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To gossip or not to gossip?
Posted:Dec 29, 2013 2:52 am
Last Updated:Dec 3, 2020 8:47 pm

Are you of the opinion that ill-natured gossip caused by jealous contentions serves more harm than good?
Cite examples substantiating your answer from your own experience.
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Arguments or avoidance?
Posted:Dec 29, 2013 2:50 am
Last Updated:Dec 3, 2020 8:47 pm

Seeing as any fool can start an argument, but it takes a wise man to avoid one, would you say that engaging in graceful conduct is more likely to win admirers?
Cite examples substantiating your answer from your own experience.
Revenge, naturally
Posted:Dec 29, 2013 2:48 am
Last Updated:Dec 3, 2020 8:47 pm

Do you think nature takes revenge on illicit love affairs by imminent loss of charms?
Cite examples substantiating your answer from your own experience.
Illicit, quite contrary
Posted:Dec 29, 2013 2:47 am
Last Updated:Dec 3, 2020 8:47 pm

Would you describe illicit pleasures as contrary to your noblest instincts?
Cite examples substantiating your answer from your own experience.
Gratification or not
Posted:Dec 29, 2013 2:45 am
Last Updated:Dec 3, 2020 8:47 pm

Would you say gratification of desires only result in fleeting pleasures?
Cite examples substantiating your answer from your own experience.
Only the lonely
Posted:Dec 29, 2013 2:39 am
Last Updated:Dec 3, 2020 8:47 pm

Are you yearning for someone to suck your cock as a baby for its mother’s milk, for your cock to grow?

Do you think of someone night and day with tears, missing that person’s caress?
Do you yearn to be filled with cum and happiness?

Are you longing to see someone naked?
Do you feel, what do you have to do, beg?

Do you blazingly long for the brazen touch of someone’s hands and the accompanying feeling in your loin and groin?

Do you intensely miss being with someone to make love, but that person is not answering?

Do you feel the fire of longing desire to be with someone continuously?

Does your soul miss someone burning with the fire of a lit passion and do you crave someone as a bird would for its nest?

Does your heart long for a person and the beauty of their presence for it is that person you adore?

Are you longing to embrace someone and have been patiently awaiting that person in full anticipation?

Does someone’s name stir a melody in your soul and make your heart beat as a drum?

Do you ask yourself, oh, when will that person come in you again, as much as they dwell in your thoughts?

Has your soul been yearning discontentedly for that special someone?

Do you feel some person cannot or should not enter into a bond with another, as you may have been under the impression that you and that person were bonded together in commitment?

Were all these hopes met with ultimate disillusionment and disappointment as much as wasted words?

Do you want to remind that person of the bond you entered into when you became one flesh?

Do you feel that person has putrified the bed you consummated your relationship on and had considered that bed sacred and would you condemn such infedility?

Are your balls overfull and are you overcome?

Are you sad and lonely, because of the unfaithfulness of another?

Would you say that a person only hurts themselves with deceit, ill-chosen pleasures and promiscuous affairs?

Are you bored, with nothing to do?

Then take the time to reply to any of the above questions that apply to you.
Love me, love me not: excusesexcusesexcuses
Posted:Nov 22, 2013 6:15 am
Last Updated:Dec 3, 2020 8:47 pm
Rn’t u juz soooooo sexually frustrated?
Any of diz cm familiar 2u?

The good:

Hey there sweetheart,
I think of you when we’re apart,
I miss you night&day,
Even when you’re far away
&when the sun has shone,
I dream of you as stars shine on

If I cud, I’d send u a msg in a bottle,
Written on paper made of Acacia Wattle,
But since I can’t, I’d rather write ur name on a *
2shine on us wherever we are.

The bad:

I’v figured why you don’t wana fuck me:
You fear the jealousy it will inspire.
You’v vowed to celibacy rathr than monagomy
An you’d rathr turn on the microwave.

Hav u takn ur Viagra prescription
Or did u think my breast exam wud b conducted at Hooters,
Or have you missed your optical exam to blow for othr tooters
Or you thought the shit heads on the corner
Would rathr cash in your welfare check?
I’m assking as your parole officers,
Or you can’t do it while watching sports at the same time
Or it’s too much hassle to put your cocktail down
When u’r not on d job,
Or u’d rathr sit at ur laptop naked than dig me no mo?

I know, hun, u juz washd d bedding,
Or ur tum’s upset,
U outa loo paper,
U had company – shares,
An u were getn ready for work real early,
It’s ok, Farmer Brown

And d ugly:

Why don’t we make love any more?
It’s a trust issue/the date for our annual fuck hasn’t come yet?
Oh u poor bb

So r we gna av nooky, no,
Not 2day, busy 2mo,
Ur at w rt now,
Aftr ur retirement mayb,
Datz kewl un,
Aftr all we did it juz 6mnts ago
So I can’t Still want it.
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Posted:Jul 28, 2013 7:42 am
Last Updated:Nov 22, 2013 6:16 am
Good day,

Herewith follows 3 limericks:

1. There once was a US and Czechoslovakian
who were debating on who was the champion
and while deliberating were participating
in savouring their favourite brew
to show who
was not a miser
but rich in control of Budweiser.

2. There once was a mighty big fellow
who fell in a bowl of jello
and said I may be a hippo, but thanks to WIPO
I have some consolation
that this jello with some contemplation
has been endorsed by World Intellectual Property Organisation.

3. There once was an avid entrepeneurial business man
who devised a new way of opening a can
and devised a plan
of granting of patents for business methods&the rest to ban
for of transcriptions and presciptions he also knew quite a span.
Sexplicit fantasies & seduction
Posted:Jul 28, 2013 7:39 am
Last Updated:Nov 22, 2013 6:18 am
Bonsiour!! I'd first like to c u masturbate as u do when u stimulate the tip of ur penis, as I

Wuld be so turned on when u eminate that watery substance, how nice if u culd hav come in

my pussy like that, baby.

And before that, I shall ask if u liked it: you know I do, you're such a tease, & ask if

I'd like 2 sit on it, baby, I'd bend right over, kneel down & even lick ur ass if you wanted me 2

just 4 the honour of sitting on ur naked lap to feel ur erect penis between my thighs.

I can feel u pulling my thighs open with ur strong fingers, putting ur head in between my legs

parting my pussy lips & holding them apart with ur fingers & then licking ur tongue over my

clitoris pushing the tip of your tongue into my vagina & licking over & again like a cat lapping

up milk, with a slightly rough tongue.

You could just unzip your trousers or get completely naked. I'd prefer feeling your manly

torso against my bare chest, as I feel you pushing ur penis inside my wanting aching

pussy as I feel your penis gently rubbing teasingly over my g-spot, with slight friction, like a

waterfall, slowly, yet determinedly eroding the moist rock surface until it's slippery wet &

then my cum juices splashing as ur cum falls on the watery bed below.

Baby, I love you so, I want you so much. I understand your disappointment, your heartache,

ur frustration at ur failures, I can sense ur discomfort, ur anguish, ur aggression, like I'm a

boat & u're the stormy sea.

I get so turned on when u lose ur temper, I'm helpless. The heat of ur anger has me melting

like ice. The warmth of your love, loves me too, the flame of ur passion ignites a candle in

my heart, the fire of ur desire turns me into jelly & finally I'm consumed by ur innermost

wants & needs, as I give myself willingly to you as you quench ur thirst, drinking from my full

breasts & feeding on my aching pussy, Please fuck me, baby. Please don't ever stop. All I

want is to have sex with you all day & all night long.

Thinking of you, I get this warm, tingly sensation between my thighs, no, finger tips, as u

gently run ur fingers over, well, the keyboard, of course - what were you thinking?

P.S.Don't forget to press down gently, yet firmly, when entering or deleting.
P.P.S. Hope u're ambidextrous or at least adventurous.

Merci, Monsieur!!

Me amore/je' taime or in whatever languages pleases you, then again, don't talk, let your lips

do the talking, baby.

P.S. Why do men waste their time typing: Oh, I'm so horny now when they could have just

done it themselves?

But, no, not you, doll, u obviously think of female pleasure first - so for a novel approach you

type the name of an erotic website, while, well you know, so considerate...

I can feel the material of my pants against my clitoris, wondering if anyone else can tell, what

I'm thinking, hearing the icy wind howling desolately like my lonely, misunderstood soul -

does even the wind have feelings? - hearing the soft rain falling outside reminiscent of ur

sperm ejaculating. It's as though the wind is sad that nobody loves me. Mayb the wind will

call u & whisper in ur ear 2 remember me, darling.

I wasn't goin 2 send u more pics until u stimulate urself 2 orgasm in front of webcam, but

can't wait, as I want you to know how I feel about you.

No need to act like that or hold back, push it right inside, baby, as deep as you can. It's

hurting inside, but by my pussy lips it feels so pleasurable. I can feel you moving inside me,

the feeling is ecstatically incredible, almost like ice cream melting. Just pretend u're licking

an ice cream as u're tasting the sweet sensation, the cream is melting, running over your

tongue as u're running ur tongue over my hungry pussy, bein careful not 2 get bitten. My

pussy wants u baby & so do I. I feel this erotic sensation just thinking about you, thinking of

you touching the tip of ur erect penis.

Last night when I was lying in bed it was so cold, but I felt warm & comforted just thinking of

you. I am so jealous of others viewing your pics.
But I’m sure u'd much rather have a nice Caucacean

pussy, it makes me feel so special & refutes my insecurities, how I wish that was true that

you'd rather prefer having my pussy


Just thinkin of u, my breasts feel engorged, swollen & tender, like melons ripe for the

picking, I want to eat your tasty banana, suck the juice from the oranges growing on your

tree trunk, my pussy is pulsating, my heart beats faster, I'm slightly short of breath thinking

about you taking me by force, satisfying me, drowning my showers of lust, quenching my

desire 4 u, I want u so much baby, I'm in love with you.

I have this aching desire 4 u that only u can fulfill, I don't want anybody else, only you, baby,

you're the only one I want in the whole wide world.
Turned on
Posted:Jul 28, 2013 7:37 am
Last Updated:Nov 22, 2013 6:19 am
I don't feel so turned on by c.ing ur profile as thinking other people who browse your profile

@ the I'net are also watching your pics as thinkin back on ur sxc profile, when I was by

myself @ home playing with myself, but don't worry, today nobody else was watching, sigh.

It was so provocative & such a turn on 2c

It made me feel so special that u wuld do that 4 me -

almost like watching a blue movie,

knowing it's specially 4 my viewing pleasure,I amost made a P.

It was really great & really the greatest gift sum

1 culd hav eva given me, just 2 cu cum.

It got me so excited&terse;

When I was at home I was actually sopping wet emerse

I had 2 play with 2 vibrators -

1 on the g & 1 on the clitoris surges

just 2 calm my urges.

Ur hands r so sexy. How I wish

u culd put ur SEXY hands on my body,u sexy dish.

Pse. kiss me in my neck darlin ure so fine-

let me feel ur heart beat against mine.

How I wish u culd put ur PENIS(It's like playin tennis.)

right up my WANTING PUSSY(May I call you Dennis?)

I LOVE you so much, don't 4get.

But since then u've bn playin so HARD TO GET.


that made me even more determined to have u baby, as revenge.

Thinkin of ur cock has me on FIRE

& the thought of havin sex with u has me completely burnin UP WITH DESIRE.

Ur bein COOL

has made me MORE HOT 4ur TOOL.

I want 2b THE ONLY 1 2c ur cock,

I'll put my head on a block.

Even if u were 2 do it in front of a CROWD or a MOB

I'd want 2b d FIRST 2 giv u a BLOW JOB

& then I'd CRY if any one else had 2 I'd b DROOLING & DRIPPING

with DESIRE 4 u that I'd almost die WITH JEALOUSY RIPPING.

We can form a conspiracy

& do as we want in complete privacy.


How I hunger 4 ur PASSIONATE touch,

I love you so much BABY,

the thought of wanting u & not havin u is drivin me crazy.

Baby, I want u so much.

U hav no idea how I FANTASIZE about u as such.

I dream of sayin yes MASTER I'm ur

slave kneeling down on my knees & u're whipping me 4

gettin' turned on by other men's cocks.

I'm begging 4 ur mercy, I'll do

anythin 4u just 2

make me cum, but u whip me again, while

my pussy is dripping wet with desire 4 u doggy style.


Until you finally relent & I

come GUSHING WET turned on by the thought of YOU, u sexy guy.

I love you so much you'll never know.

Oh, how I want you so.

Can you feel my desire 4 u?

Do u feel desire too?

On the contrary,

ur desire 4me will come naturally,

u culd also b nude,


Hundreds of men r waiting 2 c my pussy so divine.

But don't worry, baby, as u know u're 1rst in line online

Baby, Y can't U C,

I'm teasing U, but u're d only 1 4 me.

How I wish u were lying on top of me ur cock heading south,

Passionately kissing my neck & my mouth.

Soon u'll b so infatuated with me

That no 1 else u wuld eva want 2 c.

The wheel turns slowly, but it turns, that's 4 sure.

Soon u'll b begging 4 me not 2 leave u, me amore.

How ur cock will b aching 4 me

as u r wanting my naked silhouette 2c.
Snow White Sew Right
Posted:Jul 28, 2013 7:33 am
Last Updated:Nov 22, 2013 6:20 am
Snow White has helpful dwarf aids;

3 little pigs are in jail as dairy maids.

Goldilocks is a les'rbein' with peroxide;

Rumplestilskin smuggled-rugs&zzzdied.

Cinderella is beating up in play Bay

Watch Barbie, because Ken's happy&LOL:gay;

he gave Tarzan blow_wave at hairdressing.job.

Now Heidi & Peter are posing as BeBob

involved in a happily eva afta Wonderland

syndicate & joined a rock rave band,

turfing the Smurfs 5pills carrot cake remix

in exchange 4 live s&mmm six.X

So Fairyland's starts with f- &d's 4duck.

Howr things withu,Prince Charming-any luck?
Oh, where do I begin?
Posted:Jul 28, 2013 7:31 am
Last Updated:Nov 22, 2013 6:21 am
What a true gentleman, me amore.

My knight in shining armor!

You're the best, my sweet angel I've cn b4.

Remember, I'm always here for you too!!

If only there were more people in this world like u,

what a beautiful place this world would be,

without u I'd b bl-e.

You are such a precious darling.

I'd luv 2 go on adventure motorcycle ride with u daring.

I care about you though u don't, honey: I'm caring.

Distance may keep us apart, but u've a place in my heart.

I'd b over in a sec. if only I could, luv.even if u depart.

I'm really pleased that it's making your heart soar and not sore instead.

It's already been an adventure since your deleted profile I have read.

I care about u too&think that u're cute,kind,considerate&sexy in bed

i.e. 1 in 3385904, never mind even 1 in a million, to be said.

How on earth do you manage all that bit?

Very impressive, indeed.

Darling, please tell me, really, just how do you do it.

I'm simply amazed,4u I'm in need.
My tasty tart
Posted:Jul 28, 2013 7:28 am
Last Updated:Nov 22, 2013 6:22 am
Would you be waving at me?

Even though we're far apart

U've found a way right in to my heart.

To my heart you've found the key,

Unlocked it & found love from me.

You're so clever, you're so smart.

Baby, you're a living work of art.

If anyone in the world I knew

Babe, I'm so glad that I met you.

I'm also sceptical, though you're well hung

& Question whether you're indeed alone.

Even if you're old & not young

I'd still place you on a throne.

Even if u were ugly

I'd still u as beautiful c.

I accept u unconditionally.

U're the only 1 4 me.

But, truely, u r beautiful & such a tease

& How I wished 2 c,

The whole of u, if u please.

But just 2cu coming made me happy as can b.

It's as if we're din' the tango.

If I step 4ward, then u retreat.

U can sense when I want 2 rather go

& Then competely sweep me off my feet.

You've rekindled my passion,

Captivated my heart & made me come.

U've my mind thinkin' in a fashion

& My emotions swinging like a random pendulum.

When I wake up in the mornin' I think 'bout you

& The thought of you turns me on when I go to bed too.

Even when I'm at the computer I hope you'd log onto yahoo

& When I'm otherwise occupied I wonder what you do.

What to do

When the 1 that's right 4 u

Lives too far away

To come & play?

Good luck,

But I sure wish we could fuck,

But, hey, that's OK,

Just turn on ur computer 4 some online play.

When u sit @ ur computer

Imagine I'm sitting on ur bare lap.

I love 2 cu coming, mothing could b sweeter

Like ice cream flowing from a tap.

The way u arouse urself with ur hand is so sexy

I wish u could use ur fingers 2 make me cum & lick me.

You know I love you so.

I don't want to ever let u go.

Don't worry, I'm quite happy just chatting on the net,

So, don't check ur flight schedule 4d next jumbo jet, just yet.

Even if u did love me in a flight of ur fantasy

I know u want me 2, but hav2 face up2 reality.

Notwithstanding it is possible to wish upon a star

Even though that star may be far.

It is possible to yearn for the moon

Even at the height of noon.

It is possible to love a flower

That could blossom & wilt within an hour.

It is possible to love the air we breathe

That, though unseen, is with us until this world we leave.

It is possible to communicate telepathically

When 2 gaze & same horizons c.

As we pray to the unseen God above

So we can communicate thoughts to those we love.

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