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More July 4th. Oops I mean July 5, 2020.  

rm_MarlenaM 56F  
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7/5/2020 3:18 pm
More July 4th. Oops I mean July 5, 2020.

I got off point in my last blog.
I apologize.
Lil' sidetracked after writing about Daddy taking me from behind.
Where was I?
Balls deep inside of me...
Daddy holding me close, arching my back ...
Daddy's hand on my breast as he slides it up towards my sternum...
Sliding it up to my chest, grasping my throat, whispering "there's my Missy" ...with Daddy in my asshole...pounding away.
His hot breath on in my ear..."oh yes. Here's Daddy fucking his Missy in her ass."
Pulling my head to twist around almost backwards to meet hi juicy wet mouth.
Mmmmm his hand in my hair, almost finger fucking my ear...
Daddy's fat purple cock sticking straight out for me to rock back and forth on while he gently grasps my hips... Yessssssss.
I LIKE that.
What was I writing about?

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