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rm_YESHE76 72F
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6/8/2008 11:56 am

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7/8/2008 4:01 am


Again I got screwed. Lying, deceit, unkindness, dishonesty seem to be following me everywhere. Why oh why can't people treat echother with respect. You probably think I am a nut case because I keep on bringing this issue up but I can't help myself because I feel that the world would be a better place if we were only kind to eachother.

rm_putter053 72M

7/7/2008 7:51 pm

For me its not all about sex. I like the friendship thing. I have been on and of this site for years and have never been ask to me anyone.

latinluster211 34M
22 posts
6/14/2008 12:04 pm

I think everybody has experienced this on this site. Unfortunatly it is felt by the female side a lot more probably because they get more offers. Which means more times to be let down. The best advise I've heard thus far is either keep trying and maybe be more selective on who you say yess to. In the end you may be giving up on some people who may have turned out to be a great match but at least you will also weed out those definte fakers.

shadowcaster58 72M
2 posts
6/8/2008 8:43 pm

I agree wholeheartedly ye.I don't know what the problem with most people is and I don't know what to do about it.What I do know is that I have met some good people, real good people, you just have to keep plugging away, don't give up, we need you.

gwilym69 74M

6/8/2008 6:37 pm

Hi Sorry to hear that you got screwed again and not in a good way. I've sent you a few message asking to chat and meet and hopefully agree to enjoy each other. We seem to have a lot in common when it comes to sexual pleasure. However I never hear back from you cause I don't meet ur first request YOUNGER. Well hope you have success in the future and if you would like to chat/meet/enjoy someone a little older that you, just let me know.....Have a great night. Davegwilym69

rm_Ready4U8440 73M
46 posts
6/8/2008 1:11 pm

If that were possible my dear then the price of gas would go way down too..... Guess it is what is called "Human Nature" to be a "dick" as it were

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