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rm_jokersfreak5 50M/45F
4 posts
12/28/2008 2:18 am

Could anyone on this site please tell us why people are so damn rude in the chat rooms? Its like if you are not a memeber of their little click no one will talk to you, even if you ask a aimple question! Thanks

rm_jokersfreak5 50M/45F
2 posts
12/29/2008 7:49 pm

ya I agree but honestly that seems to be this site period more often then not people say ya hell ya we will meet then wham NOTHING!

MrMikesMouth 59M  
52 posts
8/27/2009 6:05 am

I ignore the rude people and simply devote my attention to those worthy of good discussion..... but then the word discussion and chat room don't go together well.

Discussion does not happen in chat rooms. Discussion happens on a one to one basis, IM, or face to face, or even phone. Chat rooms are just a bunch of horny men throwing one liners around hoping that their's gets noticed by the object of their desires .... and when they are not noticed, it is likely then that the person begins to exaggerate more and more. This could grow until that person - being desperate, horny, and ignored - just starts lashing out.

Then there are those who have all the time in the world, with no desire to actually pursue the relationships available to them, for whatever reason they choose to go into these rooms with the specific purpose to antagonize and make fun of others.

I avoid chat rooms and prefer talking one on one. This is the only way to truly connect with people.

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