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Too Familiar  

rm_PrisicaK 45F
726 posts
3/3/2015 2:31 pm
Too Familiar

I met this weekend for a playdate with a new friend. Said friend claimed his only interest was providing oral. If you advertise such, I am greedy and self serving enough to expect it. When I hit the door it was instant kissing. I'm not a big kisser. I'm too neurotic about oral hygiene and so many people skip basic dental care and try to cover up mouth rot with Listerine. Tooth decay has a distinct odor and taste. After numerous attempts at unsuccessfully trying to put his tongue in my mouth, he finally asked if I didn't like kissing. I said yes, but it continued. Then he wanted me to sit in his lap and kiss some more. Then it was breast sucking followed by more kissing. Twenty minutes in I was almost completely naked and not a whisper on my clit. I really don't get off making out with a complete stranger and I don't understand how men can. Besides which, under normal circumstances I wouldn't have kissed him so why under a sexual exchange is it necessary. As far as I am concerned, I could have plopped on his desk let him go to town and then breezed out. I wasted a whole hour on a wooden desk and was asked why I was leaving so soon. A playdate in an informal setting(ie not a bed or a hotel room) should be as brief as possible.

burblesback07 39M
532 posts
3/3/2015 5:48 pm

Have to agree with what youre saying, time and place for the more elaborately passionate play, to me, 1hr with nothing more than a desk for leverage demands a no frills approach !!
Weird he kept trying to kiss you after you said you weren't into it ?

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