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THE sweet juice....  

rm_ladymiles123 63F
279 posts
8/19/2010 12:53 am
THE sweet juice....

My taste buds tingle with temptation from the scent
That hints of strawberries and peaches
Just beyond my reach is a beautiful fruitful array
Yes before my eyes lay a delicious treasure

Being ignored yet silently screaming to be explored
Ripe melons bursting
Feeding my desire more as they wait to be squeezed and caressed
The taste of sweet flesh has always been my addiction

And here I am conflicted seeing my garden screaming for attention
Knowing that the one to satisfy those urges is I yet my access denied
The chance to play in the strawberry field and sampling the sweet juice
As it squirts and overflows my mouth dribbling down my chin

Then my syrupy kiss saturating my tongue with pure orgasmic bliss
Before diving in and drowning in pure organic decadence
The perfect demise as I explode from sensory overload
Then inter working of my garden is mystery I must know

Yet just wanting in is said to be a sin
So perhaps my fantasy is never to be
But to the heavens I plead for just one chance one eve
So I may indulge in these forbidden fruits...

brandonmanhere 57M
21 posts
8/19/2010 4:55 am

Yum, I love fruit even more now. You have just created a visual in my mind that never existed before. If you need a gardener for your garden, I would love to volunteer to "tend" it.

rm_ladymiles123 63F
230 posts
8/19/2010 8:50 pm


the fruit was juicy and so sweet....thank you

rm_ladymiles123 63F
230 posts
8/19/2010 8:54 pm

the peaches were so soft and touch the lips slowly as I eat them....mmmmm

rm_ladymiles123 63F
230 posts
8/19/2010 8:57 pm

jake hello hun..

the sweet kisses for each strawberry you feed to my lips honey...good to see you again...thank you ,

sgtrock777 70M
47 posts
8/20/2010 10:57 am

Lady I love your way with words. Just the thought of fruit and feeding it to you sensously gives my gut a tingle. Hope to meet you in person one of the days.

rm_ladymiles123 63F
230 posts
8/20/2010 2:48 pm

well thank you...big sweet melons hun??...

eddy982 66M

8/21/2010 7:21 pm

oh wow I love your story...you are soo sensual...would love to chat with you...would you email me and we could exchange addy's..later hun

brandonmanhere 57M
21 posts
8/22/2010 4:47 pm

I'd love to squeeze and caress your big ripe melons. Then we could sample each other's sweet juice letting it dribble down each of our chins, licking it up, sending your tongue into an orgasmic bliss which you crave.

If you're ever on IM, look me up, i'd like to chat with you or more.

rm_ladymiles123 63F
230 posts
8/22/2010 5:34 pm


my fruit garden.. A great taste for you

rm_ladymiles123 63F
230 posts
8/22/2010 5:40 pm


thank you..i am a very sensual lady ..thank you for checking me out hun.

rm_ladymiles123 63F
230 posts
8/22/2010 5:42 pm


thank you.. have you been lookin at my melons honey.. *winks

brandonmanhere 57M
21 posts
8/22/2010 7:24 pm

No, I wasn't looking at them, I was just commenting from a line in your blog. Now that you mention it, I sure would like to inspect them for ripeness though.

ondine1 53M
72 posts
8/22/2010 8:47 pm

I would love to taste your sweet fruit!

eddy982 66M

8/29/2010 7:30 pm

hey u hottie....how can I chat with you?

Chuck3907 61M
357 posts
9/27/2010 12:03 pm

those cute melons needs special lovin

stonypoint 68M  
96 posts
10/18/2010 6:21 pm

Oh how I wish we could play in each others garden

rm_ladymiles123 63F
230 posts
10/18/2010 9:18 pm


it is nice to see you ..I am happy you enjoy the garden...I do yes very very much.... thank you...

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