said that.

Last weekend was the epitome for me. We were getting all "cozy" and she muttered something like "okay, I'll do my best to make sure you enjoy it". Not the most erotic set-up in the world. For the record, she came, we fucked for about an hour, and I really did get off good. We both did. Afterward, during that whole "warm glow" afterward she admitted she wasn't really up for it but did enjoy it. there was no faking since she has a pussy that swells and flows when it gets banged hard and her orgasms are undeniable.

But that was then. My ego was a little bruised and so was her cunt. Since then my mind has wandered back to the "good old days". Those days when the first priority was having great sex then doing whatever else. Even on those days when I got a quick BJ heading out the door and she sucked and licked my cock clean of every drop, we both had a feeling of satisfaction. When she'd just look at me and whisper "make me wet" and I'd slide down between her legs and eat her pussy like a starving man man having a steak dinner and she'd cum like a motherfucker, we'd end up fucking so hard both of us would be drenched in sweat. That was on a daily basis.

This is now. The horny bitch I'm with today isn't the same lustful woman I fell for. At least not with me. But some where, out there, are a bunch of lucky bastards with a hot babe who just wants to get naked and fuck her brains out. A sizzling piece of ass that wants a cock in her mouth and pussy and where ever her man wants to thrust it. Congratulations you lucky bastard! Fuck the shit out of her. Screw her every chance you get. NEVER say "no" when she reaches for your cock. It ain't gonna last so get it while the getting is good. You're going to love it and she's going to enjoy it more then you! Fuck her brains out because she only means it NOW!
Posted:Jan 17, 2011 10:57 pm
Last Updated:Jan 17, 2011 10:59 pm

So I go back to the strip club I wrote about before and whose hanging from the poll? You guessed it, the sexy assed woman that entranced me and disappointed me before. And what did I do? I reached in to my pocket and pulled out a five-dollar bill. I was a bit ill-prepared not having any singles, and tucked it in her g-string. As I apologized for my hands being cold she took them, placed them on her near-perfect (okay they are perfect) breasts and said,"I'll warm them up. I'm hot". How do you resist a woman like that? Why would you want to?

Yea, I was pissed off that she wasn't there the last couple of times I was searching for her but she is, after all, a woman. And she is, after all, hot. And I, after all, am a horny guy that appreciates hot women.

After her set she came down and gave me the obligatory hug and then excused herself to work another "mark". It turned out to be pretty profitable for her since she took him for a couple of private dances. I can't argue with that. She made more money in less then an hour then I make all day.

She eventually joined me and I certainly enjoyed her company, but I wasn't quite ready for a private session. In the meantime she had options and took them. In the meantime another stripper moved in and I decided to play them against each other. It was sure fun.

Stripper two was fun and sexy, but not in number one's league (which she admitted). As soon as #1 was free she floated past us a few times and at her earliest opportunity she snagged me. Boy, was that fun.

Eventually I got my dance and was satisfied. Okay, not "totally" but it sure was good. I got to experience all but the most intimate part of her body. But what I got was pretty damn good. I left satisfied.

I know, I know, I know...it's her job. So what? She has a fantastic body, can dance like no one I've ever seen, and has a charming personality. And she's not wasting that flipping burgers. I'd say she's pretty smart.

Meanwhile, I may have found that little something that gets me through the lean times. Considering all the bullshit a guy has to go through, it was pretty cheap for the 40 bucks or so I spent enjoying myself.

It's good enough for now and I'll be working her (like she's working me) for a little more. At least I have that. And the best part is I know exactly how things are. God, I love not playing games.

And just in case, if this doesn't work out the way I'm hoping, number two ain't all that bad!
Ah, Strippers!!!
Posted:Jan 9, 2011 12:07 am
Last Updated:Jan 9, 2011 12:09 am

In my last post I wrote about a really sexy stripper I encountered and totally enjoyed. I was anticipating a realistic stripper/ relationship. From time-to-time I'd drop in, feed her dollar bills while she danced and spring for a private dance. It would be a decent oasis between actual sex and take some of the edge off when I wasn't getting laid.

She was very clear on her schedule and I adjusted mine accordingly. Well, after three trips I learned she was nothing more then a liar. A sexy liar, but a liar all the same. After three attempts to hook up, she just wasn't there. In a literal sense..."fuck her".

In the meantime I encountered a few second stringers that turned out to be exactly the same and wasted way too much of my time. What's wrong with these women?

I can easily imagine that the woman I was fond of managed to hook up with some sugar daddy and doesn't need to display her charms at the club. Good for her. That's all well and good, but the leftovers seem to have the exact same attitude. My last (and final for the time being) visit connected me with the "washed out blonde with really big tits". All she was concerned with was sucking as much money out of me as she could. While I can appreciate honesty, I feel it's equally my prerogative to disdain it when it's so blatant. She got a few bucks for sitting on my lap...lucky me!

There's no doubt in my mind that guys that frequent strip clubs are idiots and losers. I know enough of them. The fact is, you go to a club because you ain't getting it elsewhere. Let's face the facts: Guys go to strip clubs because they ain't getting laid. Women dance at such clubs to get a few bucks from delusional guys fantasizing about the possibilities. And some of the women are whores generating extra income by performing above and beyond.

All I wanted was a little escape. Sure, I would have loved to fuck the babe that captured my interest but I was willing to settle for less. It was fun. She was hot. Things were fine. Maybe she's doing okay now. I guess I'm glad for her. I'll eventually go back to the club in question and if the hottie I was attracted to appears there I will totally ignore her. In fact, I'll totally ignore her while scoping out a substitute.

I can't help but feel that equating a stripper to a more "typical" woman is a fair analogy. No matter what you may think (as a woman) the ultimate goal of a guy is to put his penis in you. And the guy wants it to be good. If (as a woman) you expect anything else, well, I hope that works for you.

Me, I want a sexy woman who can at least hide her intentions. I've existed long enough to know how things work. Sure, I'm tainted but that's my world. I live with it. nothing can change that now.

So be honest.It's that simple. Stop the fucking lying,don't think for a minute I'll buy in to your bullshit, and be who you really are. If sex isn't really good for you, go away.
Posted:Jan 1, 2011 1:23 am
Last Updated:Feb 4, 2011 11:17 pm

Okay, I'm stunned. The last couple of years haven't been all that good to me but I'm anticipating a major change. As anybody with even half-a-brain can tell, a good portion of my life revolves around having a great sexual relationship.As usual, things have been up and down and lately things have been really down. So, like any normal man, I went to a strip club today. I really didn't expect much but I got the surprise of my life. One of the dancers was pretty damn near perfect!

I'm no babe-in-the-woods when it comes to strippers but this chick was so hot that I tipped her a few bucks while she danced. And, let me tell you, she can dance!!! She had a very sexy and erotic way to show her appreciation and, naturally, after her set was over she came down and sat with me.

Not only was I surprised, but I was relieved that she wasn't a total idiot! She sat on my lap in her skimpy outfit and I certainly enjoyed that sensation. Of course she encouraged me to buy a private dance but I declined. I'm "not that guy". She was gracious but went about her business which I understood.

I watched her seduce another patron at the bar and eventually they went in to the private area. As I watched the inferior products doing their stuff on the stage I wondered why I wasn't enjoying myself in a private room. Instead I was drinking an over priced beer watching semi-naked women that really didn't do much for me.

She came back and her "suitor" grabbed his coat and left. I looked at her and thought "what the hell" and waved to her. She came over and planted herself on my lap. I have to admit, that was a great feeling. I asked her about the terms of a private session and settled on the cheapest one. Let me tell you something right now...it was cheap at twice the price!!!

We went to the semi-private area and I got a hell of a hot lap dance. This sexy woman sat on my lap, rubbed my cock with her pussy, and I enjoyed her perfect ass and tits as much as I wanted. Needless to say, our session ended much too soon, but it was hot!

I'm already planning on going back for more and I thoroughly understand what I'm dealing with. She's a very hot stripper that makes her living off guys like me. Fair enough. But what the hell, I certainly enjoyed her and was totally turned on by how sexy she was.

Her breasts weren't huge but they were ample and natural (and she insisted I fondle them), and her ass was tight and well shaped. At one point I accidentally slipped (really) under her panties and felt her pussy. I apologized even before she pulled my hand away and things were cool. She never missed a beat and we kept going.

So, here I am, entering the new year with provocative thoughts about a woman that makes her living off guys like me. I would really love for this to develop in to some sort of relationship but I'm not an idiot. I'll be back, enjoying another dance and hoping to extend things. In the end all I can say is "why not"? It won't be any more disappointing then any of my past experiences. And I'll know the price going in.
LADIES!!!! READ THIS!!!!!!!!!
Posted:Dec 2, 2010 7:28 pm
Last Updated:Jan 28, 2011 5:44 pm

It's been a while since I posted because it really doesn't seem to matter. I let my membership lapse a long time ago but AdultFriendFinder is willing to take advantage of the fact that maybe I may post something interesting here and give their subscribers at least a little for their money.Maybe so. With that in mind I decided to post this question. I'm not making it a poll since I want responses in the form of a comment. So, if you have an opinion, leave one. Here's the question:


I know there is an endless number of answers to that but, specifically, I'm wondering just how long a good fucking lasts. I mean after the foreplay, after the feeling, after the oral, how long do you want a big stiff cock in your vagina? Do you want it in you for a few minutes, 15 or 30 minutes, or as long as possible? When you're on your back getting pounded how long is long enough? When you're on top, riding a hard shaft, how long can you go? How long do you want to go? If you're on your knees getting railed from behind, how long can you (do you want to) take it?

As a guy, I can tell you, cumming is very easy within the first few minutes when the woman is hot enough and excited enough. But, as a guy, once I suppress my urge, I can literally go on for a very long time (as in hours)and I thoroughly enjoy it. Sometimes I get the feeling my partner just wants to end it. And yes, at a point I do ask. I've fucked for a very long time because I've passed the point of cumming and just enjoy all the other aspects of sex.

I'm asking this for two reasons:
First (and foremost) I want my lady friend to have as much pleasure as I'm having.
Second: I'm a bit selfish. If we've been fucking for half-an-hour I'm enjoying myself and I want more of the same. I've had perfectly satisfactory sex without ejaculating.

So, how long do you like getting fucked?

Note: I watch a lot of porn and the actual sex rarely goes past 30 minutes. I realize it's a movie but I always wonder, is 20 minutes of cock in your cunt good enough?
Posted:Apr 1, 2010 1:13 am
Last Updated:Feb 4, 2011 11:18 pm
I'm not sure what's going to happen next, but what I do know is that AdultFriendFinder won't be robbing me this month. I had to call and threaten them and monitor my renewal status daily, but I'm pretty sure they got the message. They are, after all, sniveling cowards. Whether or not I can continue to post (for what that's worth) is in doubt. I'll miss some of the woman who post videos here (I'm really gonna miss you, Brianna) and I suppose I'll lose access to all those people I "Hot listed". So it goes.

"Hotchick78" flirted with me today and I flirted back (that's her pic I posted. Not bad, eh??), but I kinda think that relationship is going no where. Among other things she's 1200 miles away. I'll probably get an e-mail from her in a day or so sending me some "encrypted" message telling me I can contact her on a site that's "hot" and she uses the name "suziereallywantstofuckyou".

I just got an e-mail like that from "Lick pmzess98" that said "Hi FwithJoe! I just got your nice message. I wanted to write you back right away!! It would be great if you wanted to meet up sometime. We seem like we would get along atleast on a sexual level. I'd love to get dinner or just hang out and see what happens?? Get back to me sometime soon,
naughty 6 cupcake
on the H".

I'm thinking "on the H" means she's a heroin addict but it could be a cutesy way of telling me to contact her at her "Hotmail" address since sooner-or-later AdultFriendFinder will be catching on to her scam and boot her off. A quick check reveals that's already happened!!!!

I have a couple of legitimate e-mail addresses and I am in contact with some real woman who I enjoy communicating with. For all the bullshit I've endured here I do have to say I've met some pretty interesting women and I do like that. I'm not fucking them, but at least they are intelligent and attractive and provide some degree of satisfaction. It may have been worth the few bucks it cost me just to get to know them.

And I did enjoy viewing more then a few videos here. Like any guy, I engaged in the occasional fantasy concerning some of them and I did hold out a little hope that I would meet somebody special. But I didn't.

I'm cynical, but not so cynical that I think everyone here is a complete asshole. I have had fun with a few. But I didn't get what I was looking for. I'm not completely discouraged that a truly attractive, sexy woman that would make a perfect sex partner for me doesn't exist, but more then ever, I figure that's an unlikely proposition. In the meantime what I do have is pretty damn decent by conventional standards of such things. I would be a fool to complain too much about that!

I wasn't (aren't) looking for a "soul-mate" here. I was just looking for some one who likes to fuck, is a member of the opposite sex (yes, I still get IM's from illiterate assholes that like my cock pic and want to know if I want him to suck it) and can appreciate adding great sex to their life. I totally understand the fundamental differences between men and women when it cums to that attitude and if I'm able I'll be writing about that in the future, but for now, this site has been a complete flop for me. Once again: THIS IS A SWINGERS/FUCK site for Christ sakes!!! Nobody (Guys) give a shit about anything else other then you're attractive and looking for sex!!! I'll walk on the beach and hold your hand if you know how to suck a dick!!!! Is that so hard to understand?????

Since I don't know if I'll be posting here again I just want to add one thing: Since when is "i" a fucking word? What kind of useless software can't detect that a lone "i" in a sentence doesn't qualify as a word? For that matter, how fucking cheap do you have to be to install a program that's totally incapably of detecting that the first word of a sentence should be capitalized? I have to review my posts with that in mind and make the necessary changes myself. God Damn useless motherfuckers!!!

Well, that's it for me at this time. I'll be climbing in to bed in a few minutes next to a hot body I won't be fucking tonight. thank you to AdultFriendFinder, all you liars and phonies, and to all you useless cunts that haven't a clue concerning what you want (notice that the first word of this sentence isn't a capital). I'm gladly dissolving my membership here and I'll be pursuing other avenues. Most intelligent people would.
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Posted:Mar 27, 2010 12:14 am
Last Updated:Dec 24, 2010 10:45 pm
The other day I wrote a blog as a continuation of my previous post. It was thoughtful, clever and pretty damn good. It took a little longer then usual to write. I went through my normal posting process exactly the same way I always do including labeling the "Sticky Post" as the "Top" and knowing that I'd have to cull through my posts to see where this useless program actually placed it, click on the "edit" button and once again label it as "Top" and re post. I've grown used to that little inconvenience.

This time around I went through all the posts and couldn't find it. I looked a second time and no luck. The column didn't post! Worse, all that work was lost!! AdultFriendFinder has reached a new level of fucking incompetence!!!

The scumbags running this part of the site not only can't get it straight as to where a post belongs, the useless motherfuckers can't even get the damn thing posted! Assholes!!

Yeah, I'm pissed. And I was just finally cumming to grips with whole evil nature of this rip-off site and making the most of my forced servitude. And now the filthy maggots have found yet another way to push my buttons!

This post is serving two purposes:

First, it's pretty much a test to see if the retards managing this site have totally fucked up and disdain any sense of customer service since they think so little of the people paying them that posting new stuff has now become an impossibility. Or maybe, I happened to post at time when there was some kind of glitch in the system that the losers responsible for maintaining the cheap software they use here were too stupid to fix any problems. if you're reading this then it can be safely and accurately assumed that dolts are working here. if you can't read this...well, what the hell am I doing making any other comment?

In order to replicate my last post to some degree I'm making a semi-continuation of my last successful post. That includes having a picture to go along with what I'm writing. I came across this pic of a fantastic ass (and the whole body ain't bad, either) in order to demonstrate what sexy is. While I can't say whether or not the woman in question is actually sexy, I can say the picture is. The bod is beautiful and the pose is casual yet totally alluring. There's six other pictures included but this is the only that can be categorized as sexy.

Her profile violates a fundamental rule as she does describe herself as "Tall Sexy Black Woman..." and prattles on. She wants big hard (white) cocks and get all she wants so she's really interested in finding a "good" one. Apparently she's test-driven quite a few but they don't measure up to whatever standards she has.

I won't deny she's pretty good-looking but after reading her profile there's not a whole lot to label as sexy. Horny? Sure. Hot? Check out the pic again. But sexy? That just doesn't cum through.

Enough for now since I'm only actually checking to see if the morons on AdultFriendFinder can get things right. Let's see...

Dumb, stupid, motherfuckers!!! This one worked!!!!
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Posted:Mar 26, 2010 2:49 am
Last Updated:Mar 27, 2010 12:24 am
(Dumb stupid, motherfuckers!!! AdultFriendFinder is so completely stupid that words escape me! This is the post I referred to in my last post...there's no easy way to explain this. I wrote this post a day ago and the cretins that can't do anything right failed to post it so I wrote another post as a test and it showed up. And, this post "magically" appeared, too. So now it'll be confusing to you if you try and figure out the context of these things. explaining things would be way too complex so I'm not going to bother. Suffice it to say that this is a post I intended and the other one hasn't been deleted because hell, it's a great ass shot!)

I came home with the intention of writing a specific blog that related to my last post. Much to my surprise and delight I had two comments from people that actually got my point! I like the feedback since I always wonder if I actually made the impression I'm aiming for. Not everybody is capable of absorbing the message.

Anyway, I made my point. "synndarella" got it in it's entirety. "copticus"...well, not so much. "synndarella" realized that flaunting your naked body and screaming out your love for fucking isn't all that sexy. Sure, posting a picture of your naked body and proclaiming you want to suck and fuck a hard cock will grab a guy's interest, but that doesn't make you all that sexy. I actually expect nothing less on this site. (see a whole bunch of previous posts).

"copticus"...well not so much. He's wondering if I'm "...confusing "Attraction" with "sexy". I'm not...but I kind of figure most guys do. Sexy is a prime component of attractive for me. He quotes Rod Stewart to sort of make a point and I can appreciate that (even though I never quite got that particular song. Rod seems to be saying if you find him attractive then you must find him sexy. Or maybe not. I have a feeling if Rod wasn't a super successful singer and very rich, nobody would find him sexy. I have a feeling if he would have pursued his love for rugby and not singing he'd being nailing a groupie here and there but never would have nailed Britt Ekland). Personally, I've been attracted to women I didn't find sexy and I've been repelled by women that I thought were sexy. My point was being attracted to a woman doesn't automatically make her sexy.

I was thinking about my last post today when I stopped off at a local gin mill for a few. My usual drinking buddy decided to pass on the late night (early morning?) activity so I went alone. I thought I could use a little relaxation and I'd enjoy the "company" of the young lady tending bar.

Her name is Mary (and yes, I original thought of titling this "There's Something About Mary") and I like her. The joint wasn't at all crowded and she smiled and waved as soon as I walked in. That's always a good feeling. It's especially good since it's been a week since I last visited her and I've only actually been there a couple of times previously. But she did remember me and provided me with my favorite bar beverage which she remembered. All the signs of a really good bartender. I've been alive long enough to understand that. Mary's just doing her job.

And Mary has something else going for her...Mary is a hottie! She's at least half my age, has a bitching body, and is a real cutie. She's friendly and sweet. When she called out my favorite beverage and I acknowledged it with a nod, she brought it to me and immediately began chatting me up. I haven't the slightest clue as to what she was saying. I didn't care. She has an "airhead" way of talking and a voice just a little too high pitched to belong anywhere outside a bad sitcom. But I'm sure that gets her loads of tips.

As I said, she's a hottie. Her body is is splendid. She's tall, lean and mean. And she's a cutie. Pretty. Nothing negative about the way she looks. And, as I've said, she's nice and friendly. Tonight she wore an outfit that exposed a bit of her cleavage. And she has very nice breasts. And her ass ain't bad either! If this was a strip club I would have spent a significant portion of my paycheck on lap dances. But the question here is: Is she sexy?

Sorry Mary, you don't quite make the cut and I still can't explain why. She's great looking and all, but I just can't qualify her as sexy. It may be because I realize this is as good as it gets for me. As much as I may want to get her into bed I know that ain't gonna happen. I'd love to see her in a bikini or her underwear and I love to experience her as a lover, but sexy just doesn't define her.

Her body is great, she's very pretty, she's fun to be with under the circumstances, but she doesn't have that "something". Maybe when she's naked and full of unbridled passion while riding my cock I'd find her sexy (did I say "maybe"?!!!!). But given the superficial exposure we share I can't classify her as sexy. She's hot, alluring, and fun but simply isn't sexy. It might be because she's just doing her job. It might be because she knows what a turn-on she is for a lot of guys. It might be a lot of things. Nothing about her manner exudes the finer points of a truly sexy woman.

I'm more then sure she realizes me (and every other guy) finds her very attractive. She probably gets the usual come-ons every night. But her attitude and demeanor suggests that she knows she's a hot babe and simply doesn't care enough to make any effort. I can't blame her. She's probably in a "tough" situation. I don't like her any less for that. The tips are probably good and it's a living. But sexy? Not really.

I'll definitely go back to see her, but she's not on my "TO DO" list. I'm not going to be fantasizing about her, either. Mary is fun and hot, but she just isn't sexy.

Now the picture I have here is sexy! It's fucking sexy!! I plucked it off this site and labeled it "sexy". This woman has a hot body and the handcuffs say,"I'm ready for anything!". I'm not all that into bondage but just seeing a bod like that telling me she's ready for anything screams out "SEXY"! For whatever reason (and there are probably a lot) we're not going to hook-up. I'm not sure who she is, what her profile said, or anything else about her. I just loved the picture. Now that's one sexy woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted:Mar 25, 2010 2:05 am
Last Updated:Dec 24, 2010 10:46 pm
I'm finally getting around to getting this off my chest. Among the many words and expressions the ladies (and most guys, I imagine) posting profiles on this site use, the most common is "sexy". Every one on here is "sexy". I suppose since this is a sex site you got to be sexy since you're here...right? Wrong!!

One of the most over-used and mis-used words in the English vocabulary is the word "sexy". Now I don't mean to offend anybody or criticize anyone, but, you really can't call yourself "sexy". Chances are pretty good if you think of yourself as "sexy" proclaim yourself to be "sexy" and describe yourself as "sexy", you're not.

That's just one of things about being sexy. Either you are, or you're not. If you are, you don't need to tell anyone. Here's what prompted me to write this:

I logged on and found a member broadcasting and her photo looked pretty hot. I clicked on her web cam to watch and referenced her profile. Here it is: "sexy cougar who loves to fuck and get tits sucked." And what a nice pair of big tits they are! And, frankly, I watched her broadcast for a bit and she looked pretty hot. While she was typing or doing whatever, she licked her lips a lot. The image only captured part of her cleavage but in a short time she exposed her whoopers. She bounced them around a bit and then abruptly stopped broadcasting. There wasn't a single moment that I found to be sexy.

Let me say right now that I have no definitive evaluation of the "sexiness" of this particular woman. She may very well be the sexiest babe on the planet. Nothing I saw (including her huge, apparently all-natural, breasts which I found to be very nice) told me she was sexy. Horny? Maybe. Hot? Oh yeah. But sexy???? Why would I think that? Because she likes to fuck and get her tits sucked? Hmmmmm, I haven't meet a woman yet who wouldn't say that. At least not in this particular universe. I'd find it quite odd if I found a woman here whose profile said "I kinda like getting fucked but please don't suck on my tits".

Horny is one thing...sexy is another. Way too many women declare themselves to be sexy because they have a big pair of tits exposed here or are inserting dildos, fingers, or common household objects in to their vaginas. For the most part, that certainly can be hot, but it's a long way from being sexy. "Hot" and "sexy" are not the same thing.

I hesitate to call myself "sexy" since I know that sexy is in the eye of the beholder. My cock is above average, I love pleasuring my partner, I can fuck a long time, I enjoy any and every activity my lover desires, and I'll delay my heart transplant if you're so goddamn horny that you want to get fucked right now! But I don't consider myself sexy based on that. I consider myself horny.

Years ago my attitude about sexiness was formed when a cashier at a convenience store looked in to my eyes and said,"you have the most beautiful blue eyes!". I was flattered (and married) and a little embarrassed. She was a cutie and if I had been single I would have jumped at the chance to pursue things but I just sort of blushed and said something like,"aww, shucks, thanks".

That wasn't the first time, or the last, but in retrospect I realize that there are certain aspects of a person that make them sexy. It's not just the physical attributes (she had no idea how magnificent my cock was) but how you carry them. If I added a little swagger to my blue eyes and had the right kind of patter, I'm pretty sure I could have chalked up another pussy. And maybe the fact that I wasn't available made me all the more attractive to her. Who knows? And that's the point.

I've met and have been attracted to a few woman that had a "certain" something about them that enticed me. It wasn't their big tits. It wasn't their tight ass. It wasn't their dirty talking. It was their over-all attitude. They didn't prance around knowing that guys wanted to fuck them. It was their nonchalant attitude that they just had to be themselves. Face it, if you're a decent looking woman, lots of guys want to get in to your pants. Peeling them off and letting him in doesn't make you sexy.

The sexiest female I ever met in my life never flaunted her beauty. She just made sure she always looked her best, acted natural, and turned every head that passed by. And was dynamite in the sack. Guys fell all-over themselves to get her attention and she knew it but didn't act like a self-important bitch. She knew very well that men wanted to fuck her but she never took advantage of that. That made her super-sexy to me!

You may have nice big boobs and a tight body to go with them, maybe you can spread your legs and insert objects that I would choke on, but if you don't have that something special that says "I'm a great looking woman and a passionate lover" you really don't deserve the "sexy" label.

Sexy isn't liking to be fucked. If that were the case then I'm the sexiest man in the world. Sexy isn't having a pair of big tits. If that were the case, you've got way too much competition. There is a point when tits can be too fucking big. Guys may look twice because you're wearing a tee-shirt two sizes too small, but that doesn't make you "Sexiest Woman of the Year". I've seen (like every guy on this site) some pretty massive whoppers. It's fun and interesting, and I'd like to play with them as much as the next guy, but I know that you know those babies are out there for only one reason. And when you're as obsessed with them as everybody else and it shows.

The picture I posted here is one of a porn actress. I really like her stuff. I do find her "sexy". I've seen a lot of porn but just because the women are hot and naked doesn't make me think of them as sexy. They're working and I know that. It's a job for them. God bless 'em, but I'm looking for a little more stimulation. I want some one that at least appears real...that wants to make me think she's more then tits and ass and really enjoys finding that guy she enjoys being with. I know the woman whose picture I have here is an actress selling a fantasy but she does it very well. She's fucking SEXY!!

Go ahead, post all the pics and vids you want displaying your breasts and pussy but let me decide if that's "sexy". Jesus Christ, a lot of morons think cars are "sexy"!!! I've got news for you!!!! I have yet to see an automobile that I wanted to screw up the tailpipe!

You may think you're sexy (and you may well be) but I'll make that determination, thank you. My dick is great and will pleasure you for hours but I don't walk around hanging it out. You have a good body and nice tits? Good for you!! But if you don't know what to do with them save "sexy" for the guy you hook-up with. He'll decide.

This is a reality check... and you may very well be appealing to the lowest common denominator. If that's what you want, it's fine. But save "sexy" for the women that deserve it!
Posted:Mar 20, 2010 11:57 pm
Last Updated:May 4, 2010 12:38 am
Lately, I've been thinking about getting my cock sucked. Sure, I think about that all the time but lately, aided by a few videos I've watched here and elsewhere, I've been thinking about that really great BJ you get when your woman lays you down, slides between your legs, and caresses your cock with her tongue like it's the last "Nutty Buddy" she'll ever have.

Long licks up and down the shaft, sucking and teasing the head, stroking and licking, then engulfing the entire stiffy like a sword swallower. Some real deep throat action and plenty of teasing just keeping you on the verge of a massive orgasm. Licking up those little drops that manage to squeeze out.

Yeah, I've been thinking about that a lot. I had some great sex last week, and it involved very pleasant oral, but now I'm in a totally selfish mode. I just want to lay back and enjoy every moment...watching a hot woman licking and sucking my cock...getting me almost to an ejaculation but prolonging it as long as possible. It's been way too long since I've had that experience.

I recently became "friends" with a highly erotic woman on this site who enjoys sucking cock and has the videos to prove it. Even though we're a couple thousand miles apart, I like her! She knows how to treat a dick. She is, by no means the only demonstration of a great cock sucker but we are now pals. I would love to spend an hour or so experiencing her talents.

I like blow jobs (a lot) and when I'm not experiencing one of my own I enjoy viewing them. There's just something so erotic about a woman enjoying the taste of a penis and all that cums with it.

Just for clarification, I'm not just looking to get my dick sucked. It's just that I've been sort of consumed by thought of a thoroughly good cock sucking. Ahhh, the good old days. Getting blown, in all it's forms, is great. A quickie now and then, part of foreplay, etc. But just laying back and enjoying the sensation as a complete sexual experience is an occasional "treat" that can't be matched by much else.

There's some pretty decent vids on this site of women demonstrating their skills but a few always leave me wondering. If your posting a video of you displaying your skills, why aren't you naked? I get and appreciate the fully clothed woman on her knees sucking on her man's cock with his fly open as a sexy spontaneous act, but I also enjoy the nudity. Even when I was getting the "quickie" I'd peel off her shirt to enhance the experience. It may not be convenient if your sitting in the front seat of your truck, and that's erotic, too, but if you're making a movie, let's see some skin!

So thanks to all you posting such vids and if oral sex is a priority for you (AND YOU'RE FEMALE), drop me line.
Posted:Mar 19, 2010 1:34 am
Last Updated:Mar 1, 2011 12:25 am

So I've finally calmed a bit down and have returned to just cruising around AdultFriendFinder and accepting my fate. And I'll probably be consuming a little less alcohol while I do so. I tend to get a little more aggressive under the influence. And perhaps a bit mean at times.

My last couple of posts are a good example. I was just venting mainly because I have a current lack of interest in this site. They speak for themselves.

At the same time I viewed some profiles and videos. And I responded to a few. First the "bad one":

I found a profile I thought was interesting with no pic but was kind of seductive. I sent an e-mail and she responded. The response "seemed" to be a standard solicitation to some scam site (notice I used the word "seemed". Guess where this is going). She didn't want to use AdultFriendFinder to send me a pic and gave me an alternate e-mail. I, and every guy on here, has gotten that one before!

Well, being generally frustrated from past experiences and in the grip of some very good tequila I dashed off a rather scathing response. I re-read it afterwords and boy, was I an SOB! But I thought the scamming deserved it! OOPS!!

Turns out she was a real person and I was an asshole! She sent me a rather blunt response but no where near what I deserved. While I have been tainted by the seemingly endless number of liars on this site I goofed on this one! As I said, she seemed interesting and I blew an opportunity to meet some one. I'm way too embarrassed to even try and correct my mistake so I'm confessing here and maybe if she reads this I may get another shot. And just in case you are reading this...I'm not Italian!!!!

When Jose Cuervo and I weren't sending insulting and crude e-mails to interesting women that didn't deserve it, we were attempting to find some entertainment and checked out the member videos.

We happened on one that featured a vagina being stimulated by a dildo. As I said before, I'm not a big fan of masturbation vids but Jose wanted to sneak a peak so we did. As far as these things go this one wasn't all that bad. Even though it was short, she was obviously enjoying herself as her pussy glistened from some very erotic female fluid. That is a turn-on for me.

I checked her profile and besides the fact it was very interesting she also posted a picture of her very ample and very nice breasts and exposed just enough of her body to demonstrate that she had more going for her then "just" a very juicy pussy. I went back to her vid and posted a brief comment.

Again, the comment I posted was a collaboration between me and my nasty drinking partner. I've since deleted it and don't exactly remember what it said but I did use the word "cunt" and implied that I wasn't all that impressed that she had one.The alcoholic haze I was viewing things through at the time was interested in the bigger picture.

Imagine my surprise when I received an e-mail the next day titled "Cunt". Frankly, I had no idea what that could possibly be a response for and the little picture icon that came along with it of pair of magnificent breasts didn't ring any bells.

Here's the opening sentence from her mail: "Hey Joe.....to bad you live in New York, cause if you lived closer then we could get together and I could use my sweet little cunt to FUCK YOU with." Pretty good attention grabber, wouldn't you say? She went on a bit with a little sarcasm and had an attitude I liked. What I especially enjoyed was her saying "Like I said, if you were closer, then I would so meet you and fuck your brains out..."! Yeah, right then and there I decided I liked her!

I swallowed my pride, and a little rum, and sent her a message apologizing for my comment and she graciously accepted (I like her even more, now). I'm obviously thinking with more then just my big head at the moment but I hoping to cultivate some kind of relationship here.

True, she's 746 miles away but but that ain't so much if she's the package she appears to be. I was thinking of using one of her pictures here but I think I'll wait and see if that's okay with her. As for her AdultFriendFinder name, well, I'll just be keeping that to myself.
1 comment
EXACTLY What I mean.
Posted:Mar 15, 2010 10:33 pm
Last Updated:Mar 16, 2010 8:30 am
Here's a picture of "48l04822 25/F". This is such an obvious fake that even AdultFriendFinder would spot it if they tried. But it is a pretty hot pic. There's no way in hell this woman is cruising this site to find "Men for Erotic Chat or Email or 1-on-1 sex". She's clearly selling a website which her e-mail proves beyond any doubt. Here it is;

"...if you dont feel like dancing we could figure out something else to do for fun.. I am heading out for now but if you want you can hit me at candysweet663 thats at hot mail,that goes right to my phone so i can get back to you quickly and move things forward. If you have a sec, Id love to hear what you would do to me if I went home with you. LOL, so whats your favorite position? Dont spare any details, Ive never been so horny, I NEED SEX!! Would love to hear from you."

If this fucking skank needs to post on this site and pretty much beg for a fucking, you have to know they're a total fucking loser and a fraud. Really? A great ass like that and a fine fucking body and she has to advertise for a man so she can get laid? I know exactly how she feels since I'm a man with a big cock and can fuck all day/night long and have a hard time finding a woman to screw me!

Here's a big "Fuck You" to AdultFriendFinder!!! What a fucking scam this site is since I know nobody's stupid enough to buy in to shit like this!


Fuck these cretins! AdultFriendFinder is only concerned with taking advantage of desperate losers and I'm not one of them. I made that very clear to the poor fucking asshole manning the phones for them when I warned them about stealing another penny from me.

I don't want to rattle on about what a waste and fraud AdultFriendFinder is but what the hell? The useless scumbags sucked another month out of me and maybe I can alert just one other person to the fraudulent aspects of this place. Damn all of them!!!!!!! Don't bother trying to find a pussy here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are all liars....even the non-phony ones that AdultFriendFinder supports!!!!!! They are not interested in you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not one bit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 This is strictly a scam site stealing every penny they can from you!

So a bitch says " I am a out going person I like different thing do different things... " and you think she would even be mildly interested in fucking you? Are you retarded? AdultFriendFinder thinks you are.

Maybe at some point in the very distant past the scum running this site thought maybe they could make a buck by hooking up honest people looking for a sexual partner but they found more profit in being liars and scumbags by allowing and encouraging fake websites to lure the paying male members here in to falling for the total bullshit they encourage.

I'm a devout and total hater of AdultFriendFinder and despise every minute I wasted here. Fuck them. fuck the bitch posted here, and fuck every one of you supporting these con artists.
Posted:Mar 14, 2010 11:34 pm
Last Updated:Mar 14, 2010 11:36 pm
I'm sick of this site and I have recently ensured that AdultFriendFinder won't steal any more from me.

I've posted a picture of an overt fraud that AdultFriendFinder not only condones but encourages. I'd fuck her in a second. Very nice stuff but it is obviously a fake. I don't need to pay these fuckers for naked pictures of hot women. That's what the Internet is for. And as long as I'm here I'm checking out the member videos and they fall in to the same category. Sure, it's fun to watch some of you fuck and suck but really, you ain't all that special. I have no problem with all you posting videos but I'm not jerking off to them. I'm hardly getting aroused. Okay, fine, there are a few exceptions. Keep posting Brianna!

I haven't posted here in a couple of weeks because I just don't care that much anymore. Everyone here is either superficial or has some twisted agenda that I simply don't understand. I updated my profile for the last time because it certainly couldn't hurt. It's a last hooray for me. So be it.

I have a ton of bitching to do but I just don't want to waste my time here. I wanted to do some other more substantial posts but what's the point? AdultFriendFinder managed to make sex boring for me (at least here).

If I was the pessimist I appear to be I'd consider all this a waste of time and money and make my final blog a big "FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!! But, I'm not at that point yet. Maybe there's an honest woman out there.

(Final note: Please, no e-mails!!! Leave a comment so I can reply here and clarify whatever diluted view you may have).

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