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10/8/2007 5:45 pm

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wraecca 43M
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10/21/2007 9:40 pm

A Lover's Guide to Oral Sex.

Some people believe that technique is everything. They will read Cosmo or Maxim or talk with their close friends to find out what "tricks" to use on their partner to drive them to levels of orgasmic bliss unknown so far.

You may call me simple, but all that technique is no good if you’re missing two incredibly important ingredients: enthusiasm and compassion.

It is true that you could write the alphabet with your tongue or get a little daring and head for the perineum if you want to jazz up your genital buffet... but if you are bored or couldn't give a shit about them... they and their bits will know the difference.

Let's look at those two ingredients a bit more.

Enthusiasm. If you are enjoying yourself as you go down on your partner, you are not just passing time until they are ready for the main course. You are not eating them out so you can bargain with them to give you something you want. You are not nibbling their nasty just to make them happy though you actually find it gross.

No. You are there because you want to be there. Your mouth and tongue are moving over their juiciest parts because it is a tasty, amazing, fucking hot way to spend your time. You love tracing your lover's most intimate parts with your tongue-tip. You love the taste of them. You love to feel them writhe and shudder with pleasure as you lap them up.

Explore in a spirit of fun. Take your time. You don't have anywhere better to be. If your partner can tell that you truly enjoy yourself when you go down on them, they will let go, relax, and quite likely enjoy themselves too.

Okay, so you are enthusiastic. That is not enough. You could be an idiot and just push your mouth and tongue around everywhere without noticing how your partner is responding. (I am talking to the fellows here.) (Well, mostly the fellows.)

Compassion is the missing ingredient. Whether you are fuck buddies, long-term partners, one night stands, or swingers -- if you don't give a shit about the people you have sex with, it will leave them cold.

If you care about them you will check in with what they like, how they respond, get an idea of the pace that they are comfortable with. You will go out of your way to show your care in how you touch them -- giving them light massages, scratches or nibbles all over their body -- rather than just going through the primary erogenous zones like a To Do list.

This person is a bundle of miracles. Treat them with some awe and reverence as you take them in your mouth and you both will be rocked by the experience.

Vampaerus 44M
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10/21/2007 9:22 pm

The clit is a mysterious, often elusive creature. But it needn't be.

The first thing to realize is you don't know anything. If you think you do, you're even more wrong. Learn. Experiment. Discover. The first step is don't try to dive right into the clit. On most women it has to be coaxed out of hiding first. For alot of women you have to start with the lips. No, the ones on her face. Going "down" requires starting from higher ground. Kissing, ears, neck, breasts (this is so tough). Also note that "oral sex" does NOT mean that you can't use anything else. As long as your hands are clean and fingernails trimmed, not many women will mind additional stimulation.

So we're finally ready to get down to bidnizz, right? Well if that's your attitude then reread the first paragraph. You don't frequently hear women complain that you are spending too much time pleasing her. Assuming she's screaming, "Eat me!" impatiently, let's move on. Women come in different shapes and sizes, so do pussies. You've seen enough porn to know “camel toe” from “roast beef ”, use your tongue and fingers to figure out hers. Don't peel anything like an onion. Use your palm against her upper thighs to aid in opening things up. Labia are sensitive too, so she ain't gonna complain about giving them attention. Experiment with pressure, you're not sanding bondo, but she's not a soap bubble either.

What about the freaking clit??? Slow down chief we're getting there. You still have to investigate the “hood”. Follow the inner labia to where they converge, there should be a small pocket. Again this varies alot. If you find a hard bump, then you've found the clit and she has no hood. Run the tip of your tongue around the outside of it. Google clit alphabet. The idea is to keep brushing around it, or lightly over it, but not push directly on it. Relax, the more time you take here, the more gold stars you get. And don't forget to keep your fingers busy with other bits, it all adds up.

Otherwise the clit may be underneath the hood, partially or even totally covered. Fear not. The clit itself is NOT the magic “button” you've been lead to believe. Rub a finger or two over the top of her hood. You should feel the bump underneath. If not keep rubbing gently, this ain't NASCAR. When you find the pea under the mattress, you want to surround it without pushing down on it. The trick is to gently massage her hood sliding the clit around underneath to get some friction between them. The up shot is that fully covered clits typically are not used to lots of stimulation, so a little can go a long way.

Pay close attention to her reactions. Increases in breathing rate is good, sharp breaths mean pain. Moaning is great, snoring is not. Most importantly keep practicing, take your time, and keep learning.

elpatronnu2 72M
65 posts
10/21/2007 2:27 pm

It was a long week. Today was bad. I'm battered and worn by the trip through the mayhem of the commute.
I arrive at the door and there stands the reason for me living. Her dark, silky and shining strands of hair glisten in the afternoon sunlight. Her sparkling eyes mirror the smile she creates on me. She embraces me and the world has disappeared, lost in the warmth and softness that is her. Soft and plush are the lips that kiss me, welcoming me to OUR world.
The sun has set, the night is cool...the curves of her hips sway as I follow her upstairs. The melody of the windchimes serenade us as we watch each other slowly undress. "She is SO beautiful", I think as she lays down and looks up at me.
Gentle kisses and sweet murmerings of love ignite the passion flame. I am in her arms, her slender legs wrapped around me as we kiss deeply, heatedly...lovingly. I look at her face and am mesmerized by the awesome glory of her beauty.
I am kneeling at the side of the bed. I can feel the stubbles on my cheeks as they rub against the softness of her thighs. I teasingly flick my tongue at her moistness and feel the welling of her pleasure as her body trembles in anticipation of what I deliver to her. Ever so slowly, deliberately, I lick her clit. I run my tongue vertically along her pussy...and she softly moans, quietly, but I KNOW that sound. She wants MORE. Faster and with more pressure I probe her dripping warmth...and she moans...AND... she starts to writhe with the rythym of my firm and skilled tongue. I apply every imaginable type of touch with it that I can create...but NEVER without HER pleasure as the objective. I love her, I want her to FEEL that love. I lick, kiss, nibble and tease the ecstacy out of her...she moans.
Relentlessly I render her a mass of quivering, unbridled body of pleasure...she MOANS.
She moans and writhes until she screams in a climax of pleasure.
That's my job...I love her. She is my life, and she creates that willingness within me to have the ability of my tongue to make her.............moan.

rm__sexlover80 40M

10/21/2007 2:19 pm

So - you wanna talk dirty? Guess you must have some fantasies you haven't done yet - or you fancy a little more of what gets you off? Excellent!

"I want you to put two fingers inside me and make me come. I want to come all over your face."

Don't rush. Maybe prep first. Find something that might have swept you off into a wet dream. You bet your partner would enjoy it too - if you can talk them into it...

"My nipples! Bite my nipples."

This is a dos and don'ts competition - excuse my style:

Do communicate.
"Harder baby!"

Don't always make your partner spend an age doing something they don't fancy. Do, tempt them, tell them what turns you on.

Don't turn into a drill master. Do play with a degree of dominance. Hold your partner's wrists down while you're whispering pure filth in their ear.
"You're going on top, and I want to lick your pussy juices first. Sit on my face baby. In fact, go down slow. Fuck the end of my tongue. Damn your pussy tastes good."

Do; complement frequently.
"You horny bitch. Mmmmm."

"Damn, your ass looks good. Can I fuck your ass? I love fucking your ass."

Don't repeat yourself all the time. If you keep saying something that doesn't seem to happen don't turn into a broken record over it.

Don't forget variety is the spice of life! Your girl looks gorgeous and you want to slowly strip her later in the evening... Tell her in the kitchen!

Don't talk about anything that needs much thinking about. Keep it to what you enjoy. You have asked what your partner enjoys, right?
"What can I do to turn you on?"

Do tease and flirt.
"No. You finger your pussy. I want to suck those juices off your fingers and kiss them over your face. I might finger you, after I lick your arse."

Do improvise. Don't hesitate to laugh off what you fuck up.

Do speak with your body too. Can you talk dirty without forming any words? Can you let your lover know what's coming next? Extra points for being face to face when they figure it out. Moan.

What about "bitch?" "God, you're such a dirty bitch; I want you to come all over my face." -- could get you an abrupt argument or a you-betcha smile...

TwoHots4u2 66M/46F
57 posts
10/20/2007 11:44 pm

How to have a Successful Threesome

Successful threesomes are like a beautiful piano duet, with both artists working together to make the instrument's strings sing. The couple has to really understand each other's desires, hot buttons, constraints, and fantasies; and find someone who fits well into those parameters. So, patience, persistence, and communication is important in finding the "third." Let the candidates know what you are seeking. The couple should evaluate the responses together, selecting the person who both of them feel is an excellent fit. Then, it is important to get to know the "third" during drinks or a meal, and only if the chemistry is right, play.

The most difficult part of a threesome is the transition from clothed to nude. Once all are nude, nature takes it course. But, getting there takes some planning and the right initiative. A good way to set the mood is to discuss each other's swinging experiences. Dancing is a smooth way to begin to get closely acquainted and turn up the heat. Hot tubs are a excellent way to break the ice, get undressed, and kick off the action. The couple should discuss the concepts beforehand to determine what feels best for both of them, and then the pre-selected one take the initiative to start the action.

For an FMF, the couple's female should take the lead, and invite the guest to join in dancing; trying the hot tub; or just getting close, touching, and kissing. Once the action gets going, the couple's female should undress the other female, and let the guest undress her. After they are fully involved, the female of the couple should invite the guy to join them. He should take his clues carefully as to when to play with the guest and what kind of sex she desires.

For an MFM, the couple's male should take the lead, asking the guest if he would like to dance with her, join them in the hot tub, or start sharing her kisses. She should start stroking both guys dicks, either through their trousers, or, if they are nude, directly. After things heat-up, the remainder of the clothes should come off. Both guys should focus on lot of foreplay and oral sex to get the temperature of her to a peak, including making her climax at least once. Then, since we feel that that "guests cum first," the guest has the first turn at sex with her, while the couple's male continues to give her foreplay, including working on her lips, ears, nipples, and toes. The guys can then take turns or work together to give her DPs in any combination she desires.

After everyone is sated, it is nicest to chat a while, shower together if feasible, express appreciation for the great fun together, hug, say goodbye, and leave. The next day, a follow-up thank you message is good, and writing a nice testimonial builds his or her reputation and opens doors to meeting other swing partners.

sexyfundiversion 42M/41F
1 post
10/20/2007 8:20 pm

The Art of the Threesome
So you and your husband have found the perfect woman for your first Ménage à trois; she's got the looks of Jessica Alba, the breasts of an 18 year old, the legs of a super model and she's willing and promising to take you and your hubby to places you've never even dreamed of. Stop right there! Having been both the third in the bedroom and part of the couple hosting, there are some things you should know and I'm here to help.

The Pregame
First of all, get to know this woman; she may be into things that you've never even heard of. Experimentation can be fun, but I bet your husband wants to know if she's going to strap on a dildo and use it on him! Also this is the time to be honest, if fucking your husband is off limits, make sure that she knows. You don’t want to find yourself tied up and forced to watch a hot blonde riding your hubby (or maybe you do?) So be sure to include the things you like as well, for example if you like to have your nipple nibbled on, be up front it’ll make your night more enjoyable.

The Main Event
Don’t script it out like a movie, because you’ll only be disappointed when something doesn’t go as planned, but do have a plan. We always start in the hot tub; it’s a great way to get everyone’s clothes off quick and it sets the mood for erotic fun. I make my hubby watch as I plant the first kiss on her lips; I make sure it’s soft and sensual as I let me hands wander all over her and pull her against me so tight that even the water doesn’t flow between us. Before the tub boils over, I lead her to our bedroom.

Since she is our guest, I like to make her the center of our attention and you should too. I always take my time; I plant kisses everywhere on her body, then I work her pussy slow and use the techniques that work on me. My hubby has his penis in her mouth getting hard. When he’s ready, I’ll get into a 69 so my hubby can easily alternate between my mouth and her pussy and I love to taste his cock covered in her juices. Once we all cum, we realize it’s only the beginning of a wonderful night. With three people in bed, there’s always someone ready to go.

The Morning After
We’ve all had one-night stands and no one likes them. If you had a good time and want her to come back, make sure that she knows that. Don’t rush her out, have a nice breakfast planned, and discuss what worked and what didn’t. Once she’s ready to leave, give her a seductive kiss, one that she won’t forget and one that will make her want to come back for more.

brimstone100 69M
10 posts
10/20/2007 7:59 am

Talking Dirty ‒ the subtle art of using words appropriately

They say that 19th century guys were excited by a fleeting glimpse of a woman’s ankle. That says a lot for what stimulates us humans ‒ the things we like but experience rarely. Nothing dulls the senses more than having too much of something. Ask any porn film cameraman whether seeing beautiful naked women turns him on. OK, maybe that’s not the best example!

Anyway, it’s the same with talking dirty. If you use strong language all the time in normal speech, what makes it erotic when used during sexplay? “I nearly had a fucking accident with a car driven by a fucking arsehole on the way to fucking work today, and now I’m going to fuck your arsehole Darling.”

So many words that should be erotic have lost their special appeal because one hears them all the time, in films, on TV and, probably because of that, increasingly on the street. Bruce Willis take note.

So if you want to get the most out of talking dirty, save sex talk for sex not for swearing or being angry or just being plain coarse. Then when you use it as part of sexplay it really has some meaning.

The next thing is to recognize when it is likely to be a complete turn off. Let’s face it, some people are simply not prepared to be verbally experimental, and all you’ll get is your face slapped, or kicked out of bed on a cold night or - worst case scenario - they’ll call you a perv and never want to see you again - but the same person might enjoy having chocolate sauce licked off their most intimate parts which of course isn’t perverted at all!

OK, so you’re having sex with someone who you think will respond to a bit of earthy conversation. Your love talk starts to become spiced with those forbidden words neither of you would use normally, and just the mention of fucking her cunt with your cock has you both quivering with anticipation.

Sometimes a bit of coercion is required. Such words have never crossed her sweet lips. Even better then, when you manage to coax them out of her. Make her repeat them and sip them from those lips like nectar from a honeydew.

As things progress you could explore whether she’s turned on by being made to feel like a sex queen or a sex slut. Every woman is different, and what’s good for one is a no-no for another. And while a woman might love being called a filthy slut when you’re doing weird and wonderful things to her, unless she is really submissive it should be in the nature of “you lovely filthy slut” rather than “you horrible filthy slut”.

So, be an explorer, navigate your way to her vocal hot spots with exotic words, and boldly go where no man has gone before!

rm_Pornosurfer 39M
7 posts
10/20/2007 5:20 am

I actually don’t have a way of talking dirty I say what ever I feel like in bed and outside bed and that turns women on. Well maybe not all but at least I have no problem telling them what I like. I have more problems with women thinking to please me into what I like even if they don’t like it.

I always find it interesting to talk about sex with strangers its so funny to see how open they really are. After a club last night we start talking about toilet sex slaves and the girl really enjoyed the conversation it was really fun.

I think the best way to talk dirty is say what’s in your mind all the time, so scream like in the porn movies is like dancing aerobic on the dance floor it does not work and feel unnatural.

rm_Pornosurfer 39M
7 posts
10/20/2007 5:19 am

A threesome should not be taken lightly if you are in a long term deal with your partner. What happen if the partner fancy the other person and they start seeing each other after the sex date?

Do you really know your friend to let him in to have an intimate time with your partner?

The best threesome I ever had is when there are 3 people that know each other but are not partners and everything goes. Then you don’t have to think about the “after” and you can just enjoy the moment.

Since I am pretty active I been invented to several threesome from AdultFriendFinder website and I always make sure that this is what both wants before I see the couple.
The funny think it’s mostly the men want to have another man fuck her lady? Is that not strange the lady agrees after some pushing from the men and when she had it one time she can not have enough.

I also heard the word my Wife is clean but that nothing I listen to if you are in the threesome deal then there no such thing as clean or not clean. How do you know that the guys they had gang bang with the week before was clean. Always use condoms even if it can be many with so many partner changes.

rm_fun631121 44M
1 post
10/20/2007 12:52 am

The Oral Sex - points to remember

This is the best of all. Even better than penetration. Why is that?

If you are a girl take your partners stick slowly out from the basket and just touch and feel it for a moment as it is a part to make your oral pleasure exciting. Squeeze it a bit including balls and use your thumb to rub the point which make him crazy.
Do this foreplay and then just keep your lip over the stick and go over it up and down. Also make your cheeek feel the stick.

Do this for a while and use your tongue to play with the tip of his stick. Now draw the skin back and taste the front part. Tickle it and make him crazy. Draw the skin further back and give him little pleasurable pain whil you use your tongue to play with the front.

Now use your mouth to have it all in. Do this gradually to give him pleasure. while you do this play with his balls ; Touch, squezze, press and pull down. Now take your mouth in and out. Once in while go for deep throat and wet his stick. Go in and out dear. Now yo are making him crazy. Listen to his sounds and moan and identify what he likes most. Repeat that and you can make him cum in no time.

Take it to your face and reuse cum to make his cock slippery. Use your lips on the toe again.

Now u should win and can proceed to play.

CyrilFiggis69 45M  
70 posts
10/19/2007 8:52 pm

A Guy's Guide To Oral Sex

For a lot of women, oral sex is the most efficient way of having an orgasm. A lot of guys are more than happy to do this for their women, but are often incapable of doing well enough for the lady to fully enjoy it. There are three keys to performing good oral sex on a woman, patience, persistence, and attentiveness.

Patience: Good oral sex is not something you can just dive into. Think of your mouth and tongue as tools, slowly and meticulously working over a beautiful piece of art. There are other parts to a woman's body other than her pussy that would enjoy some attention. Spend some time teasing other parts of her body. Don't rush! Kiss and lick her breasts and nipples. Kiss her wrists and arms, feet and instep, shoulders, and the small of her back. Kiss her lips, and spend some time on her inner thighs. Proper teasing can be excruciatingly joyful. Breathe on her pussy, lick all around it without touching her clit, anything you can think of to build and prolong the anticipation. Tease the ass too. It is very sensitive as well.

Persistence: Take your time and change it up. Move between licking and sucking and kissing the clit. Use fingers or toys. Don't just stick with one thing. Keep at it until you feel her thighs tighten around your head.

Attentiveness: Most important! Pay attention to what gets the best response and keep doing it. Not only does it feel good for her, you show you care by proving that you're paying attention and trying to give her the best orgasm possible.

brimstone100 69M
10 posts
10/19/2007 2:34 pm

Threesomes add a new and exciting dimension to sex. It’s like watching a porn film live but also being part of it, and having sex with a third person present can be mind-blowing!

At a first meeting many couples are friendly right away, but understandably some can be wary and reserved with a stranger, especially if they haven’t had much experience. Being warm and relaxed yourself will help put them at ease.

Warm-up times can vary, but when the ice has been broken that’s when the fun begins!

I usually start with some light fondling. Watching a porn film with the lights turned low can help, especially if the woman is a threesome virgin and maybe I am the first man other than her husband she has ever been intimate with, so a gentle approach will pay dividends later.

At this stage blatantly planting one’s mouth on hers is probably not the best idea. Nibbling a girl’s ear lobes and lightly kissing her neck then her cheek can produce a spontaneous desire on her part to be kissed on the mouth, which is far more mutually satisfying.

Kissing is a very intimate activity though, more so than fucking, so it’s wise not to get carried away. Deep kissing for too long will stir some uneasiness in him. Even the friendliest guys still want to feel that they are the main man, and he won’t appreciate seeing her being too intimate with another guy.

I never try anything too extreme to start with. It’s their show and their boundaries must be respected. Some women love oral but won’t have any truck with anal and vice versa. Everyone has their own concept of what’s OK and what’s not, and if you cross that line you risk being rejected as a perv! Opportunities for pushing boundaries may come later.

Leaving you alone with his wife turns some guys on but there can be reservations. On at least three such occasions, one an all-nighter when the guy slept in the spare room, I suspected that what they really wanted was to hear that she hadn’t enjoyed herself as much as when they were around.

That might be unlikely, since being alone with a relative stranger can be especially exciting for a woman, making her more uninhibited. He will want to know all about what went on so be truthful, and if you must hide the passionate reality make sure you both tell the same story!

Hopefully though, you won’t want to contribute to the breakup of a relationship. In return for the pleasure they give me, I always try to give some enjoyment back, so they both gain from the experience.

As for me, well I hope that wherever they are, a few of those wives sometimes think fondly of me, as I do of them, and I look forward to those I have yet to meet.

Caligirlone1967 53F

10/19/2007 10:44 am

I started to think about you... I was so hot and so wet, that I imagined my hands were yours.... you were touching my whole body...

Carassing my nipples, twisting them making them so hard.... I leaned towards them and started licking and sucking them as the shower ran over my body... God how I wish you were here in the shower with me..

My nipples got so hard that... they were sticking out ... I was moaning... me licking and sucking my nipples was making me cum..

That wasn't enough.. I still wanted you... I sat down on the shower seat and spread my legs to feel the shower pressure on my pussy.... it felt so good Baby.... I started to cum again... playing with my clit... sticking my fingers in one and then the second... screaming you name over and over again.... until I was shaking.... my back was arched..and so stiff....
God I wish my fingers were your cock....


NormanGurl 45F
2 posts
10/19/2007 12:00 am

How to have a successful threesome: The Sexsory Deprivation

I get eaten, penetrated and probed.I smell, touch,and taste. No sight to see, no sound to hear, or who could it be?

My bi college roomate is big on bringing play buddies over for the night. Since we share a room, the environment lends itself to becomming a threesome fairly easily. To add to the excitement, we play the game of Sexsory Deprivation. That is to say, when late night on weekends my roommate returs with a play buddy to our room I'm usually in bed with lights off. She enters the room, blind folds me and blasts an iPod in my ears. Her date enters. One simple rule: they are the couple I am there toy.

The week following such weekends are really exciting. On a college campus, surrounded by people at all times. The intrigue keeps me excited. Who was (s)he? What is behind people's smiles? Is it politeness, or do we know each other a whole lot more?

like_me_269u2 41M
1 post
10/18/2007 6:14 pm

The secret to keeping a man forever: giving terrific blowjobs. (downsized version due to word limit)

Practice makes perfect. Find out what really turns your partner on. See how your partner reacts to different techniques or practice on a dildo if you want to get your technique down first.
The place in which you perform can be a real turn on. Some good ideas are; in a car, your back yard, in the woods or even different places in your house.
Try putting in a porn flic while you work him. The added excitement will surely quicken his release. Make sure to make eye contact whenever possible and try to smile as much as you can. The more you appear to be enjoying the moment the more he will. Noises such as moaning adds great sensations and make him think that you are enjoying yourself. Play music with a great beat. Keeping the beat to a really good thumping song can be spectacular.
Learn to deep throat. This technique is key for a terrific bj. Practice on a dildo if you must. Train yourself to take it as deep as possible and get control of your gag reflex. Take your time and do not give up on this. Every man enjoys this immensely.
Vary your pace. Going as slow as you can and as deep as you can is a great experience but can make the bj last a lot longer. If you can maintain this for a long time, your partner will love it. If you cannot then quicken the pace, as deep and quick thrusts can bring a man to the edge quickly.
Sometimes hands free can be fun but for the most part the more you can do to stimulate him the better. Try grasping his penis and stroking it or grasping his buttocks and pushing him into you while giving him head. If your mouth needs a rest take one but make sure his penis is well lubed and continue stroking him with your hands. The wetter and more slippery the better.
Vary your strokes and try rotating your head from side to side as you go up and down.
Use your tongue to lick up and down his shaft and swirl your tongue around his penis.
Try several positions to get a feel for what he likes and what is comfortable for you.
If you are up for it try getting another woman involved. There is nothing that turns a guy on more than two women servicing him. Doing this also means you can take more breaks and fulfill one of your mans fantasies.
The finale is very important. Find out if your man likes the idea of spit or swallow. If your man really likes the idea but you don't, I would recommend trying to do it every once in a while to show you care how he feels. Doing so will blow his mind, boost his ego and make the experience even better.

two42lovers 57M/58F

10/18/2007 11:29 am

"Looks like your lovely wife decided to start dinner with an appetizer!" Sheila laughed, pointing to Mrs two42lovers who was kneeling on the floor in front of Randy, filling her mouth with his very erect cock.

"Desert before dinner DOES sound good!" Sheila grabbed a small bottle of lube off the dresser, and dropped to her knees in front of me. Unbuttoning my pants, she let them fall to the floor around my ankles. She enveloped my cock with her eager mouth, sucking my growing erection to full size.

Sheila stood up and took off her silk top. Her breasts were magnificent! I immediately cupped them in my hands, and began to kiss her sweet nipples. Sheila slipped off her satin pants and stood before me completely nude. "Sit down on the edge of the bed" she directed, and knelt down in front of me. She put some lube on her hand, and began to stroke my now rock hard shaft.

Then Sheila did something no other woman has done in the same way. Working one side of my shaft rapidly with her hand, she moved her tongue and lips up and down the other side, as just rapidly. Both motions were done with astonishing speed.

"Oh my!" I gasped. "That's amazing!" Sheila worked both sides of my rod intensely for several minutes, as my pre-cum gushed at the tip. Finally she ceased her rapid stroking, gripped my cock at its base, and began to lick the head like an ice cream cone. I throbbed and swelled as she playfully stretched gooey strings of pre-cum between her tongue and the tip of my cock. Pre-cum drooled down her chin as she took the head into her mouth and began suck with abandon, stroking my shaft with her slick hand.

Six feet away Mrs. two42lovers devoured Randy as intensely as Sheila attended to me, and the two of us groaned together in pleasure. The combination of Sheila's hot mouth on the head of my cock and her slick hand stroking my shaft pushed me to the edge. This hottie intended to get what she wanted. "I'm going to cum!" I groaned, and she responded by sucking harder on my cock. I exploded into her mouth, crying out in pleasure as waves struck my body. Sheila wrapped her arms around me tightly, keeping her sexy mouth clamped on. She took my entire load, but didn't swallow.

Sheila licked my cock with her cum-covered tongue as my orgasm subsided, then got up and walked over to my wife. Kneeling down, Sheila gave Mrs. Two42lovers a sublime open-mouthed kiss, sharing my cum with her as their tongues wrapped together. As they caressed and kissed deeply for several long moments, Mrs. Two42lovers licked my cum off Sheila's lips. Randy was being neglected, but the two women soon remedied the situation by making him the focus of their combined attention.


Definitely the finest oral I have ever received.

LadyLoves2Ride 51F
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10/17/2007 8:50 pm

How to have Sex in the Kitchen, or "Now we're really cooking"...

MEN - While your girl is putting groceries away in the kitchen, & totally oblivious to what you might be thinking. Approach her, offer to help, but stand close, brush against her body, but pull away. Touch her shoulder, lightly, maybe run a hand, barely brushing, down her arm. Walk around her, & trace your finger around her waist from one side to the other... Keep doing these light touches & pulling away, as it's very arousing...

Stand behind her,& speak into her ear - warm, breathy, words. If she cannot take the hint, gently reach around her waist & pull her toward you, so her ass is against your lap, standing... so she can "feel" your intentions. She should realize now exactly what is on your mind, & you should turn her to you, take her face in your hands & kiss her, warmly, passionately, as thought you were starving for her... run your hands down her back, slowly in a zigzag pattern, then trace her waist again with your fingers.

Depending on how she is dressed... while still kissing her, undo her pants & drop them, or slide your hand up under her skirt... lean her against a wall (or if not too many magnets on your fridge) against the refrigerator door..

Push her panties aside & tease her with your finger... then start kissing down her neck, dropped to your knees & kiss her inner thigh... licking, kissing, nibbling up to her panties, then just when she thinks you'll be licking her favorite spot... drop your lips back to the other leg. Repeat, use your fingers to part her, & she will love looking down at you on your knees, teasing her clit with your tongue. When she is wet & weak, pick her up & put her on the counter... spread her wide, tease her again, until she is begging to feel your cock inside her.

Drop your pants. Grab her ass, both arms around, & pull her onto your long, hard member. Put her hands on your shoulders, & her legs around your waist, so she can push up & down against you while you stand in the middle of the kitchen... Lean against the counter if you need to, or if you grow tired, slide her gently to the floor, & turn her against counter, in a "frisk" position. Place her hands on counter, put your foot between her legs to drive them apart. Tease her with your cock from behind, before you drive it in her, making her moan. Grab her hips & fuck her from behind, with her body spread across the counter. Reach down with one hand & tickle her clit, which should thrill her while you continue to pound her from behind.

Entirely up to you at this point how you finish this kind of "cooking" in the kitchen, but I can guarantee, no one will leave unsatisfied.

rm_upnhow 38M
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10/17/2007 2:04 pm

oral sex can at times be better than actual intercourse.
before undressing touch her breasts like u wudnt leave them unattended for even a second and then feel her ass, let her feel u havent touched any softer and firmer cheeks ever. tell her how well she fills up the jeans. then gently feel the bulge of her lips over the cloth. touch in a way u feel every crevice. remove her clothes with your eyes on the new skin showing unthe cloth very slowly. let her feel your stare and glare. then atlast give her a gentle but a noisy slap on her ass cheek and tell her you couldnt resist it. eventually squeeze and rub her cheeks and breasts till hearts content. then surprise ehr wid 2 finger's in her slit. wear blunt rings in them for additional pleasure. as soon as the girl is hot go down and blow her there warm at first then cool. then do your thing and by the end of teh first hour she wud be satisfied to an extent she wouldnt be after probably an hour of banging. women are the best thing to happen to men like us. cheers to that.

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10/17/2007 12:04 am

The finer points of giving oral to a man.
Are you ready for me to wrap my mouth around your cock? I tease and rub your cock I then very slowly lick and kiss your balls. I then run my tongue up the outside of the shaft taking my sweet time at your head. Gently holding your balls. Wrapping my tongue around to continue down the front of the shaft.You are so hard and ready for me. I then lick my lips well and position myself facing your feet. Gently taking you into my mouth just the head at first, licking as I go. Very important! Lots of licking. I slowly slide my open mouth down your entire shaft. Waiting at the base of your cock licking the shaft with you in my mouth. You feel your head being pushed into the roof of my mouth. You moan.( As I get wetter.)
I continue to rub you head.(you are rock hard now)I slowly pull out gently touching my teeth to your shaft as I pull up. It sends a chill doesn't it? I then ask you to stand up next to the bed. I lay down on my back with my head hanging off of the side as I grab your ass to bring your cock into my mouth. With my head between your legs. My long hair brushing the insides of your legs. I bring you deeply into my mouth, all the way down into my throat. I rub your head in my throat and lick your shaft at the same time. pull out for a moment. Then I suck you up again to have you moan with pleasure. I start moving faster up and down your shaft. I stop! I take your head and rub it against the ridges in my mouth, one small spot. I drives you crazy. I then continue to rub your head, licking your shaft. I feel you start to tense, I keep stroking with my tongue. Faster and harder. You are cumming deeply into my throat. You're shaking with the release. I keep going though. UP and down. I swallow your warm cum. YUM!

RumandCoke24 38M

10/16/2007 9:35 pm

As a man I may not be able to give the best information oral sex, but here's what I do know just to get you started. Great oral sex doesn't start below the border. It all starts in the mind with a soft kiss, a gentle touch, and a feel for the passion that is building. You kiss her gently on her lips and the nape of her neck and pay very close attention to her reactions. You move slowly from there down to her breasts and tease her nipples until they become hard with excitement. While you are doing this you move one hand slowly down her stomach tracing gentle lines along it as you go until you reach the top of her clitoral hood. You pause only for a moment and then start to focus your attention on the inside lips of her vagina. While your fingers have already started getting her pussy glistening wet, you let your tongue follow the same path your fingers did until you reach a position comfortable for both of you. From here, you slowly start to trace circles around her clitoral hood with your tongue. Using your fingers, you spread her inside labia apart until you've exposed the head of her clitoris. This is where you focus! You may feel tempted to stick your tongue inside her, or become too rough with her which can turn many women off. You can run your tongue over the lips of her pussy, but don't lose focus and stop paying attention to her clitoris. Also keep in mind to be responsive to your partner's actions. Every woman is different, some like oral sex rougher than others, but if you get to rough it can start to hurt. Once you feel her begin to peak focus all your attention on her clitoris. You will get tired, and it may even feel like your tongue is going to fall off, but trust me, if you follow these simple guidelines you will have your partner begging for more every time!
There are also a few other tricks if you want to further her pleasure during oral sex. While you are focusing your tongue on her clitoral area, gently slip your finger inside her vagina palm up and curl it up like a question mark to touch the top wall of her labia. Here, anywhere from one to 4 inches inside, you will find what is known as the G-spot. While still focusing your tongue on her clitoris, beginning massage her G-spot until you feel her stomach muscles began to quake uncontrollably. When this begins to happen, and if your partner is relaxed enough, you may both experience something you've never had happen before called squirting. This is one of the most intense and pleasurable orgasms your partner may have ever experienced. So, with good communication and a little lick luck, you might both be in for the night of your lives!

Hope u do!

rm_harrystoys 69M
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10/16/2007 7:51 pm

Undressing the Passion!
Walking up to my lady, giveing her a soft passionate kiss. Slowly running my hands up and down her back. Enjoying the feel of her curves under her blouse. The one with the lace ruffles on the front that buttons down the front. Slowly kissing her face ever so gentaly. Moveing my hands to her shoulders feeling the curves up her neck. Gentaly touching her with my fingers, feeling the passion that is growing! Kissing down her chin, not wanting to miss kissing anything, around to her ears to nibble on them and kiss them. Slowly and passionately kissing my way down her neck to her shoulders. Kissing around to the front of her blouse,I slowly kiss down to the first button.
I start very slowly and stop her from takeing her clothes off. I wish to enjoy slowly takeing her clohes off so that I can enjoy seeing every inch of her body. As it is a speical gift for me to enjoy! To smell the scent of her body mixed with the smells of nature!
Slowly enjoying her with kisses, my eyes, nibbles, and the heat of my body. Slowly opening in the first button. With my mouth and tonge. Returning my passion to her soft body. Working my nose and kisses as far as her blouse will allow! Opening the second button the same way I opened the first(This is where I have trouble working her body slowly, but do not rush this. It pays big time to be slow.)
Reaching the base of her breasts, I start at the base, kissing and nibbling around like there was a mountain road to the top. Working back and forth until I reach the top. OH! I thought I was at the peak, not yet. Useing my lips to get a good vacum on the last little peak at the very top. Running my tonge slowly over the very tip of the top! She starts to squrm uncontrolably. Telling me to return to the base the same way we got to the top. Reaching the base to go up the other breast the same way. Not to leave out any part of her body.

tvrvixen 62M
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10/16/2007 6:43 pm

In most MFM or FMF threesomes, usually two of the parties are either a dating couple, very familiar friends, married, or living together. For that reason the other outside participant particularly (invited F or M) must be willing to conform to a certain code of behavior. For the purpose of simplicity, some of the essential rules for everyone to follow are:

· Other than in the case of spontaneous sexual liaisons, the participants should have some advanced idea of both the relationship between and the expectations of all of the parties.
· Drinking, drugs, or smoking should be defined beforehand, and any restrictions or limits should be clearly set.
· Cleanliness, safety, or protection should be understood and respected by all.
· All of the parties should establish and abide by a clear uniform safe word that will define areas and activities that are off limits for any of the involved parties.
· It is always best that all three members are all in full agreement and willing participants. In other words, no one should be pressured into a threesome.
· No one should be made to feel left out.
· The invitee must always be respectful and condescend toward the joined couple.
· Certainly in the case of two men with a woman (assuming a MF couple), the male invitee should always defer to the other man throughout. Also, thank him privately for sharing his female partner with you afterwards.
· To be included in a threesome should always be considered as a great gift, act of trust, and compliment by the invited participant.
· All of the parties must be open-minded enough not to be jealous or possessive, either during or afterwards.
· One of the worst and yet most common offenses is when the invited participant makes future plans to secretly meet or get together with one of the coupled members behind the other’s back. This is an absolute no-no!
· The invitee should always be thankful and appreciative toward the couple afterwards.
· The invitee must never unnecessarily pursue or badger the couple to get together again, but instead should respectfully wait for another invite if any.
· And foremost afterwards, all the parties must respect the confidentiality, privacy, and anonymity of all involved. Whatever occurred between them stays between them.

Even though these rules seem to make sense, it never ceases to amaze me how often they are broken, disregarded, or ignored. I assure you in doing so, that the particular threesome will be no more than a one-time occurrence. Besides, most of the above are nothing more than common courtesies, good social manners, routine consideration for others, and a strong desire to please others. Unfortunately, not everyone exhibits or practices these universal social traits, so the best advice of all is, be selective.

With a little consideration and mutual respect, a threesome can be one of the most intensive, exciting, and rewarding of all sexual experiences.

rm_Raja301542 44M
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10/16/2007 11:18 am

Item 2, a threesome.

It is assumed that a young girl of about 21 years has answered an invitation by a couple in the 40s. thru the AdultFriendFinder. It may be expected that it is her first time. It is obvious that the invitees therefore should be very tactic and make the girl more at ease and comfortable. Some rush and go straight to a girl’s triangle and for men to his rod. For men the erotic place I would say his nipples, many forget this. For women, their butts and the crack there. The stimulations that activate a girls honey pot. If one selfishly goes direct to her honey pot, the girl gets disappointed and many girls will vote for me on this I suppose. One has to activate her honey pot by means.

The girl should be approached first by the female partner by calling her into the kitchen to make something or in hall in arranging something etc. and try to touch her in a casual way and making that girl more homely. I would say the touch over her butts stimulates and one could feel the excitement and warm breath over such touch. This should be followed by a light kiss over her back neck and other places. This will make the girl tense and hence the lady can drop her hands to the thighs of the girl lightly in a slow movement keeping her face closer to her face over her shoulder trying to caress her back thighs and butts.

Running into the bed room or to the bed spoil the temper. It has to be on the same spot, sitting room etc. Removing the skirt and panty first than releasing her breasts free gives a sexy look and stimulates the partners having to watch her breasts stiffen inside the bra in tightness. The hands should move along her thighs and closer to her honey pot but not touching it make her more excited. If there is pubic hair, play with.

Get the girl to help remove your dress and also remove the bra of the girl and fondle her breasts, kissing and just fall down on the carpet or floor itself making her legs wide open. At this juncture the lady’s boy friend or husband could join them lightly kissing them first and caressing them. The man should make her feel his manhood first than to show it at once.

Another most important point as to why a bed should not be chosen is that a girl wishes to squirt at the extremity of the satisfaction. Some feel that it is pee but it is not. Just after sex some girls run to the wash room for a pee and actually it is there she enjoys the aftermath. So she should be comforted to squirt there itself where a sheet or towel should serve the purpose. They would have enjoyed the pleasure of sex and slept there itself in that serenity.

rm_janda729 37F

10/16/2007 7:45 am

The finer points of oral sex ‒ my secrets of success when it comes to pleasing a woman.

The art to pleasing women is understanding women. Understanding the sensual and sexual desires we have and the needs that need to be fufilled.

A woman needs to be touched, rubbed, stroked in just the right way. She needs to be caressed. When spreading the warm thighs on a woman I caress the insides of her thighs. I apply just the right amount of preasure while sliding my hands up towards her hot, wet pussy. Just as my fingertips slide up the sides of her labia I lower my mouth to kiss tenderly on her pink lips. I trace her lips and her clit with my tongue, and then stroke her insides with tender love. I slide my fingers inside of her pressing against her hot, juicy spot as I suck her clit inbetween my teeth and flicker my tongue on her precious pearl. As I pulse my fingers inside her I lick, suck, kiss her pink lips and pearly clit until I feel her body and soul shake and tremble beneath me. I feel her body raised and her insides pulse as hot, white cream flows down my fingers and into my mouth. As she sinks into me feeling the ecstacy of the pleasure I just brought her I slowly and gently kiss her beautiful, swollen mound; savoring the taste and the beauty of woman.

GroovaliciousDuo 51M/F
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10/16/2007 6:19 am

The Groovalicious Guide to Licking Pussy

Make yourself comfortable.
Obviously she should be comfortable, but if you're not relaxed and comfortable you will feel the effects of your unnatural positioning and it will take it's toll. If you start to cramp up, chances are you'll try to hurry things along rather than repositioning. Trust me... Changing position is much better than rushing.

Pace yourself.
Some men are naturally blessed with long, crafty tongues, which they seem to flip around with a certain magic. But for most, if you don't pace yourself, fatigue will be a problem. The tongue can get sore very quickly. When that happens, you might as well forget it, because if you aren't enjoying yourself, I'll know and I won't enjoy myself.

Let your fingers do the walking.
For some women the G-spot is so sensitive, that they can orgasm from intercourse only. For others, it is just plain uncomfortable. For a select few they will squirt! Every woman is different. The easiest way to stimulate the G-spot on ME is to insert your first and middle finger all the way, palm up (you can then use your thumb and ring finger for better access to the clit). Then curve your fingers in a "come here" motion over and over again. Once you start, don't stop until I tell you to.

Body Language.
Sometimes body language is obvious. If the movements are big and she's moaning really loudly. You need to move with her to push her over the edge. But a more subtle type of body language is simply because she needs stimulation in a certain place. It's easier for a woman to move herself a fraction so that you are licking the exact spot rather than telling you to move down and left 1/4" (your left or her left?) These movements are very small and done with deliberate intent.

Change is good.
While it's good to learn certain techniques, keep in mind that a woman's body changes somewhat throughout the month and changes greatly as she ages. Something that worked last year may not work now, and something that worked yesterday may never work again. That is why it's important to listen. It doesn't matter how it felt then, all that matters is what it feels like now.

sweet_curious14U 51F
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10/16/2007 1:29 am

The art of cock sucking should be mastered and enjoyed by every woman as much as I enjoy it. Nothing makes me wetter than a big fat juicy cock dancing against my lips!
I tend to spend a lot of time lavishing attention on my lover's cock. Unlike most women, I don't go straight for the head; in fact I don't go straight for the cock either.
I find men are whimpering babies at the tip of my tongue when I do the following:
I kiss big wet kisses all around his cock, sometimes dragging my hair over it, I will use my breath, a slow exhale, just above his cock. When his cock is consistently twitching up to hit my lips, I will move down.
I like to turn my mouth sideways and take his cock in my mouth in quarters. I open my lips to suck up and down his cock lengthwise, nothing but the suction of my mouth keeping his cock in place.
When I have satisfied that craving I will move down, just behind his balls and run the flat of my tongue between his balls and his butt, teasing his butt with the tip of my very wet tongue. My hands both gently kneading his throbbing cock.
There is a spot (you'll know it if you find it!) somewhere between his balls and butt, to find it, I flatten my tongue and run it back and forth, once found I continue the rubbing then will alternate between sucking that spot quickly into my mouth and blowing it out. (not so loud that you make noises though!)
This should take you the better part of a half hour, and by now, his cock is gleaming with precum, so of course the best way to start with his cock is with the tip of my tongue lapping at the head, pushing gently into the slit sucking, teasing.
Something I like to do to my lover's cock is spank my tongue or lips a few times, be sure you fatten your lips, and get them good and sloppy!
Another little trick I like, is to get his cock about half to 3/4 of the way in my mouth, then to alternate between humming a tune (low keyed songs make more of a vibration for him) and sucking on him without moving his cock up of down.
Sometimes for an overeager lover, who likes to be in charge, I will tie his hands above his head.
Have fun ladies!

rm_krish19852 35M
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10/16/2007 1:18 am

how to undress ur partner?
first make her stand and u stand behind her, slowly, start soothing your hands on her breasts then start removing buttons of her shirt then unzip her trouser and start rubbing your hands on her panty. then she will feel wet then start squeezing her boobs and slowly open hooks of her brassier then make her sleep and start kissing her panty and slowly remove her panty with ur mouth.

6curriouscouple9 60M/53F

10/15/2007 8:54 am

How to undress your lover.....
Late in the evening, after a long hard day, as we sit listening to music, I begin to sway to the song. I stand up while looking seductively into his eyes. Slowly gliding toward him, he begins to rub his cock in anticipation. Reaching for him with the tips of my fingers, I start to caress his chest.

Gently I pulled his shirt off while kissing every inch along the way, which brings him to a point that he reaches down and rubs his hands across the heat between my thighs. Now going in the opposite direction kissing and licking him, I reach the throbbing hardness and remove the obstacle and take his cock into my mouth.

As I continue licking and sucking on his cock, he is caressing my breasts and teasing my nipples while unbuttoning my blouse. Once the blouse is unbuttoned and my soft supple bust is exposed, he hungrily takes one into his mouth. At this point I have stood up and removed my skirt, left only with a pair of thongs on.

My lover reaches down and slides the thongs down until they fall to the floor, he picks me up, lays me down on the couch and lays down beside me in a 69. We give each other an oral excitement as our grand finale with an orgasm all stemming from the undressing.

fatfreak5 50F
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10/14/2007 9:15 pm


WiLoveWoman 59F
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10/14/2007 4:44 pm

It is great to have the appreciation from a man when a good blow job is given to him. I love giving oral to a man; to me, it is like a form of art. You have to want to lick and suck him in order to be successful in giving him pleasure and making yourself excited at the same time.

First, it is good to start with some kissing and a little tongue action just to excite the two of you. Then, slowly slide your hands down his body towards his cock...slowly and erotically! Being on your knees in front of him is a good position. Take your hand and caress, rub, and slowly stoke his cock while your other hand gently squeezes his balls. You lean forward, tease the tip of his cock with your tongue. Your tongue repeatedly flicking against the tip of his cock. Your tongue slides down his cock, slowly, towards the balls. Licking around the balls...trying to gently suck in each of the balls...mmmmmmm....while your hand strokes his cock. Suck his balls until he moans with pleasure. Your tongue slowly slides back up the underside of his cock....tasting every inch of him....mmmmmmmm. Licking around the ridge of his cock...making him all wet...looking up into his eyes. Seeing him watch you can be pleasurable for the both of you. Slide his cock into your mouth as deep as is comfortable for you to suck him. Have his cock fuck your mouth as you squeeze his balls...looking up into his eyes. MMMmmmmmm.....moaning with excitement. While he is fucking your mouth, your finger might roam over to his ass....and play a little with his ass. If you stick your finger into his asshole a little bit...and bend your finger forward towards his balls, this might cause him much excitement. Do this...as his cock fucks your mouth. You sucking him in and out deeply...making him all wet...mmmmmm...you taste the pre-cum start...lick it off...help him stroke ...while you suck and let him cum where it is pleasurable for the both of you.

rm_Luv_PPPL 61M
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10/14/2007 12:29 am

I think there's a good deal of underestimation when it comes to the "geographical territory" involved. Men and women are both incredibly sensitive in a large number of places near the goal. Just as men love to have their balls licked, as well as the areas underneath and behind their balls ... women get extremely excited by the attention paid to their inner thighs, their outer lips, and the fleshy creases and crevices near their pussies.

Too many men tend to just "stick their tongues in", just as too many women tend to focus exclusively on the shaft, or even the head. (Hey guys, get out that hair trimmers - works wonders down there!)

Everybody's different: it pays to "listen" with your sense of touch. Some women are more sensitive in their clits and on the area right behind their clits - just as some guys are more turned on by attention to their heads. But other men are more turned on by efforts made to engulf or otherwise "masturbate" the entire shaft.

Most women seem to like a guy to put as much of his nose and lips between their lips, just as most men tend to prefer deep throating. But it doesn't have to be the very first thing on the agenda.

Which brings me to another point. Tease, tease, tease! Unless your partner seems to want it, s/he might be somewhat less excited if s/he feels that your goal is to make them climax, ASAP. When I feel a woman masturbating my cock and going down on me as fast as possible, that says to me that she either thinks that I'll view her as a good lover if I climax ASAP, or that she just feels that she has to reciprocate and get it over with. Ugh. I'm most turned on when she takes her time, and relishes the experience, just as I savor the flow of fresh nectar from her garden, and delight in her uncontrollable squirming. Relax, you'll know when your partner is tired of being "teased" and can't hold back anymore! Better to take it "too" slow and easy, than to move too fast.

Last but not least ... saliva. Everyone likes a maximum of wetness. Men love the idea that a woman's mouth is very wet, and the feeling of her practically drooling on her balls. And guys ... holding her cum in your mouths (don't swallow it), mixing it with your saliva, and letting it dribble on her pussy is going to drive her wild. (Better yet, squirt it back into her, mmm. Or stop, and kiss her with it. She'll be happy to know you love her cum that much.)

[Not less than 500 words. Delete it.]

bad_assed_witch 105F
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10/14/2007 12:27 am

In Gigi's book , there are ordinary blow jobs ( the kind when I just wanna get it done and over with , and there are special blow jobs ( when I like to give my man some real, honest to goodness cocksucking ) .

In an ordinary blow job , I just suck away , lick his balls , masturbate his dick a little , and I'm done in like five minutes . But in a special blow job , I use the tricks that I have perfected throughout the years .One of my favorites is the "hot and cold treatment" ( I'm sure you all cocksuckers out there are familiar with this ).

First of all , I prepare a hot drink ( usually tea or hot chocolate ) , and a cold drink ( just plain ice water for me )..Then I start off by sipping the warm drink and then proceed to suck his cock with the warmth of the liquid still in my mouth (sounds good ?). Slow and easy sucking does it ..Drawing just a millimeter of dick inside my mouth , pulling back a little , drawing more inside , little by little , making him savor every sweet moment .

Then it's time for the cold liquid . He usually lets out a yelp ( who wouldn't ? Having just been sucked by a warm mouth ). Okay , so he doesn't like the cold treatment , because it makes his balls shrink (it's ice water, for fuck's sakes !!) But hey ! that's just part of the trick ! To "build him up" , so he will explode like an active volcano ..And by the time i had consumed all my drinks , he would have pulled my hair so hard (and I still wonder why I have thick, lush , long black hair ) and about as ready to blow as a stick of lighted dynamite ..

So comes the inevitable . He tells me he's cumming . But not just anywhere . I tell him to stick his cock as far as he can go inside my big, red, cocksucking mouth , and blow his load there ( saves me the trouble of cleaning up later )..And he absofuckinglutely loves it ..

Gosh ! I forgot about the menthol candy ! And the toothpaste ! And the peanut butter , jello , whipped cream , chocolate syrup , and all those crazy shit I put on his cock before I suck him off !!

Guess that would have to be in another topic . Hope you enjoyed !

~ The New & Improved Cocksucker ~

Phew77 55M  
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10/13/2007 10:04 am

I think I discovered something that may serve as a refreshing alternative to those standard "dirty talk" words and phrases. By the way, I find English language to be relatively poor in this department (I am not native, so trust me LO. My suggestion is to compose dirty verse. Nothing elaborate, just rhyme two lines, it is surprisingly easy even for a dumb foreigner like yours truly. Trust me, you can do it on the fly in the very heat of it ‒ the amount of inspiration generated by sexual excitement is truly amazing. Of course you can always prepare them beforehand too. Example:

You are such a nasty bitch!
Your damn pussy always itch!

But the kicker here is that you spell this out in synch with your thrusts, just like this:

You [thrust] are such [thrust] a dirty [thrust] whore [thrust]
You [thrust] are always [thrust] asking [thrust] “More!” [thrust]

I hope you got the picture. Such short pieces could (and should!) be repeated many times or you can alternate between the few of your favorite ones. If she is into it, she will start repeating with you. If she is really into it, she may change “You are...” into “I am…” in the example above. You may start competing in who is going to come up with nastiest verse for the next encounter. You may be truly astonded, how dirty women minds actually are. The only downside of this practice is huge amount of extra excitement which can easily throw you over the edge ‒ but it might as well have the same effect on her!

As for undressing I am a big fan of removing the clothes off my girl really fast ‒ like in a few quick impulsive moves. This could either be accomplished by her or by me ‒ it really doesn’t matter. Tearing things of in the process is great! Unfortunately modern clothing and especially underwear is not very suitable for that. Bras that could be undone in front are great, but they aren’t very widespread. And try to tear off those panties! Grrrrr!!! Unless I am a lone maniac with all these ideas, there is great untapped business opportunity for making tear-it-off sexual clothes. Heck, make it with Velcro snaps and it won’t even tear but will come off with loud tearing sound!

Finally a little advice: girls, when taking your panties off in front of your partner don’t do it in a sit-down motion ‒ just like you do it while placing yourself onto a toilet bowl. It doesn’t look sexy at all. Instead learn how to do it standing straight ‒ it is not difficult at all. Wiggling your hips in the process greatly enhances the effect. Or just let him do this job for you.

Just my few cents,
Have fun everyone!

rm_biggbamm69 41M
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10/13/2007 10:01 am


are you a giver or a reciever that is the question.Just because you go down does not mean you know what you are doing listen to your partner they will guide you to their satisfaction. I like to nibble on the clit as i am licking her pussy.I like to insert some fingers as i am sucking and twisting her clit in my mouth i allow her to control what she wants me to do while i am down there if she likes toys use them but pay attention to her hands and her hips she will put your mouth where she likes it. If she wants to feel my tongue darting in and out her pussy or just wants me to stay on her clit i pay attention to what is getting her off because what she likes i love and it excites me as well to make a woman cum from my oral skillz

rm_biggbamm69 41M
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10/13/2007 9:47 am


*please take note there are various types of 3somes mmf, ffm the type of involvement varies as well and thats where you establish the ground rules at..........

First and most important is communication, 2nd is understanding, 3rd is comfotability.With that being said let's go first off you should talk with your partner about what you want ih he or she is bi' then don't expect for this to be a natural thing for them they may like what they like but don't plan on sharing you. So if you two have decided to bring someone into your relationship then the understanding should be mutual that it is not about cheating bringing someone in is not about fixing your relationship but about pleasure that is all this is so do not use this as an excuse to argue please understand this if that is what you are gonna do then dont please don't do it if your relationship is broken this will not fix it.so as your 3rd partner is in the house and you two are engaging in conversation some drinks or smokes whatever helps you relax do not be afraid to initiate the foreplay make sure your talks are about everything especially sexual likes and dislikes as you try to figure out the best way for pleasure fellas start kissing your woman and guide her to your dick as she starts sucking it motion for your third party to join in letting them know it is ok for them to start in depends on what type of 3some you are having if the guys are interacting or just sharing the female or if the girls are interacting or just sharing the guy for the record do not think one is paying more attention to the other that is a jealousy factor and please be patient i must emphasize that be PATIENT do not rush it it will happen make sure you pay attention to all involved maintain a good amount of eye contact with your partner to assure them it is going as good for you as it is for them be on the alert for that displeasure look or the cut off sign if it is not going well or as planned but if it is going well then enjoy it dont get upset over someone fucking the other that is what a 3some is for and about so enjoy the act and after all is said and done and your 3rd party goes home mae sure you talk and relive the act to make sure evryone is still ok with what you have just done and see if they want to do it again or when they want to then when you are fucking your partner talk to them about what happened and what they wanna do the next time you two will be so turned on it makes the sex more erotic...so relax and enjoy as i said the key to a great 3some is communication and trust

wanttopamperyou2 71M
944 posts
10/13/2007 8:02 am

You have an insatiable thirst to please her orally. Don't take her to dinner, make her a nice dinner. Soft lighting, smooth music, and make her favorite food. Have a candlelight bath waiting. Bring her a glass of wine. Kneel next to the bath and caress her beautiful body, and make sure you let her know how beautiful and special she is. Wrap her up with a big towel, and lead her into the softly lite bedroom. As she lays down on the bed, don't take the towel off. Start massaging the back of her legs, with warn sensuous oils. Move to back and arms. Start kissing her neck, and shoulders, the back of her knee. Turn her over. Kiss her lips, and get the oil again; drizzle all over her body. Massage the oils deep into her pores, kiss her again start moving downward. Shoulders, arms, breasts, legs, and inner thighs, and the sweet region. Lick her pussy , suck her pussy, till she begs you stop, and than don't. You want to her moan. You want to make her toes curl. Tell her you want to taste her sweet nectar. Just let her know that, you get your pleasure from pleasing her.


I suffer from delusions of grandeur

rm_Ilayallmen 63F
32 posts
10/12/2007 1:17 pm

The finer points of oral sex

I would start with kisses, then to kiss and nibble the neck, ears and down the chest stopping at the nipples teasing them, the belly button tickling it. Go around the penis, go near but not touch, and testicles to the inner thighs, spreading the legs wider. Ever so lightly touch under the testicles with my tongue and trail upwards to the testicles, stopping to cradle each ball in my mouth and rolling it around and let them drop freely. Try to suck both balls into mouth while raking nails along thighs and hips. Then securely suck on the main vein, slowly moving upward to the tip. Stop at the tip and maneuver my tongue on the tip and just under the tip, sucking on the pee hole to encourage the cum out. Then open my mouth and envelope shaft without touching. With help of hand, suddenly enclose mouth around shaft and suck hard up ward and down several, several times, lightly scrape with teeth, always stopping to play with tip, and look directly into his eyes when explosion is approaching, intensify my sucking wrapping my lips tighter around shaft that is growing with a protein meal soon to fill my mouth.

coptrainer56 70M
1879 posts
10/12/2007 12:27 pm

The Game of Manquin:

A manequin has NO moving parts, therfore it is unable to either dress or undress itself. The arms must be manually moved to allow the top to come off, the legs must be lifted to get the pants off as well.

The undressing should be done slowly and methodically, to maximize its effect including licking and nibbling in the ear and neck areas. The undergarments should be slowly removed, replaced, yanked, replaced.

The ultimate goal is to have the female orgasm while staning unsupported. The legs turning into jello is fascinating.

Be safe, relax and just have fun!

rm_Knight2774 45M
1 post
10/12/2007 8:21 am

The art of undressing you lover:

Have the lights dimmed (Candle light) a hot steam bath drawn and waiting. Slowly walk up behind your lover. Softly caress her arms, as you kiss her neck softly. Slowly allow your hands to move over her sensual body. Slowly untucking her blouse, starting at the bottom button begin to slowly and carefully undoing each one. Slowly moving higher, allowing your fingertips to drag over her freshly exposed stomach. As you undo the last button, roll the blouse off her shoulder allowing it to fall to the floor. Gently kiss her shoulders as you slowly undo the clasp in her bra. Slide your fingertips up and over the bra straps, letting the bra fall forward and off her sensual breast. Using just the tips of your fingers, slide the bra from her. Gently kiss her sensually on the lips, as you slowly and lightly drag your fingers over her now exposed breast. Paying close attention to the area underneath the breast, Move around your lover and kneel before her. Slowly slide the zipper of her skirt down as you gently kiss her stomach, allowing the skirt to fall to the floor and then removing it as she steps out of it. Lightly slide your fingertips up the back of her legs, allowing your fingertips to drag over the back of her sensual thighs. Look up towards your lovers eyes, allowing her to see into them as you very slowly side your fingertips under her panties and slide them down. As you guide the panties lower to her knees, while still looking into her eyes lean forward and kiss the area just above her pubic mound. As she rest her hands on your shoulder slowly remove the panties from her feet as she steps out of them. Slowly slide your fingertips up both sides of her left leg until you reach the top of her stockings. Slowly begin to roll them down her thighs. As you reach her foot, ask her to raise it and then slowly remove her high heels. As you finish rolling the stocking off her foot, kiss and massage her foot. Then repeat the process on her right leg. As your lover now stands in front of you completely naked, take the time to feel and study every curve of her sensual body. Tell her how beautiful and sensual she is to you. Listen to her breathing and feel the beating of her pulse through her skin. As you stand kiss you lover deeply and passionately. Then help her step into the steamy hot bath and gently begin to wash her.

The washing and the rest is depended upon your lover. Let her control the pace at this point, remember you are there to pleasure her =). Also during the undressing do not touch her nipples or pussy, this will show your restraint and eagerness to please her and not yourself

rm_drlatino4u 59M
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10/12/2007 1:11 am

Oral Sex to a female
When you both are nacked you start kissing and you slightly bite her lower lips you slide your tounge to the side and start licking the side of the neck. You make her roll over to her belly and start licking the back of her neck and slowly start to slide down the spine untill you reach the bottoms. You slide your tounge slowly untill you reach the ass hole and you just stop there for a few seconds.At this time she will want to roll over to offer her pussy.
You do not touch her pussy jet. You start licking the sides of the inner legs and going up and like by mistake the tonge just slides for a second over the clit.after several minutes you can start sucking the lips of the vagina and slowly concentrate on the clit.
You can now use your fingers to help you.Your tonge on the clit a finger inside the pussy and facing up looking for the g spot.
If she is up to it another finger can go to the ass hole.
She will come so strong but dont stop untill she begs for your cock.
Have fun and always use a lot of oral sex

rm_gis987 68M
1 post
10/12/2007 12:30 am

Tips for ULTIMATE blow-job.

Grab his cock firmly and suck it quite hard. Let him tell you if it's too hard. Make noises like "mmmmm" or moan when you take it into your mouth.

Get it WET. Most men LOVE sloppy slurpy juicy blowjobs. The saliva heats up with friction and is a real turn on for the man.

Create a good suction and pop his cock in and out of your mouth. On circumcised men the lip of the helmet is sensitive and some men just go wild when you flip this lip as if you could tip it off his shaft. The part that is most sensitive is the part underneath where the shaft meets the head and causes a valley up the head to the pee hole. Flick this spot in an upward motion with your rigid tongue and cup the rest of the head with your mouth and lips, sucking at the same time. Then plunge his cock down your throat while tonguing his shaft wildly, creating suction as if it is stuck to the roof of your mouth.

Let him watch as you master his cock. if he is standing looking down, he is intently. Use one hand to stroke his tummy, balls, up and down his legs, thighs, nipples, and hold his cock with the other hand so you can guide it carefully away from your back teeth . Going all the way down is incredibly pleasurable for the man to see his cock disappear down your throat.

Start at the tip and spiral down to the bottom of the shaft. Twist your head and mouth as you go down, this feels great for the man. Go all the way down. If he is too long for you to do this, go as far as you are comfortable with going.

Suck his balls. Men don't usually get a lot of attention to their balls because most women think they'll hurt them. But if you very gently stroke them and suck them by taking one into your mouth at a time, tonguing it then moving to the other one.. Then use your tongue horizontally up the vein of the cock and feel him gasp when you again suck the head into your mouth.

Don't forget to use your tongue a lot. The flicking and wagging of your tongue using good pressure is very pleasurable. Try twirling it around the head one way, than the other way.

Another little trick that makes men gasp with pleasure is when you use your teeth ever so gently on the cap of the penis. Be sure there is a lot of saliva for gliding your teeth on. Start out by having your teeth clenched together at the tip of the penis. Then as you glide down the cap slowly open your jaws, with lips closed around the shaft as your head moves downward. Then your flick tongue as your teeth give way and cause a suction with it.

igobysammy 48F

10/11/2007 8:01 pm

How to have a "Suck-Sex-Full Threesome"
1. Ground rules. State your will's/will not's right off the bat. Create's less confusion. Tact is always appreciated.
2. Get a room. Try to avoid any personal reminders in case things go wrong.
3. Make sure that the two people of the same sex, get's fair and equal treatment. Jealousy can run a wild muck in a matter of seconds.
4. Have compliments ready, and compliment each person equally, and eye contact, make sure you distribute eye contact.
5. Party favorites. If drinks are called for, make sure there's money for a taxi, if other items are involved, make sure all other items are put away safely before the fun begins.
Okay, here's some really good suggestions to casually break into a "suck-sex-full 3some"

Once you all have decided to get it on, before you take off clothes, have everyone take a shower together!! or hot tub, or whatever. While closing your eye's, everyone soaps someone. No peeking!
Repeat this while drying off too.
Then when each person has on a bath towel, go to the room where its gonna happen, and play a game called, " guess who this is". This is where the the person of the only sex closes their eyes, and the 2 same sex's begin something of a foot rub, or a ass rub, and the person begins the same thing on the opposite side. then, by this time, it's feeling good, and then who ever is the bold one, will start the sexual content, the other one should follow suit.
As cheesy as it sounds, play strip poker.(strip blackjack is quicker)
Play sexual dice. Purchased at most adult stores. (glow/dark opt)
for those who just throw out any of the above, and just needs more excitement, try getting a pizza delivery kid, or taxi cabby to come in and vidoe tape for just 5 min, (betcha 5 min turns into 50 min) They, and you are sure to never forget how extreme thrilling that would be!!!
Just shut the hell up, get naked, and throw yourselves in a human dogpile, and HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

50witcha 55M
2 posts
10/11/2007 6:09 pm

This is my story about making love outside of the bedroom.This is a true story, so don't try this at home. AS a matter of fact, you can't try this at home.

It was a dark,stormy and rainy night, my secret lover and i were driving to New Orleans and we started talking about the sex that we had the night before.Well to make a long story short,we both got sexually aroused and she began having oral sex with me while i was driving.The feeling was unlike any other time that she had performed oral sex on me.So i put the cruise control on and got undressed(all this is happening while i'm driving),I slid the seat back to its farthest point,she sat on top of me and steered the wheel as we began to have sex.Within the first two minutes we both had orgasms.Needless to say, both of us wanted more.We then pulled over to side of the road,put the emergency flashers on and made love for an hour and a half.That was the best sex i ever had.YOU MUST TRY IT...

Curious2CMoor 57F

10/11/2007 7:18 am

Buttons, Zippers and Ties Oh my!

The art of disrobing gets little attention but it’s just as important and effective as foreplay, oral and penetration. The key is in the touch, skin contact, vocal use and mental stimulation.
Don’t just take/rip off the clothes, make it a part of the sexual experience!
1. Begin by using a blindfold or if you are a Sub/Dom have your partner close their eyes. This increases the mental stimulation. Avoid total darkness; YOU need to see what you’re doing and their reactions.
2. Whether the fastener is in the front, back or side, undo it remaining as close to your partner as possible. Use your breath (make sure your breath doesn’t smell), use your lips (hopefully they’re soft-no tongue), and use your hands/body to maintain contact at all times. Example: Use your finger to follow the zipper down ‒ Use your lips for light kisses as you unbutton each button ‒ Gently breathe on the neck or shoulder as you untie the tie or place your cheek next to theirs.
3. Use your hands to glide over and caress the skin as you slide down a strap or lift a shirt/sweater over the head. If your clothes have already been removed, use your body to maintain skin contact during the disrobing.
4. From behind, wrap your arm around your partner as you unbutton, unzip or unhook the garment (you may have to use your teeth to hold the garment).
5. Get on your knees (or sit) to remove undergarments, socks/hose and shoes! Light, soft kisses (NO TONGUE) on the belly or butt cheeks is great when removing the panties/boxers! Use your breath and body to maintain contact.
6. Your words are extremely powerful! Speak about how soft/hard they are. Tell them how good they smell/feel to you. If they have a tattoo, piercing or cute birthmark, let them know you noticed it. Tell them how much you want to taste them as you remove the panties/boxers and add a mmm, mmm, mmm to create a vocal vibration when your chest is against their skin. Tell them where you’re going to put your tongue once the clothes are removed. Speaking also increases the use of your breath.
7. Do not lick, suck, stroke or penetrate any part of the body. This is about the touch, the lip kisses, soft caress and vocal stimulation. There is no need to rush, however, it doesn’t have to take forever. Don’t rip any item. Don’t ball up and throw down anything. Place everything together in one area to avoid being stepped or sat on (I didn’t say you had to fold it ‒ lay them on a chair, table, etc.)
Tip: There is NO tongue kissing in this process! All parts of the body can be touched so don’t forget the face. Remember, you are in control, so control yourself as well… DON’T LOSE IT!

rm_pandl4fun2 53M/59F
2 posts
10/11/2007 7:06 am

How To Suck

First you kiss and rub on his chest licking his nipples. Slowly kissing your way down his body, kiss his balls and the tip of the head, licking the hole in the tip. Work your tongue around the head slowly like licking a mellltttting ice cream cone. While you are licking think in your mind (I am making love to his cock). Slowly taking it in to your mouth down into your throat moving your tongue back and forth on the bottom side of it. As you go, go slow and watch his face as you move your tongue to find that favorite place of his, concentrate on it a lot. As you are sucking moan or make noises to vabrate it and let him know you love doing this. Put your hands on both sides of his balls as you suck up and down, applying gentle pressure and massaging the balls and the base of his cock. As he gets hotter and moves more pick up the speed. Then place your hands on his nipples and rub down his body as you suck faster and faster, keep going up to the nipples and clear down his belly as you suck, like your bringing it out of his body into yours. (Remember all the time you are making sensual love to his cock). When he is ready to explode go all the way down on it so he can cum down your throat, just keep swallowing and think (I am making love to his cock). Think give it to me, come on give it all to me. Swallow and Swallow and massage his nipples and belly until there is no more.

rm_cwifedou 46M/45F
51 posts
10/11/2007 6:38 am

Sit up and bring your breasts to rub your nipples over his cock teasing each nipple at the same time teasing his cock using precum to lubricate your nipples Take his cock pound your nipples firm slaps will do. Mashing your tits onto his cock Put his cock between your tits, and rub his shaft , squeezing them together form a soft pillow for his cock . Remember not to cover your nipples, men like to look at a nipple getting hard. A big turn-on for guys is to watch a woman touch herself . Start by taking one of his balls in your mouth, kissing them, sucking them. Doing the same to both, putting both in your mouth if you can. Time should not be an issue here. NEVER use your teeth at all at any point. He might be moving around. Run your tongue up his shaft lightly but firmly, stopping to kiss him. Tell him how much you like to suck on his cock and want to make him cum. Move back down, stroking him, kissing his cock. Then, get very close to the head, blow gently over his cock and his balls Slowly, lick the head, slipping your tongue over his slit . This is what will really will please his cock. Run your tongue along the shaft while using your thumb, gently rub the head back and forth over that "V" spot just below his slit. Run your tongue to his balls, playing with them, pulling them down, sucking them into your mouth then kiss your way back to the head.

Not all cocks will be alike. You have to decide your pace. I suggest that you take your time. Continue to lick and suck him, going up and down and all around. Run your hands over his crotch area around to his ass and pull him into your mouth to let him know that you like what your doing for him. The longer you make this last , the more he will cum and the more intense it will be for the both of you.

At some point he will put his hands on your head, trying to fuck your face, let him. Soon he will be cumming. How fast, hard and much will depend on you. How do you know when he will cum? He'll be moving thrusting some, making some noise. His balls will draw up , his cock will start throbbing really hard and there might be advanced cum. His cock will throb real hard one or two times before it shoots its load.

The intensity of his orgasm will be relative to your performance. When he cums take him as deep as you can, swallowing him down till your nose is mashed into his pubes. Relaxing the throat to avoid gagging is a trick you have to learn from practice. When he is done shooting cum down your throat be gentle with his cock, as it will be very tender.

rm_curtnstef 57M/47F

10/11/2007 12:30 am


I am such an adventurous girl, when I get the urge all i have to do is assume the position. I have found that skirts and shorts with bigger legs are a wonderful invention. Being as for the most part I do not wear underwear it even makes the whole"doing it virtually anywhere" a reality. I would have to say that my favorite place is right out in the middle of a crowd, making love in the middle of people you may know or may not know with knowledge or no knowledge that your love juices are flowing. I always love it when they think they know and are trying to figure it out so they stare and are watching hard. This creates my arousal ten times more, and to see the look on the prudes face(knowing they are horny and just mad because the arent doing it or getting away with it). So then theres the whole harry met sally hhhhmmmmm now is she really getting off under that table or is she only faking this time. My freinds take bets to try to figure it out,.....and the only way they will ever know is to crawl under the table and get up close and personal. mmmmhhhmmmm yep if I wasnt getting it then I sure will be when my pussy is throbbing between a set of lips waiting under the table to see if harry reallly did meet sally!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bamaguy37 54M
26 posts
10/10/2007 10:36 pm

The thing to remember the most is all women are different. Most of the spots are close to the same. But ones that work great for one may not do so much for another.If you take your time listen,watch and feel how she reacts it will lead you to the right combination.
Start off slow don't go nose deep right off the bat start with light soft licks and kisses maybe a nibble here and there. Then work up the pressure and speed till you find all the hot spots. And take your time. Using a finger here and there can help to on the clit or ass are a good place to try.

My true love is out there somewhere

AKHedonistCouple 46M/41F

10/10/2007 7:58 pm

On Threesomes

Partners in Comfort: It is essential that your playmates are comfortable with one another, obviously since this could be your first time there is no way this group could ALL be comfortable together. I have found that one member being with both of the other two is optimal. It gives the other two a common person to play with while they slowly get comfortable with another body present. Slowly the two unfamiliar parties will reach out and get used to one another. That’s when the fun really starts.

Talk the Talk: This is not about bragging. The partner who is going to be the facilitator or person who will be the common point should while they are with each partner pillow talk. Not to seduce, but to entice. While the playtime is progressing whisper how it would feel if someone was here to caress and lick here while I am doing this. Instill the fantasy in their head, help them along. Ask what they would want to do to the other person, put them in the positions to have the fantasy come alive in their mind. It is the curiosity and excitement that drives any encounter, couple that with the imagination it is a powerful tool.

Rule of Bi: Having a threesome for the purpose of serving only your own pleasures will not be as successful as one in which all participants are “into” each other. Also the chances of repeating the experience will be greatly diminished. Unless all members of the threesome are of the same sex at least 1 member should be Bi. The fun part of a threesome should be everyone plays with everyone and not just for the pleasure of a singular person (two satisfying the third). This type of threesome is just a gift for that person and not a true threesome. If you’re into just giving pleasure or receiving pleasure without any return, don’t be afraid labels are meaningless. Do as you will it’s your body enjoy it you never know when you might learn or experience something truly wonderful.

Etiquette: The comfort person has to move back and forth between his partners seeing that each has a taste of bliss. Involving them will occur slowly and easily if you bring them in to assist you. As you pleasure one have the other play with you, then as they are close make eye contact or wave for a hand bring them in to help you, give them something to touch or rub. Don’t throw them in the fire, let it be something small, if you are performing oral have them take over rubbing the nipples. Sooner or later they will move beyond that you have to slowly expand your comfort zone. Give things a try, a touch here or a feel there doesn’t make you gay. It might make you fun though.

Fun is fun, don’t add baggage and barriers to another possible threesome.

beautiful_1_4_u 50F  
207 posts
10/10/2007 7:06 pm

How to undress your lover ~ guys take note!!!

To enjoy such an experience, think of this moment as one where you can appreciate, savor, taste, and touch each other for the first time. And depending on your knowledge of each other, and your desire, think about how to make a moment that you'll remember.

First stand behind her.
Pull her hair away from her ears.
Sweep your lips up and down her neck.
Reach around and pull her into you.
Say something to her, or whisper her name.
Move the tips of your fingers up her waist to the sides of her breasts. Turn her around, if you like.
Undo the first button.
Then a kiss as she turns her face up toward you.
Undo the second button.
A second kiss...

ClassicFriction 58M
886 posts
10/10/2007 6:22 pm

How to undress your lover ‒ how to turn disrobing yourself and your partner(s) into the main event:

Undressing a beautiful woman is like opening the pearly gates to heaven. You only get to see her naked for the first time once, so it is a cherished moment to be savored. My favorite is to undress myself first while she watches, and then take her in my arms and start kissing her face and neck while she is still fully clothed. If she hasn’t already reached for my cock, I take her hand and wrap it around my erection. While she is feeling my heat, I grab her ass and start massaging her cheeks as I bury my tongue down her throat. Next I sit her on the edge of the bed and take off her top and bottom, leaving her panties and bra on for now.

We then sit on the bed together, with me directly behind her. This allows me perfect access to kiss and nibble her ears and the back of her neck, blowing gently in her ears while I take one hand and reach down to her panties. As I begin to rub her clit through her panties, I take my other hand and start massaging one breast and then the other. Before too long, she is reaching down to take off her panties but I won’t let her. She wants to feel me rubbing directly on her clit instead of through the fabric, and is aching for me to get my fingers inside her.

I gently unhook her bra and toss it aside, and I immediately start to massage her breasts and squeeze her nipples. There is nothing like the feel of big, soft, firm, natural breasts leaving the compressed confines of a sexy bra. My tongue is now all over her neck and ears, licking then blowing gently and watching her start to squirm to my touch. She tries to yank her panties off once again, but I’m determined to get her off at least once while they are still on. I continue rubbing her pussy through her panties and I can feel her wetness soaking through the fabric. All along my rigid cock has been pressed up against her ass and lower back, and I can feel my precum on her smooth skin.

She is now twisting and squirming and I’ve got one arm wrapped firmly around her breasts. I sense that she’s very close to orgasm, so I reach my other hand inside her panties for the first time. She gasps from my touch, and I quickly slide two fingers as deeply inside her pussy as I can. She is so juicy and wet and is humping my fingers furiously as she starts to convulse. I pull out my fingers and massage her pussy lips and clit and that sends her over the top, drenching my hand with cum as she begs me to fuck her. I tear off her last piece of clothing, her dripping panties, and ram my cock up her pussy as she screams and cums again.

dicksnwife 54M/49F  
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10/10/2007 4:32 pm

How to choose a male for m f m play.....

How do the real couples sort through the 10 million males looking for

Well again, with profiles. They should be filled out, with pictures,
and never say stuff like "married by looking". If the guy
has a wife who can't trust him, you shouldn't either. Period. A lot
of guys in this lifestyle are out trying to get laid in cuckold or
swinger groups because they feel we are the most morally lacking and
the most likely to grant them some bed-time.

Location is important here too. There are guys out there who will
seriously drive 12 hours to meet with you for the chance of maybe
getting into your bed. Doesn't this scare you?

Oh and ignore any guy who has nothing but a cock picture in his

I understand that a lot of people may not want a picture of their face online when advertising for this type or relationship, but that doesn't excuse someone from taking a silhouette or from being creative in blocking their face out of a shot. Not having a camera is the worst excuse you will ever hear. For $6.00 anyone can buy a disposable camera take some non-adult pictures and have them put on a CD at Wal*Mart. Do you really wanna shack up with someone who can't afford $6.00?

A real male profile or post is intelligent. He doesn't spell
three letter words like `you' and `are' with 1 letter… as in `r u 4
real?' He has a good picture of more than his cock, he says outright
he's interested in meeting cuckold couples. He's polite when you talk to him, and doesn't instantly start talking about sex.

How do these two groups of people meet in real life?


Couples rule the show. They set the guidelines. Where to meet, when
is best, and what will or will not happen the night they meet. If
they want the male's home number before meeting they can ask for it.
If they want to sneak into the restaurant bathroom to check out cock-
size before going further they can demand that as well. Until a
couple says `ok' ‒ the potential male is NOT in charge.

Males need to be careful too. Always be very wary of meeting with
just the male ½ of the couple. Even go so far as to ask to hear
the females voice over the phone before agreeing to meet. Again,
lots of guys are full of shit, and they either do not have a wife, or
their wife doesn't know. If the couple wants to take digital
pictures, make sure you see what is on their camera before you go
home. You wouldn't want you face all over the Internet would ya?

Generally most of the people out there are not real. They are
fantasy players. Go the extra step in weeding them out and you can
meet some quality people.

...?* ?* ?* .. dick -n- jane ... of >>! dicksnwife ...?* ?* ?* ..

rm_TumbleU4more 73M
3 posts
10/10/2007 1:04 pm

………The pleasure in oral giving is found when time is measured in her pleasure, not by the minute or the hour hand of the clock.

………Let your mouth, your tongue, your face, your hands, your mind explore her every fold, her every part, the pulse of her pleasure will guide your explorations.

………Getting to the height of her pleasure is only part of the way. Bring her back along another path.

………Stop along the way to gently kiss her vulva with all your passions.
She will use her vulva to kiss you back with a sweetness you have never known before.

disisdoubleg4u 55F
3 posts
10/10/2007 12:23 pm

joy toy:
I know your pussy is as sweet as candy, and you wish my cock was pretty handy.that you'd love to let me fill your snatch.and with every thrust you'd try to match.with your hips pushing toward the sky. from out of your mouth comes a sigh.and with your eyes closed you moan and groan.sayung softly, don't stop, please go on.then as your body starts to shiver. your juices flow freely, like a river.and all at once,you start to cum.you want it to go on because its fun. but its over because i'm not there. still i know you love me and you care. for it was a big girls ole toy .that brought you all of this joy."poke"

rm_jd29992z 57M
3888 posts
10/10/2007 6:18 am

Male multiple orgasm

First both of you have to be in tune with each other and the guy has to be in tune with himself and have some control You start by getting him very close to climax. To give multiples it has to be done by either masturbation or oral. You need to find the tube the runs down the front of the penis. Move your finger down the tube to the base of the penis as you stimulate the head. Then the guy will have to tell you when he am cuming and he has to hold back as long as possible.

If doing this by oral you have to be between his legs and facing him. When his climax is close you need to move your lips up and down over just the head and place the flat of your tongue against the upside down “V” on the front of the head of the penis and rub your tongue up and down rapidly and putting pressure on that spot.

Now press lightly against the tube of the penis with your fingertip and when you feel his ejaculation against your finger press tight to block it from coming out for a moment or two while continuing to rapidly stimulate the head. Release the pressure on the tube for a brief second letting out just a little of cum and press tight again while continuing to stimulate the head. You can do this 3, 4 sometimes 5 times depending on the guy and after you are both comfortable with it.

When you stop the ejaculation with your fingertip and hold it while stimulating he will get the sensation of precum each time and climax after you release the pressure a little bit each time. Until you both get used to it and communicate after each time it will get better and better!

You can do this with masturbation also by placing your thumb on the back of the penis just under the edge of the head and keeping it there you can rotate your wrist so your fingertips rub that upside down “V” spot. For me that is the most important spot and the most sensitive during climax. You have to communicate because you can grip too tight or too loose. Do the same thing with the tube at the base of the penis and during ejaculation you can place a finger tip on the “V” pressing lightly and pushing up and down just over that spot. You can push on the spot lightly when ejaculating.

Now I don’t know about other guys but these things work for me I have done it while masturbation and while I am with a partner that wants to try it.

JD sex Therapist.

intellsand 59F

10/10/2007 5:47 am

Simpletons Guide For Men(or toyboys just learning to be men)

Make sure your patner of choice is in the slightest bit interested in you and not just pulling your chain

Do not assume any sexual happening on the first meet, unless it is obvious shes a raving nympho and I dont mean credit card one

Have shower, smell nice and if on meeting the woman hasnt and smells...then dont go any further...fish is best served on aplaater fresh...if you need to stick sauce on,,then its lost its freshness

Although oral is great foreplay dont and I repeat dont....do straight there for action....kissing..stroking..teasing will get ya a lot further

If woman starts wiggling hips(usually helps if you do finger stroke and get slightly wet prior to deciding time to go down) then ya on a goer

If once down you pick up vibes shes catholic and thinks its all a sin..tie her arms to bed and persevere....she will get to like she just needs a dominant man to take her over her guilt

now this is important...licking like a dog none stop on same spot...becomes boring...change tongue with finger....change where tongue is....you willbegin to feel what she likes..if ya dont..your now useless and time to leave

do not ..decide now is time for 69 as in I licked you for 5 mins ..heres my cock

if your good at this you will get plenty cock sucking at a later date

nothing turns woman off more than man seemingly enjoying pussy to sudeenly do mass exercise routine so now his cock is in her mouth

once you get first orgasim..dont stop..eevn though she seems to be saying stop...most can do multiple orgaisms they just dont know it yet.....you get her to realise that...and the cock sucking will be great

and dont assume sex for you will come..cuddles....more orgasiams for her....will lead you in good stead for later

do not ask if you can use her cum to make a snadwhich ..this is not good etiquette

litzman70 40M
121 posts
10/10/2007 3:53 am

Venturing outside of the bedroom - A guide
Apologies if my first language is not English (as I'm Italian).
1)Find a warm and reserved place
2)Make sure that there is either a place to sit on, standing, or laying without risk to injury yourself
3)Make passionate sex
4)Remember not to leave used condoms on the floor. Use a bin.
You do not need any further information as any place is potentially a greatest place and you've just got to let yourself go.
Have a nice time.

clitorall 67M
19 posts
10/10/2007 12:54 am

This is a step by step manual for successful three somes.
A) initial contact should be subtle with no pressure, always by Email to guarantee anonymity.
boundaries need to be set to ensure no one is let down.
C) if ffm are both f's at least bi-curious.
D) if mmf are both m's at least bi-curious.
E) at least two need to know each other.
F) at the meet, the two have to make the third comfortable by not "being over each other"
G) the two same sex sensually strip each other while No3 watches!!!!
H) the two same sex sensually strip No3.
bodies begin to entwine, f's tongue finds a hot clit.
J) m's mouth finds an erect penis.
K) f's tongue finds the cock it needs and tastes the precum oozing.
other f' is tasting a sweet pussy.
M) other m' is kissing his f' sensually.
N) while other f' is starting to ride his hard cock.
god f' is starting to cum and squirt over m's belly and balls.
P) m' feels the cock in his mouth start to pulse with pleasure.
Q) going ott with sensuality.
R) three persons so far barely known to each other.
S) their lust and love for fucking is taking over.
T) two cocks one pussy, two pussies one cock.
U) the two f's must want to play, or
V) the two m's must want to play, or
W) the other sex is worked too hard, m' or f'
X) have been in both these HEHE.
Y) two babes is hard work!!!!
Z) but hell I love it.
Genuinely Phil B

rm_dholmes1876 44M
1 post
10/10/2007 12:02 am

The art of oral sex

lissen guys there are some things you need to know. enless your tounge is real long you are not going to have a ezy time gettin her off with it in her so dont try. that is why you have fingers. The G spot is about two inces in and up so you know she likes her clit sucked on and nibbled right fine then save you mouth for that and dont use teeth use your lips for nibbling and after a few mins of doing that add a finger or two in her and make a come hether motionso that you are hittin both spots at once. take yopur time dont try to rush her to a orgasm let it build slowly and it will be alot better for her.

rm_Coupledluv 46M/45F
22 posts
10/9/2007 10:10 pm

First, oral begins with the both of your mouths. What this means is that first the two of you begin above the shoulders, kissing each others necks,ears and cheecks before embarking on deep kissing just as the french do. While kissing and face fucking(rubbing faces cheeck to cheeck very deeply) you look into one anothers eyes as if you can see their soul or your looking thru them into their inner self, while you have captured each other , he tells her "I want to taste you" then he asks her "do you want me to taste you ?" as oral also involves vocal stimulation. After she accepts, he continues to kiss her as to stall leaving her curious if or when will he do it. Second, while she is wondering if and when, he slowly slides down her neck with his tongue arriving at her breasts. Now at the breasts
he makes sure to treat them evenly by taking turns around the ariola's barely swipping the niples from breast to breast, she is now no longer wondering when or if , just that this feels fantastic, again she has been captured and he is loving the vocalness spewing from her lips. Third, after every capture continue foraging ahead, before making a run for the trees be sure to venture back to the mouth as if to say good-bye with an everlasting kiss. Fourth, re-position discretely and with your tongue slide down thru the breast bone around the naval once or twice and continue on your journey to the everlasting sea. Fifth, upon arrival ,check in for just a moment then go outside to sample all that she has to offer. Again you are trying to capture her before letting her go , local attractions include - the inner thigh , the top , in and beside the lips, going around the kill zone.Sixth, once you have captured her again now it is time for the kill shot which is only located in one place, at the tip of the clit place your tongue and slowly move it into the euretha, this is where she explodes and is being captured and released all at the same time. CAUTION : as this is so effective she may be done and have to rest/smoke a cig.lol!

rm_Couple_mly 45M/43F
3 posts
10/9/2007 10:09 pm

Venturing outside the bedroom

The Beach: Despite the fact that sand might get into places you would rather it not, the beach comes out as the number ten place to have sex. Make sure you take a blanket.

The Bed: It's comfortable, it's convient and it's built for the job. The only thing to be aware of is that most people prefer clean sheets while doing the deed. Dirty laundry does't make for good foreplay.

Weddings: And we are not talking your own wedding. Many find the commitment a little too much and decide to comit to their own fun and games at a friends/relatives wedding

The Car: Not always the most comfortable place to partake in some sex, but backseat as as popular as ever.

The Aeroplane: Joining the mile high club still ranks high on the list of lusty place to have sex today. Reach for the stars but be careful not to get caught because your membership could cost you some serious jail time.

The Woods: Suprisingly many people seem to enjoy bearing all in the woods these days.

The Kitchen: Is a great place to get steamy and sex on the kitchen counter top sure beats doing the dishes in our book.

Bath Tubs: Talking of steamy encounters bathtubs and showers are hot for more reasons than just water.

The Great Outdoors: It's time to break out the hiking boots and renew those State Park subscriptions. Almost nothing beats a lusty hike and a lusty break.

The Swanky Hotel: A little luxury can do more for your lovelife than it can for your checkbook maybe but you can't put a price on a hot night of pampered, passionate luxury. So break out the bubbly and indulge in some sordid sex.

24 posts
10/9/2007 9:52 pm

Oral sex
thats easy first you gently lick around his balls slowly then you slowly lick along his penis teasing him to a point where you swallow it all then you slowly go up and down and at the same time you massages his balls to the point of no return. You make them anticipate the time you take him all in

jcjh2005 48M/54F
17 posts
10/9/2007 8:32 pm

The art of eating pussy, also known in finer circles as cunnilingus. I would love to consider myself an expert on the subject, but alas I am a determined and dedicated student. Here is my tutorial........

Most men just don't seem to get it, the better you eat a pussy, the more a woman will want her pussy eaten. Supply and demand, folks. No matter what your 'special' technique, every woman is different and will like it done differently. SOme women are clitty cummers and others are G-Spot orgasmic. I have had a fair selection of both. I have divided women into these two groups (even though there are about a thousand more possibilities!) for purposes of this discussion.

For the clitty induced cummers...... just imagine the clitoris is a tiny penis. Guys, we all know what we like women to do to us. Do the same for them! If you are lucky, your woman will have a pronounced clit that just begs to be sucked. Either way, find that fleshy nodule and lick it gently until it begins to pop out or harden. Her breathing should be accelerated by now. As it gets bigger, suck on it just like she would your penis. roll it gently between your tongue/lips/teeth while keeping plenty of saliva in the mix. A dry clit is a sore clit. Lick the inner and outer labia (lips) as well. Get all the blood engorged parts involved. As she gets closer to pulling your hair out, increase the pace of your sucking motions. Again, just as you would like done to your dick. As she tenses up, don't forget to press the area around her pubic mound, this area is highly sensitive and pressure during orgasm builds from the inside out. At the start of orgasm, slide a finger into her pussy and press on her GSpot. It only adds to her pleasure and extends the contractions. Wash, rinse, repeat. haha

For the G-Spot juicers.... Same as above but ALWAYS keep something (finger, dildo, vibrator) pressed against her G-Spot. These are the women that squirt. Damn, I'm limited to 500 words!!! That sucks. GSpot women frequently enjoy some anal play during oral sex as well. For them, it is all about penetration and pressure. Men, we have the appendages for all of these pressure points. MOst importantly, just watch and listen to your woman and she will tell you (non verbally) when you hit a good spot or a bad one. If you find a good one, keep at it, you reward will often be a face full of pussy juice! Ahhh, the memories........

rm_deenfof 62F
2 posts
10/9/2007 7:10 pm

The Finer Points-Subject 4

Here's the guide from A to Z to satisfy your adventurous needs.
Arousal starts and goes past the bed, with some imagination and use
of a man's head (pun intended-hehe!)

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Sex outside is not the same!

How erotic can we be? Check this out and you will see...

on top of the love seat, on the hood of your car, under an elm tree, bare-skinned under the stars, what about walking on water and then in front of your neighbors on the grill-what a sin! (mmmmm!)

My provocative mind always imagines more--taking such risks along side a busy store! Am I kidding? Am I insane? That is the rush and the name of this game. How many times could you orgasm with glee.... late at night, in plain site, at a cemetery?

My nipples get hard and my pink parts swell at the thought of it all, and who could tell...the most unlikely places for intimacy heighten the stakes instantaneously.

Getting caught is the ride in the back of our mind and it makes for an orgasm of the most jubilant kind. So take me and make me wherever you will, for after this, it is all down hill. And now with all of this written and said--just PLEASE no missionary style and absofuckinglutely no BED. Here Here! Cheers, DDD


anxcellentlover 56M
1 post
10/9/2007 6:54 pm

Giving a woman oral pleasure
I like teasing and making a woman go nuts. As a man what you want to do is first get into her head, kiss her sensually all over and explore her body with your hands, your mouth, your tongue and your nose.A womans scent is very special & unique.Run your tongue all over her body and work yourself down her belly, between her thighs, down the inside of her thighs then back up again between her legs.Run the tip of your tongue along all the contours of her "kitty".Enjoy the taste & scent of her essence.Run your tongue first lightly all over, inside of her and on her clit then slowly start flattening your tongue so more tongue surface is making conatct with her "Labia" her "Vulva" and her "Clit".Touch the clit every now and then with your tongue, make circles around it make patterns, draw letters around it, anything to tease it and stimulate it lightly.Flick your tongue on it but dont let her get there.When she is close back off and slowly work yourself up her body again and let your cock slip slowly deep inside of her.Kiss her mouth her neck and slowly move your body inside of her then work yourself back down again until you can start teasing her "kitty" & "clit".Insert your middle finger inside of her and with a "come here" motion tease her "G-spot".Repeat this over and over as much as you'd want until you finally go down on her flick away on her clit with your tongue while your finger or fingers are rubbing her G-spot and get ready to hear scream when she explodes in exctasy.

thundersighs 63F

10/9/2007 5:25 pm

The Art of Oral Sex: Underwater Technique
This is an upper level graduate course!
(Word Count 405)

First and foremost, you must be comfortable with being under water for indeterminate lengths of time. You must be comfortable with being under water at all!

I have a hot tub that holds approximately 8-10 people with a center depth of about 3 feet. On one side is a wonderful lounger with jets centered nearly everywhere on your body. The lounger is best for this method of oral sex.

Have him lie on the lounger and position you in between his legs. This will also keep him from floating up! Place your hands under his buttocks. This allows you to massage and squeeze his buttocks and to lift him at various moments to enhance his oral experience. (Note: This will also make him think you’re Wonder Woman!)

Look him straight in the eyes and smile, a confident smile, letting him know he will be in good hands. Tell him to lay back and relax and enjoy. Slowly emerge your face into the water and seek his penis with your probing mouth. Touching him in various places with your lips and blowing air through your nostrils will definitely heighten his pleasure and the mystery of what will come next. As your mouth finds his cock, slip it into your mouth and suck, gently but rapidly on just the head. Slowly release his cock and come up for air…very slowly…let the water drip off your mouth, your face, your eyes….smile, take a breath and dive again. This time take the cock all the way in, allowing your tongue to emerge from your mouth and lick and press against his soft, warm sacks. This experience generally brings great attention to the penis. Come up for air again.
While you are underwater, allow yourself to blow air out through your nose, keeping yourself relaxed.

As your are performing oral underwater, do all those wonderful things like pressing your tongue on just the cockhead. Or, taking the tip of your tongue and putting it in the slit of the cockhead. Twirling your tongue around his cockhead, then, allowing a small amount of warm water into your mouth and swishing it around the cockhead is extremely pleasing to your partner.

“Guys, it is like nothing you’ve ever experienced! So warm and wonderful!” This is a direct quote from a partner.

Happy Diving!

BigOmassage4U 50M
2 posts
10/9/2007 4:44 pm

********** SEXPERT ORAL ******** M - F

Well I can sum this up in less than 500 words, in fact I could do it in only 26 letters... Call this post...


I love to trace the UPPER and lower case letters of the Alphabet on my lovers clit.... slowly and accurrately tracing them over and over... I also use my fingers to massage her pusssy lips and he inside alternateing ny fingers in and out to get her so wet so excited.. I have preformed this on quite a few women and most get so wet that they have squirted and have said they have never had an orgasm so intense before.

This combined with a full body hot oil massage using my tongue and fingers and body slip sliding and rubbing of our bodys will make her melt into an orgasmic frenzie...

So there you have it, I hope you like my story and will consider me, and if you don't then just come on over and let me demostrate on you.... Yup I'm bribing the judges ( well if your female )

Thanks for reading !

GBwifepleaser 47M
7 posts
10/9/2007 3:25 pm

How to have a successful threesome - The art of providing a unique experience for your lovers.

As a male who has enjoyed the scene for over 12 years, I have come to undrstand the art of being a special addition for couples. The first item for any male who wishes to embark on such an adventure to ask oneself why am I pursuing this? If you are the type of person who enjoys giving, who understands that you are a third party enhancement to an existing bond. If you can enter this realm with respect to your partners, openess to enjoy without judgement, and mature enough to be able to appreciate the lines drawn by your playmates, then you are ready for the next steps. You must find those who you have common interests, goals, desires. It isn't enough to only provide an extra cock, hands, and tounge. The first tip is to understand the minds of those who are sharing their bed with you. Knowing where they are coming from is key. Also knowing a little history, knowing their limits and experience, and understanding the perspective that brings them to meet you is important. This is often best done by email or chat at first; then in a public place, a bar or a restaurant. Someplace nice with enough background noise to drown out obvious flirting or inuendo. Ideally, you can provide a wonderful conversation, with subtle hints of the potential. If you can flirt, make suggestions that are tasteful and well received, you will lay the groundwork for more intense fireworks in the future. I always allow a couple as much space as they need, and opportunities to discuss the matter in private, even if it means excusing yourself for a simple restroom break, a little distance shows resepct. If a couple does you the honor of allowing the next steps, you take things with a grain of salt. Even in the heat of the moment, always be completely respectful, no matter what the kink or the desire. Although there are layers of fantasy, always be aware of reality and be resepectful as such. Make sure you understand comfort zones and while it is fun to push the limits a little, don't cross lines without all in agreement. Be prepared to stop at any time for any reason if the couple you are enjoying hits a speed bump. It sometimes happens and you have to be prepared for rejection as much as success. Take the time to guage your partners enjoyment levels as you enjoy yourself. Introduce your partners to new techniques and styles, allow them to do the same with you. For them, you are a new playtoy, let them enjoy it and enjoy being part of it.

Lastly, follow up with a polite thank you and note of appreciation. Even if it was a one time thing, be sure they know you also had fun and are open to the future no matter what it is.

2mt4ubifemply 61M/55F
2 posts
10/9/2007 2:31 pm

We are Tim & Tammy and teach female ejaculation seminars all over the world. We feel people should have as many tools in their sexual tool boxes squirting being only one of many great tools with which to pleasure each other. The most misunderstood phenomenon in all of sex is the female ejaculation mostly due to the porn industry's constant misrepresentation and fake portrayals of what is a completely natural and healthy bodily function. All healthy women can and do ejaculate unless there are surgical problems prohibiting it. Some are not comfortable with it and those women should not be forced to do so just because it turns on the partner. Think of it more like anal sex it is just not everybody's cup of tea and that is perfectly fine. There is only one fool proof method that we have found and you may discover it on Axel Braun's squirting 101 video. ( Vol 1 is the best). This is for practical application only for theory and facts read Deb Shundals book called Female Ejaculation found on Amazon.com.
We also teach The Venus Butterfly made famous on LA Law!.LOl It is a real Technique and wonderful for resensitizing the clitoris after over use of vibrators. It is also great for reconnecting with your partner as it is a slow soft technique that requires tuning into her emotions and sounds. So give us a chat if you are interested . We have lots of references if you need them. We do groups, private parties , private sessions all very professional and discrete. We only ask for travel expenses we do not charge for the seminar.

oliverguy60 60M
1 post
10/9/2007 1:29 pm

To bring a lady to orgasm orally you must take your time and make sure they are totally into whats happening to them.
You should always start off slow,while giving them long passionate kisses you start to remove their clothing a piece at a time making sure to pay particular attention to the back of their neck with soft whispering kisses and then to the ear lobes with gentle nibbles slowly move down to the shoulders with the same soft kissing and then onto the breasts where a full suck on the nipples and then soft blowing on them should really start to make them stand up.After tongue flicking their nipples, slowly slide down down to the tummy where you should spend some time lightly licking and blowing on their navel and lower belly. Now you are getting in the zone and by this time your lady should be getting nice and wet and you should be experiencing the scent of a woman that I personally think is what really makes a man get rock hard.Now that you are in the zone you should control yourself and slowly tongue flick and gently blow on the labia lips working your way to her clit. Once at the clit I like to not only suck on it but also rapidly and tenderly flick it with my tongue. As I 'm doing this I slide my index and middle fingers into her pussy and up to her G-spot where I firmly apply pressure while still sucking and flicking her love button. The reward of having her cum over and over while she pushes her pussy into my face and pulls my hair is the ultimate and I highly recommend it.

Cat_zz 43F

10/9/2007 1:14 pm

1) The finer points of oral sex


Guys/girls this will make a woman cum everytime but u have to have a good set of lungs on u to stay down there.

Firstly get the lady turned on the usual way but licking and kissing and sucking then open up the hood of the clitoris to reveal the little budding blossom inside.

Put ur tongue directly onto the blossom tip and (this will sound funny, so will have to be comfortable with the girl as well) blow a raspberry to make ur tongue vibrate. This will tickle and stimulate the female, it also feels very weird but ooohhhhh ssooooo niiiiceee at the same time, keep doing this and you will find that she will come many times, very quickly.

good luck out there and remember the wetter the better, the bigger the compliment

rm_me_4_fun2 51F
14 posts
10/9/2007 12:53 pm

How to give a great blow job!

The best way to get your man to explode is to start this way. You climb on top of him, kissing him slightly biting his neck. Slide his cock inside of you slow and deep, make love to him. Than when things start to get really hot and you squirt all over him (this is for the squirters but, anyone can do this) STOP! Make your way down his neck kissing and biting him, his chest play with his nipples like you like yours play with, his tummy kiss and suck softly. When you get to the bottom of his tummy by the base of his cock lick and suck all of your juices off of him. Move to his inner thigh men love their inner thigh kissed and sucked, don't leave any juice any where make sure you lick every drop off him. Start at the base of his cock lick around it move down to his balls licking every inch of them, very softly and sucking each one in softly. Than go back up to the base of his cock but, make sure you lick your way up there. Lick every inch of his wonderful cock up and down with your tongue. Take the head of his cock in your mouth without using your hands and suck him in slowly all the way down. Start to move your head up and down faster and faster, just when things get intense again stop and climb back on top of him kiss him let him taste you on your lips and slowly ride him. When you squirt all over his cock again, stop and do as said above again. But this time when you come back down you are going to make him cum. When you take him in your mouth suck him in all the way in let out a moan let him know you like pleasing him. Grab the base of his cock with your hand and apply suction with your mouth. Move your head up and down and do the same with your hand so they are moving together at the same speed all the same time, as you do this and start slow remember to moan. As it gets more intense move you head up and down with you hand a little faster and faster till you get to a good steady fast speed. Don't forget to incease the suction and moan but, becareful some men like it sucked hard others meduim and other soft so you need to figure out how much suction he likes. Keep doing that up till he screams and explodes in your mouth!!

Kendros2 57M
3 posts
10/9/2007 12:51 pm

The finer points of oral sex commence when fully dressed. The oral stimulation begins with kissing mouth to mouth, tasting and probing your lover with your hands and arms holding and feeling her body. Each kiss inhales your lovers breath and take into you part of her life and gives some of yours to her. This exchange is the sensuous preamble to your satisfying each other orally on your sexual organs. For a man when you have kissed and exchanged breath you must undress you lover and lay her on her back. Kissing her mouth again you start to kiss small suckling kisses down her throat and over her chest slowly suckling her nipples like a hungry babe nursing greedily. Making sure you slurp and gasp as you suckle your hands should be feeling and playing with your lovers bum breast and pussy. Moving on southward the suckling kisses continue and the sweet alluring pungent aroma of the womanly juice reaches your nose and makes your mouh water. Briefly sucking your fingers as a taster to the delights ahead you arrive at the sweet moist pussy and immediately clamp your fully open mouth over the entire entrance. With the warm juicing pussy covered you must suck and inhalelong and hard. Your tongue flicking and teeth scraping to close. Releasing for a brief moment you must suck on the clit hood and swallow as much of it as you can drinking up the hot thick flavoursome pussy cum. With a mischievous giggle sit up and roll your lover onto her front. Lie flat between her spread legs and descend onto her cummy pussy once more. Now you mouth and chin have pussy and your face has sweet horny ass. Long deliberate licks with your tongue flap from clitoris to bum rim and provide a cocktail of tastes to burst your buds. As you lunge your tongue deeper and longer across pussy and rim your very own body rubs masterbating on the bed between your lovers legs. As you speed her into orgasm and feel wave upon wave of cum filled spasm load into your mouth you too will dampen her bedsheets with your own patch of goodness.

Marloucesa2 50M
1 post
10/9/2007 12:00 pm

Successful Threesomes ‒

Having a threesome is the Pandora’s Box of relationships. While it can be one of the hottest, sexiest things you and your partner can do, it can also stifle or even ruin what you have.

Personally, I think the first and foremost issue is trust. You have to trust your partner, and vice-versa as well. If you’re worried your partner might run off with the other person, a threesome isn’t right for you. You’ll always have the nagging fear in the back of your mind which will make the experience much less enjoyable. Also, everyone participating needs to feel that they can just be themselves and relax. Tension can really kill a mood.

Jealousy is another common obstacle. The other person may have larger breasts, a flatter tummy, a longer penis, nicer teeth, or any of umpteen zillion things we all like to obsess over. Be sure that you are OK with your self esteem and don’t focus on what you think is more attractive about the other person. Just enjoy yourself.

The flip side of jealousy is caused by giving undue attention to the third party. If you lavish all of your attention and desire on the third party, your partner will, more than likely, feel pangs of jealousy or inadequacy. An ideal threesome is where everyone feels satisfied and happy at the end. If you want a threesome for the sole purpose of being with only one of the people involved, take a step back and rethink your reasons. Remember, a threesome is a team sport, and no one likes to feel that they were just sitting on the bench.

Remember to respect boundaries. No means no. Period. Some people may be nervous about “fitting in” and may be easily pressured into doing things they aren’t comfortable with doing. Part of our human nature is that we want to please others and be liked. Ideally, discuss boundaries beforehand with everyone involved to avoid any awkward situations.

My very bi ex and I had a threesome with another woman. We knew from the get go that she was OK with kissing and boob play but was uncomfortable with performing oral on my ex. We respected that. It started out with me taking some time with her, undressing and kissing all over her, while my ex watched. My ex then joined in once the other woman was comfortable with us, and we simply took it step by step. Our third party was amazed at how much she enjoyed the experience since we took our time with her and didn’t pressure her. She even wanted to join us again, whenever she could. That, my friends, is a success story!

So just follow these simple words of advice and you’ll be having some great threesomes with return visits to boot. And, finally, above all things, just use common sense.


MMMMThatsIt1969 50F
434 posts
10/9/2007 11:32 am

Oral Satisfaction........

Lesson 1. First and foremost you must caress the penis through his pants grab hold of it and give it a little squeeze while he is still clothed. This brings on the anticipation

Lesson 2. Be sure to have kissed him deeply swirling your tongue inside his mouth not missing a crevice or the inside of mouth alongside his cheek and then softly lick the tip of his tongue and suck it between your lips this starts them fantasizing about just how well you may perform oral on his cock id youre a great passionate and patient kisser.

Lesson 3. Once you are both disrobed be sure to dangle your tits as he is lying back in his face and softly caress his body from chest to lovetrail with your nipples this brings his cock to almost instant erectness.....

Lesson 4. once your nipples have reached his penis slowly lower your mouth to the tip of his cock and lightly swirl your tongue around the head of it at this point your mouth is now widening and gently gliding down to the bottom of his shaft that is if you are able to deep throat quickly before the gag reflex sets in then your lips by now have locked in and your suction is a bit tigheter but not too tight.

Lesson 5. you work your way back up his shaft and the whole time your tongue is swirling and licking like you were just kissing his lips,you take his balls in the one hand and give them a slight nestling tugging and while you are doing this your suction is now getting faster and tighter and the excess saliva is moistening the cock so well that you can open and close your lips slightly to give the cock the feeling of as if it were entering and slightly pulling out of your extremely wet pussy.

natureboy1995 43M

10/9/2007 10:38 am

The finer points of oral sex for guys doing dolls.

First off, don't have a dry mouth. Have a couple bottles of water close by.

Lick Around The Entire Area.

As with giving her a hand job, you should start outside and work your way in. Don't go right for the Clit like it's a buzzer on Jeopardy dammit. Wait till she is ready for clitoral stimulation. Get her aroused by licking and kissing her inner thighs, belly, vulva. Wait till she starts subtly moving herself up to meet your mouth before you go for it. Make her want it.


Alot of women like if you use your fingers to gently pull thier lips apart. Gently, dammit. You're not shooting rubber bands here. Also alot of women like it when you again gently slip one or two fingers in and gently massage the G-Spot or the A-Spot in a come hither motion.(the A-Spot is right below the G-Spot) Again Gently is key.

Roam Around Her Body

Use your hands to rub other parts of her body now that she is getting more arroused and sensitive to massage her breasts, the small of her back, and the area just above her vagina and below her belly button.

Vary Your Strokes

Use the flat of your tongue and lick the whole length of her slit almost like ice cream. Use flat, light strokes until she's good and warmed up, then start flicking her clit with the tip of your tongue in a gentle rhythm (alot of women like the tiny circular motion) as she gets more and more into it. As she gets ready to come suck on her clit and keep those fingers going in time with her body motions. Then tell her how sexy and beautiful she is.

Bonus RoundHow to get her there again.

While her clit may be too sensitive for direct stimulation right after she comes, keep lightly touching the area. She should start breathing slowly and deeply, and gently rocking her pelvis in time-you can help her in this part. In some cases this is all it takes to get her warmed up and ready for more action. In fact it maight get you up again if you're not already so it's worth a shot. But then again sometimes it's so tempting to roll over and-zzzz.

cdnnude 64M
3 posts
10/9/2007 10:19 am

Undressing is a sexual experience... don't miss out on sharing the wonders of touch. blindfold your partner so they can allow their minds to dream wonderful thoughts. Stand behind your partner and hold them close to your body. Relax and feel the energy transfer from one body to the next. Your clothing crushing as you both struggle to become closer. Feel her breathing as your breath becomes one with hers. Together both of you take a deep breath trying to drawing air from your pussy and cock to your lungs. Feel this breath come up your spines filled with sexual feelings from your genitals. Spread this sensation to the rest of your body allowing your breathing to spread erotic feelings to the rest of your body. Feel her skin come alive as your finger tips stroke her through the thin layer of clothing. Deeper breaths now escape from your bodies as you allow deep groans to escape from your lips. Slide the thin layer of clothing over her skin and feel her press harder into you as her skin begs for your naked touch. Allow your hand to slide under her clothing lightly touching her bare skin for the first time. The warmth of your hand slides over her naked skin creating energy to be carried over her entire body. Slowly drag her clothing over her skin allowing the material to tease her body. Slowly remove and uncover her body creating sensual feelings as the material rubs her charged skin. Feel her moan as the covered areas become bare and open to the outside cooler air. Slide down allowing your breath to escape to rewarm her now naked areas. Gently replace the feeling of clothing with the soft warmth of your lips and tongue. Kissing ever so lightly slowly continue to drag her clothing over her skin and expose her naked skin to the air. You now also remove your clothing to match her naked state. Allow the warmth of your warm skin to rest against hers pressing the trail of your lips deep into her. Soon you find yourself still behind her and you are both standing naked. Your arms wrapped around her your hands exploring her breasts ever so lightly as you feel her quiver from the sensations of first clothing then cool air now your warm hands teasing her sensualy charged skin. Allow your hands to tease and ever so gently touch her naked body. Slowly slide around her so you are now face to face for the first time. Hold her in a loving hug sharing the special sensations you both have created. Allow your lips to find her's and enjoy a long embracing kiss. Remove her blindfold and be prepared to gaze into her eyes as as you become part of her sensual fantasy. Your naked bodies pressed ever so close as you stand surrounded by the wonderful clothing which were used as your tools of erotic touch.

brendalovelace69 57T
1 post
10/9/2007 10:12 am

Dirty talk can be a real sexual enhancer or a turnoff. Here is a step by step way to make sure it pleases both you and your partner.

1.Remember that what turns you on is not necessarily what exites your partner. I was once with a woman who, in the hights of passion, wanted me to tell her I loved her "dirty smelly cunt." Smelly is not a word I would normally use but it really excited her.
2.Dirty talk can describe three things and you can explore each of them separately or together: you or your partner, your body parts and the act. Some women like to be called a slut, whore, bitch, naughty or nasty in the bedroom. Some men like to be called a stud, stallion, sex machine, etc. But these are more common terms. In really imaginative play the man may be a submissive sissy or slut. The woman may be the Mistress. You can even invent proper names or role play terms: doctor, officer, etc.
As far as body parts, sometimes simple is better. While cunt, twat, dick and cock are frequently used, some people prefer vagina and penis. Others like foreign words. If your partner is from a non-English speaking country, ask him/her what some dirty words are in their language.
Finally, the act. Fuck and suck, while overused, can still be turnons, especially for those who are usually inhibited. Try something more descriptive. I had a partner who wanted to "slurp a popsickle." Again, foreign words can be exciting.
3. Find out how your partner wants to hear the dirty talk. Some like it shouted in the heat of passion while others love a whispering in the ear.
4. Rhythm is important. Just as the tempo of fucking and sucking is important, so is the rhythm of dirty talk. You may want to start out slow and quiet, then get faster, louder and dirtier/more graphic as you get into the sex.
5. Don't save dirty talk for the bedroom. Whisper in his/her ear at odd times. In the bank line say you want to slide your hand up her skirt and finger her wet pussy until she cums. While waiting for a table at a busy restaurant tell him you can wait to feel his hard cock inside your moist cunt. You may not make it to the table!
6. If you don't know what you like, experiment! Get some erotica and read to each other, stopping when you reach a particularly exciting passage to tell your partner that you like the description and language. If you don't find a word for something, invent one! It can be your special term that you both use only when in the heat of passion.

I would love to hear if this guide helps anyone.

XXXOOO- Brenda

rm_racenut396ss 45M/43F
4 posts
10/9/2007 8:03 am

How to have a successful threesome ‒ etiquette, introductions, and aftermath: what works best?

For any succesful threesome, you have to remeber several key things :

1.) No matter how you decide to go about it, MMF/FFM, there will always be an odd person involved. They key is to make sure that person # 3 never feels uncomfortable ot left out. That is a mood killer right off. The idea is to spend equal time on all involved. Ex. : If you're having a FFM, and you're a couple with bifemale, then it wouldn't be smart for the guy involved to devote more time to the single female than his wife. He should devote equal time with each female....Same with MMF, the wife shouldn't devote more time with the single male than with her spouse, keep it equal parts on all accounts.

2.) In any situation, safe sex is always best. I have repeatedly read on profiles " safe sex is a must ", whether its MMF or FFM. There has been situations where married males have had "problems" keeping erections with condoms on, since if he's married, most of the time he doesn't have to wear one. If he can't keep an erection without one, or so he says, then no play, its not worth your health or his.

3.) When getting involved in a threesome, make sure that all people involved are comfortable with what is going on. There's nothing more of a turn off than the guy/girl getting cold feet whether during or after the acts are over.

4.) If your a couple looking for a female for some fun, don't approach her like she was another guy. Don't walk up to her and just flat out ask her to f**k your brains out. I suggest you talk with her some, make her feel human at least, before getting into the sex talk. Most females will walk away from people who just say hi and lets screw, what a turn-off..

5.) Always remember that its just sex in a threesome. Usually its a couple and a single male or female, so love should never come into the equation. Threesomes aren't for couples trying to fix or save a relationship on ANY level. Its not fair to the couple or the other person (s) involved. Never drag your personal garbage into threesomes, all that will do is cause more problems and end up badly. A threesome is for people who are very secure in their relationships, their place in their spouses lives, and couples who communicate. If you can't be totally open with your spouse about anything, then stay away from swinging or threesomes. Swinging is not a fix for a marriage, its an enhancement for it. Remember that, and you'll enjoy your threesome and experiences better...

Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler (Let the good times roll) Enjoy!

stepwhat 65M  
16 posts
10/9/2007 7:43 am

''eating pussy'' the short of it!!! when you get a lady excited, her clit will stand up,, if you could see it up close it looks just like a dick!! it has a foreskin and everything!!! so you spread the lips apart gently - push back on the foreskin and suck and lick it just like a dick... i like it so much ive even tried it on a couple of cocks,,,

frog_princess 60F
754 posts
10/9/2007 6:26 am

Finer tips of oral sex

1. I think the best way to approach oral sex is to discuss what to expect with your man before it happen. Ask him if he like his anis rubbed while you suck.
What are the rules? Can he cum in your mouth, do you swallow or spit? I think if a man is told what to expect he will enjoy more.

2. I usually use encouraging talk to prep my man, Phrases like “I can’t wait to feel you in my mouth…I Love the way you taste, it makes me so wet.”

3. Enjoy what you are doing, if you enjoy oral…suck it like it’s yours is one of my favorite phrases. I think a man senses a willing female; there is a receptiveness that is wordless.

4. For me, there is eagerness so I might just drop right to my knees, looking up at my lover with longing while I take his pants down. Carefully, but quickly I slide everything out of the way. It’s just my way, I don’t dick around, and I can’t wait to slide you into my mouth. Its ok grabs my hair; guide your cock into my mouth. I let you make the pace.

5. I take time with your balls…rubbing them, sucking them into my mouth. I pull your ass cheeks; rubbing your anis with one wet finger.
All this time when not loving your shaft, I will ask you how it feels. One big thing for me is noise…if a man moans or is verbal during oral it encourages me. It makes my mouth wetter, pussy wetter, ready to give what it takes
6. I like a” heads up”on when your getting close tell me. I think if there is some gentle humming it intensifies the O. I enjoy it, when you slide in deep, closing my mouth around your cock. The muscles in my throat tighten in a swallowing kind of motion, your cock thrust deep. Hold my head so I am where you would like me… I wouldn’t want to slip away. I like to run my tongue over the ridge of your cock, tasting the pre cum. Humming the” O baby fuck my mouth”. I think what I really enjoy is looking up, seeing your eyes roll back in your head as your body starts tightening.

7. When you are Cuming warn me so the gag reflex doesn’t kick in…I will take it like a champ. Not tightening up to stop the flow, but moving and thrusting with you.
I think a smile is always good when finishing up, as the giver I like to thank my lover for sharing. Sometimes a man might be sorry he came in your mouth…do your best to tell him that you enjoyed it…never say your sorry for something wonderful. I will go so far to say…”Hey sweetie I asked for it, I wanted it, I can’t wait to do this again”.

BBWplaymate4u 59F
7 posts
10/9/2007 6:26 am

Oral sex for a man
I start out kissing the man and working my way down to his cock,then I take his cock in my hand and lick up and down getting it all nice and wet!I make sure Im on all fours and stright above him as Im sucking,this gives me total control of him and how i want him to responed. I suck up and down,using my left hand to stroke his cock as i apply more suction at first then back off some and then i also use some teeth as I go back up his shaft. I keep doing this until I hear him moaning or telling me" it feels so good",I then focus on his balls,licking and then sucking them one at a time,then both in my mouth i suck gentley,all while im still stroking his cock. I then go back to sucking his cock and trwrilling my tounge around the tip of his cock,putting my tounge inside his slit and back out and down his cock.I keep getting faster as I hear him moaning more and I know im doing my job right,I continue to apply suction to his cock,and taking as much of his cock into my mouth as possible. It depends on the size of a cock if i can deep throat it or not,if i can I do! If not I take what i can and keep doing this move.I find the more suction you can do,the men really enjoy it! Ive been knowen to leave a hickey on the cock and /or them feeling me for a few days after which excites them! Also i really belive to do the best blow job you have to really enjoy sucking a mans cock,because it shows by the response you get back from a man! I have been able to make men who thought they couldnt cum from a bj CUM! I know Im good at doing it because I really LOVE doing it!

frog_princess 60F
754 posts
10/9/2007 6:23 am

Finer tips of oral sex

1. I think the best way to approach oral sex is to discuss what to expect with your man before it happen. Ask him if he like his anis rubbed while you suck.
What are the rules? Can he cum in your mouth, do you swallow or spit? I think if a man is told what to expect he will enjoy more.

2. I usually use encouraging talk to prep my man, Phrases like “I can’t wait to feel you in my mouth…I Love the way you taste, it makes me so wet.”

3. Enjoy what you are doing, if you enjoy oral…suck it like it’s yours is one of my favorite phrases. I think a man senses a willing female; there is a receptiveness that is wordless.

4. For me, there is eagerness so I might just drop right to my knees, looking up at my lover with longing while I take his pants down. Carefully, but quickly I slide everything out of the way. It’s just my way, I don’t dick around, and I can’t wait to slide you into my mouth. Its ok grabs my hair; guide your cock into my mouth. I let you make the pace.

5. I take time with your balls…rubbing them, sucking them into my mouth. I pull your ass cheeks; rubbing your anis with one wet finger.
All this time when not loving your shaft, I will ask you how it feels. One big thing for me is noise…if a man moans or is verbal during oral it encourages me. It makes my mouth wetter, pussy wetter, ready to give what it takes
6. I like a” heads up”on when your getting close tell me. I think if there is some gentle humming it intensifies the O. I enjoy it, when you slide in deep, closing my mouth around your cock. The muscles in my throat tighten in a swallowing kind of motion, your cock thrust deep. Hold my head so I am where you would like me… I wouldn’t want to slip away. I like to run my tongue over the ridge of your cock, tasting the pre cum. Humming the” O baby fuck my mouth”. I think what I really enjoy is looking up, seeing your eyes roll back in your head as your body starts tightening.

7. When you are Cuming warn me so the gag reflex doesn’t kick in…I will take it like a champ. Not tightening up to stop the flow, but moving and thrusting with you.
I think a smile is always good when finishing up, as the giver I like to thank my lover for sharing. Sometimes a man might be sorry he came in your mouth…do your best to tell him that you enjoyed it…never say your sorry for something wonderful. I will go so far to say…”Hey sweetie I asked for it, I wanted it, I can’t wait to do this again”.

misstressmckayla 43G
165 posts
10/9/2007 5:32 am

The ART of Fellatio:
Start off by making sure your penis is clean. I won't want to spend alot of time on your cock if it smells or taste like it just came out of someone's ASS. All Uncircumcised cocks must be washed before a great dick sucking session. No dick Cheese for me please.

It helps if you make sure your pubic hairs are well trimmed or completely shaven off. Stopping to pull pubic hairs out of my mouth takes away from giving you the BEST Blowjob you ever had.

I will explain how I love to give blowjobs & later you can apply these skills to your partner.

I love to put a soft cock in my mouth & feel it growing. However a lot of men get hard instantly. So once his clothes are off.

I start off by stroking his cock in my right hand while teasing his balls by licking & sucking it. Licking his butthole just to get it wet. Then, I slowly run my tongue along the bottom of his shaft making my way to the top.
Once at the top, I lick and suck on his cock slowly shoving it into my warm moist mouth. As i begin to swallow it, once his cock head is passed my teeth I press my tongue against the bottom of his cock and hold his cock down tighly with the roof of my mouth. Don't use TEETH. My tongue and mouth is griping his cock like an anaconda squeezing it's prey. And like the anaconda, I begin to swallow it whole.

As my mouth swallows his cock,my right hand strokest in a downward spiral motion until I feel resistance in the back of my throat. That's when I take a deep breath through my nose and hold it. Pushing his cock until it pops in the back of my throat pass the resistance. BAM! He has just been Deepthroated. All the while massaging his balls with my left hand or there should be just enough spit from when i licked his ass earlier to lightly rub his butthole or stick my finger in it..
While I have him deepthroated my tongue is able to lick his balls at the same time. His cock buried in the back of my throat, His balls being licked, and his ass is being played with. This drives him over the edge.

As I breathe out my nostrils my throat releases his cock.My right hand stroke his cock in an upward spiral motion until his cock is out of my mouth. Then I look at him and smile. Then I look back at his cock and spit on it. Licking and sucking my spit off the head of his cock. Then I spit on it again, take a deep breath and repeat the art of Deepthroat. But gradually increasing the pace and pressure until he explodes in my mouth.

cutie5022 60F

10/9/2007 4:47 am

how to mach love and talk nasty,,,
its not just bang the woman ,,that wont work ,,its caring ,,well here my story,i was walking down the street and , i see this hot guy ,,i ask him for a match,as we talk he says come back to my place for a drink ,i do go to hes house as me and the guy are sitting down ,,,he gives me the drink with a kiss ,,and i kiss he sweet warm lips back,as we talk more he unbuttons my blouse,,as i softy gab hes cock ,,he wispers of baby i want to fuck you ,,as i say yes baby fuck me deep and hard ,,so i can feel all of you ,,i get down on my kness as im blowing him ,,,and humping and and saying baby og baby fuck me ,,he lays me down ,,,and says baby whos bitch are you ,,,i say your little bitch baby ,,,fuck your bitch ,,,yea make it deep and fuck me ,,call me bitch ,,,yes baby im your little slut ,,oh yes i am ,,,mmmmmmmmmmmthe slut wants more of your hot fat cock ,,,so dont stop ,,,your cock bitch is going to cummmm..oh fuck ,,,oh fuck ,,,cum on my hot tits baby ,,,yes push my tits ,,close to you and come ,,it feels good your bitch feels good ,,,,oh fuck oh fuck ,,oh yea baby ,,oh yeaaaaaaaaa,,you got me ,,with your big hot cock ,,,oh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
well to me i feel that being a bitch ,,or slut in the bedroom is where it stays as to talking dirty its hot when it comes soft
and sweet ,,,so making love and fucking is great ,,and talking dirty
is hot ,,,if it done right
thank you

roxy54sexy 57F  
8916 posts
10/9/2007 12:36 am

The Art of disrobing a lover and myself.

I am wearing a dress with high heels and my lover is wearing his business suit. I first take off his jacket, then his tie slowly, then caressing his business shirt unbuttoning one by one. Then take his shirt off and I would reach his pants unbutton them. Then unzip his pants and take them off down to the floor. It is so erotic like seeing his cock bulge mmmm. Still had his boxers on then I slowly took them off. His shoes and sock were next to be removed. He started touching me a little got kind of wet there. But then he took off my dress that hit slowly to the floor. Then he took my bra straps erotically down and unbutton my bra. My slip went next to the floor. Then he took off my hose so slowly and erotic. Then my thongs I was getting real wet here. But wanted my high heels back so we could make romantic love all afternoon here.

The End

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