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rm_best4u3 76M
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5/15/2009 1:51 pm

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10/16/2011 9:13 am


So when you are buying lingerie, are you buying for yourself or for the man [ woman ] in your life, or someone unknown that you might run into and want? In effect being prepared.
Or do you dress for yourself and let the chips fall where they may.
I know I love seeing a woman in sexy lingerie and her putting it on or taking it off, for me especially. It just enforces my appreciation for her not to mention my passion..

But also curious if you buy something intimate & sexy for your partner, male or female & what might you like to see them in?

Kinky could be part of your answer but not necessarily so..
ie. but, not the only idea. Do you perfume your own lingerie or something you buy for someone else? What effect are you hoping for?
Do you like having someone watching you put on lingerie or you watching them putting something intimate on?

Have a couple of reasons for asking.. What would you like to see me in ?

idblueswoman 63F  
827 posts
9/26/2009 10:35 am

Thank you for your kind words... and encouragement. You are a very kind man...

rm_best4u3 replies on 9/26/2009 1:39 pm:
Kisses to a very nice woman.

idblueswoman 63F  
827 posts
9/25/2009 5:37 am

I do enjoy wearing it... the problem I have is the imperfections in my body make it nearly impossible to buy something that fits well and looks as good as it was intended. In the mean time I have a black clingy robe I love to wear while naked underneath. It almosts looks like a wrap dress and while I can't pull off wearing a wrap dress I feel very sexy in it.

rm_best4u3 replies on 9/25/2009 10:22 am:
Judging from your album pics you look just great in lingerie and very desirable. I know I'm turned on.
A woman doen't have to be a Victoria's Secret model to have the desired effect on a man or even another woman.
love to see more.

tigger678902 54F  
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5/20/2009 6:47 pm

In all ways I must dress to please myself, if I'm not comfrtable in the item I won't beel and therefore be sexy in it. If my partner wants to see me in something particular he will have to buy it and we'll see how it goes.

I prefer to make a statement fully "dressed" and have my partner appreciate my undressing rather than my dressing.

Before we lived together, I did once mail his favourite pair of undies scented with my perfume to keep him company until my next visit.

Good subtle perfume at pulse points so that when someone is close to me the scent will draw them in is so much more preferable than a noxious cloud of heavily applied cologne which keeps people at bay.

Good girls go to heaven,....Bad girls go EVERYWHERE!
I love to travel

Come visit my blog tigger678902

rm_best4u3 replies on 5/20/2009 7:21 pm:
Yes, please yourself first but a partner would certainly appreciate it if you pleased yourself first in sexy lingerie, that he gets to see.
Used to have a girlfriend who would perfume her panties, then at the dinner table would pull them out of her bag, place them on the table and say what would you really like to eat?
Trust me it was very difficult focusing on the food.

rm_ShinjuPearls 88F

5/19/2009 3:54 pm

Lingerie is so much fun! I think everyone should have at least three or four different colors that they KNOW make them look and feel sexy and enticing.

I just want to say this though: CUT OUT THE DAMN TAGS! I have seen so many hot girls in their sheer butt shorts and bra, say, all black or dark blue or pink - and then, where does my attention go? To that big chunk of white TAG. Tags = non-sexy and are totally distractive from the lingerie, in person or pic, and plus: they are scratchy.


rm_best4u3 replies on 5/19/2009 4:42 pm:
Yes, I adore lingerie and it truly turns me on when a gal wears something that is eye-catching to say the least. Matter of fact it brings out the voyeur in me and I've happily masturbated in from of some gals who wanted to see the effect it had on me.
I've also enjoyed ladies who have left me their perfumed panties as a momento and remembrance of our night[s] together.
As for tags, couldn't agree more. Ruins the effect.

MySweetStarla 54F

5/18/2009 7:10 pm

To be honest, I feel sexy in anything I wear. For me, its the mental aptitude underneath the clothing that enhances the innate beauty of any creature male or female. I buy for myself and for the unknown, makes it a tad more fascinating that way. I LOVE MYSTERY!! I adore lingerie simply because it entices imagination of eroticism and is presented as sheer elegance in an alluring package and then the fun begins~

Always a brilliant idea to be prepared to handle any situation, good thinking there Sir! Yes... I read between that line you meant at the bottom.. My goodness very interesting to say the least.

rm_best4u3 replies on 5/18/2009 8:02 pm:
If sexy and alluring lingerie can stimulate your own mind and make you feel pleased and more, then by all means do so. And the fact that it may be seducing someone you want, so much the better for you but also gratifying someone else.. In a way you can say its a meeting of the minds.. In this case some passion as a start.

Imagine you would turn-on a mirror. I'd like to see you in more lingerie.

As for what I like, lets find out.

HORNYSLUT24_7 57M/56F  
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5/17/2009 1:51 pm

I usually buy lingerie for myself, I love lingerie and feel very sexy wearing it. And let thechips fall where they may.

rm_best4u3 replies on 5/17/2009 3:58 pm:
Got a feeling your hubby is quite appreciative of the lingerie you buy for yourself. A little home eye candy can pay wonderful dividends in many ways.. Enjoy the fruits.

rm_ladymiles123 63F
230 posts
5/15/2009 5:46 pm

If I find something I like , I buy it. with the hopes of wearing it to impress my partner..

rm_best4u3 replies on 5/15/2009 6:01 pm:
What you're wearing in the photo should get any man going. It certainly does me and you've got the figure to do it justice. Love your breasts. Love to see more of your lingerie too. You are eye candy.

Wantingsexymind2 51F
12602 posts
5/15/2009 4:37 pm

I love dressing up for a lover and I love dressing for myself.

So, the easiest way for me to make this statement is this:

When I am single, I buy lingere for myself, to feel sexy and satisfy me. When I have a lover, I will buy lingere that will intice him based on his likes of colour, fabric and style.

"She had a way of making you look at things differently. A way of making you close your eyes and see with your heart." JmStorm
"Her love happened to me a hundred times at once, in a thousand different ways, in a million different colours" Atticus

rm_best4u3 replies on 5/15/2009 5:08 pm:
Aren't you a sweetheart. Wanting to entice a lover with the lingerie you wear and trust me, just looking gets a man going even with your clothes on with something a bit see-thru, but undressing for him is what I know truly makes me appreciative.
Yes, dress for yourself as well, giving yourself some private self-esteem.
I know I bought a pair of sheer black nylon briefs one time and it turned me on so much I had to masturbate in them. And it felt great.

vittoria73 48F

5/15/2009 2:59 pm

I buy and wear lingerie already to feel sexy and attractive, according to charm a man of my life or not.


rm_best4u3 replies on 5/16/2009 3:18 pm:
Got a feeling that whether you buy lingerie for yourself or a man, you'd be desirable no matter what. Love to see you in some. Truly.

angelstouch4058 63F
185 posts
5/15/2009 2:35 pm

i buy lingerie with a man on my mind and if he asked me to wear a particular piece....but sometimes i just buy it because it will make me feel sexy wearing it ....and sexy always works

rm_best4u3 replies on 5/15/2009 4:19 pm:
Think if you feel sexy with what you're wearing, it would certainly make you feel good and that can translate into making a man feel good too.
Especially if he gets to see you in it.. After seeing some of your broadcasts, you do sexy lingerie justice.

3neveracrowd 56M/66F

5/15/2009 2:31 pm

If I think something suits me , and looks fabulous on me , I think about buying it. I am also thinking at the same time if my partner would love it , then if I feel the answer is yes to all the above I buy it.

I , of course want to dress to impress , whether its in or out of the bedroom.

is the key !!!!!

with an Attitude !!!!


rm_best4u3 replies on 5/15/2009 4:23 pm:
What a lucky partner or partners you must have. You're great looking, would think you have great taste in any clothing and the dessert is you, undressing and perhaps modeling for that lucky someone. I know I'd be very appreciative and with passion.

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