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Virgin Oil  

rm_MclLau 56M
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9/29/2015 1:39 pm
Virgin Oil

This is simply a sex enhancing oil for men. In Southeast Asia, there is a similar product call Virgin Coconut Oil and basically used for sex enhancement.

Only a few drops is needed to boost ones sexual stamina. It is only applicable to one's penis that is still potent. A few drops is all that is needed. The oil is rubbed onto the penis at the locations shown in the picture below.

The Virgin Oil shall be applied onto the area as sketch by the short red lines. By the way, do read and follow the instruction provided together with the product.

Use the index finger with the oil and rub it over the top and bottom of the shaft. Also apply over the penis crown or glans. Only a small quantity like glue over the paper is needed.

The Virgin Oil is to be applied about a few hours before sex. Time is needed for the ingredients of the oil to be absorbed by the penis.

The oil acts as a stimulant to delay early or premature ejaculation. The outcome would make the male as the slave while the female to be the benefactor. In most cases, the female would have<b> multiple orgasms </font></b>as the male tries to reach his.


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