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it's gonna be cold soon
what i want for xxxmas is very simple i want 2or3 bisexual women to use me as their sex toy i want them to ravage me in every sexual manner i want to fight my way out saying no more no more i want to be indulged ingulfed swallowed up by these women most of all when i wake up they are still there for newyears
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looking for couples or single women who like to take and be taken naked photos of yourselves
Posted:Dec 12, 2006 9:22 pm
Last Updated:Feb 8, 2009 12:59 pm

are there any people that like it when someone takes pics of them in the nude in sexual poses and vice-versa looking for couples and or single women who would enjoy a night of naked still shots and other camera fun functions looking to pose naked with couples /single woman for fun times
so many fantasy
Posted:Dec 4, 2006 11:34 pm
Last Updated:Dec 25, 2008 8:23 am
every man has a fetish for threesomes but mine is so uncontrolable i have so many scenerios it's not funny so first scenerio would love to have threesome with 2 or3 women in latex body suits that are crotchless[meaning cut so pussy is exposed]they would have to be in different colors black red blue the blue suited one would be the dominatrix of the bunch black and red would be submissive when i walk into the room the blue dominatrix would order me to sit down as the other 2 crawl over to me they slowly start to massage my crotch while madam blue is threatning me not to get hard i start to get uncontrolabley hot and bothered but the dominatrix is grasping my neck and shoving her tongue down my throat the two subs start to undress me rubbing and light scratching my inner thighs finally the black suited sub puts just the head of my penis into her mouth while the other decides to lick my shaft up and down i'm struggleing to get out not that i'm gay it's just they seem to be over powering me and i wasn't in control so any ways madame blue decides to join in on slurping up on my private part so imagine this one girl is sucking your penis head swelling it up to explode while the other two women are sucking both sides of your dick trying there damnestto give you a double sided hickey on your shaft so i decide to get back i slowly start to creep up my fingers to both subs and start to rub and light flicks to there clits enough to slightly arouse them [you can here faint moaning]the dominatrix noticed that the subs were enjoying it but were not allowed before she could stop this i managed to give her a quick lick from my tongue to her snatch she shivered for a second then demanded that she sit on my face i said i'm not responsable for your climaxx from hours of cunnalingus she didn't care so she sat down on my face and god the smell the taste it was likewalking into a flowershop so fresh and natural as i spelled out the alphabet with my tongue in her pussy the other two subs started to get hot and bothered they decided to pull off madame blue and tie her down with some rope they then proseded to manhandle me licking my asshole and sinking there teeth into my asscheeks i tryed to get them to stop but they wouldn't so i had to outsex them so i gave in to there desires and started to massage the redsuited sub rubbing my hands and hole body all over her she can smell my joy juice and sexual arromma i tell the other black suited sub to sit on her face and i repeat to the other sub you must eat her pussy until she comes in order for me to insert my penis into you so as the sub was eating away i started to eat her just before the blacksuited is about to cum the red suited gushes allover my face i get up frantically running over to othersub and kiss[french]and rub all of her joy juice on her face then like clockwork the other sub blows all of her juice i then decide to run over to madam blue and lick her until it's swollen then nice and softly and slowly insert my penis into her swollen mounds and start to pump in and out in and out the two subs speed up the process by licking my dick and balls as it keeps sliding in and out of dominatrix finally i pull out and both subs fight for my love juice as it's spraying everywhere due to the excitement that i have encountered hope you enjoyed anouther story to come in future

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