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ANR poem  

rm_MarlenaM 55F  
837 posts
11/26/2019 12:14 am
ANR poem

> In the Morning
> I feel the chill in the air
> As you<b> stroke </font></b>my soft hair
> I will open my robe for you to see
> That I am willing... are you ready for me?
> You'll slide beside me your arms wrapped around
> I'll hold you near not making a sound
> I feel your leg go over mine
> As we begin to intertwine.
> I'll take you to my nurturing chest
> To latch on to my waiting breast
> As you take my nipple in
> You'll see the beginning of a loving grin.
> I'll hold you close to my form
> Covering you now to keep you warm
> As you start to suckle slow
> You'll taste the warmth of my milky flow.
> My love now feeds your soul
> As you offer me control
> I'll begin to softly<b> stroke </font></b>your hair
> Will you offer your love to share?
> With every swallow you take me in
> Feeling my heart rate pickup again
> Your leg rubbing the back of me
> Can you tell I'm in ecstasy?

>Our bodies laying parallel
> Lost in this heavenly swell
> My love so sweet, you're very precious to me
> Is there any place you'd would rather be?
> As you hold me and drink me in
> Can you tell its about to begin?
> As I grasp you closer with each spasm
> Can you feel my sweet loving orgasm?
> My body will shake with a sensual desire
> Like my soul has been lit on fire
> I will cry out grasping you tight
> Will you marvel at this beautiful sight?
> As you empty me of milk
> Will you run your hands through my hair of silk?
> Finally coming up for air
> Will you kiss me deeply with love we share?
> Do you feel my body so soft to touch?
> Its the one you'll love and admire so much
> As you take in a part of my soul
> My final orgasm has taken its toll
> Now it has come time to rest
> Ill hold you under cover, close to my breast
> My heart beating will be the only sound
> In this heaven that you will have found.

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