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RANT ALERT: Crazy Laws in Other Countries (or Why I'll NEVER Live in India)  

rm_debluvz2fck 51F
230 posts
4/4/2014 4:30 pm
RANT ALERT: Crazy Laws in Other Countries (or Why I'll NEVER Live in India)

Over the years, I've heard tales about how people are tried in other countries. I didn't have a problem with the Italian trial that was redone and resulted in the same conviction. I didn't have issue with Iran holding hikers who wandered into their country (believe it or not, you walk into someone else's country, you do so under their laws not your country's... unless you are wearing a uniform or carrying diplomatic immunity). I wrote on my list of places never to visit Singapore (caning seems like a judicial sport there) and many African and Middle Eastern countries for their apathy towards women (an issue when traveling abroad as a woman). I read something about the changes in the laws governing sexual assault in India, and I was obligated to write this post. It is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, after all.

Everyone probably has their pet peeves about the way that other countries handle their criminal justice system. I can't say that the US criminal justice system is perfect when there are cases such as the Zimmerman one in Florida. That said, I never knew just how bad the criminal justice system was in India until I read the example I'm about to provide.

A sixteen year old female was abducted and gang (sexually assaulted) over the course of one and a half months in a series of homes, hotels, cars and public buses. The 24 men who participated in the prolonged sexual degradation of this young woman were initially acquitted for their brutal attacks, when they finally saw the courtroom nine years after the offenses were committed. The top court re-opened the cases eight years after the initial trials, and 23 of the men committing the acts received between 7 and 11 years for their parts in the crime. One man received a life sentence.

This made me think about what defense the men put out in their trials last year. Did they say their understanding was that the was a drugged who was consenting to the sexual encounters, that they had paid for the services rendered? Maybe that is what got them the lesser sentences, where the man who kidnapped/ abducted the young woman was the only one who received the harshest penalty.

Moral of the story? If you go to India, you can, in fact, participate in the long-term gang (sexual assault) of a teenage girl without a steep penalty and will even be able to wait almost 20 years to pay any prison price. Just be certain that you aren't the abductor.

Did I mention that the men in question were a retired professor, lawyers, businessmen and government officials? So, you might need to be connected to get away with such an atrocity today. Still such a minimal price for such a vicious crime.

Feel free to comment. I don't always approve commentary, but they are often posted.

rm_debluvz2fck 51F
535 posts
4/4/2014 4:36 pm

Sexual assault was substituted for a word this system refuses to allow in posts. You can post video of a woman being sodomized by a donkey, but heaven forfend you use the r word...

Lynn1812 50M  
4929 posts
4/4/2014 5:00 pm

Justice delayed, in itself, is a crime of its own...

But I'm more concerned about the sick and twisted laws in countries like Iran where if a girl is (sexually assaulted) the courts view HER as the criminal... and often times she is sentenced to death by stoning.

Other crimes by women that are punishable by death are such heinous acts as reading and wanting to go to school or being seen in public without a male family member as an escort... allah forbid she be seen in public with a man that ISN'T family... for shame!

After all, in THEIR twisted upside down world, its the girl's fault for tempting and provoking the men and making them horny. It's against Allah's wishes.

THAT is pretty fucked up in MY book...

rm_debluvz2fck 51F
535 posts
4/4/2014 5:26 pm

India is a country where women have been killed by their own families for being (sexually assaulted), and others forced to marry their (sexual assault)ist. I put them at the top of the list for violating women in society as well as legally after the fact.

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