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erotic seductive way of eating my fruit  

rm_ladymiles123 63F
279 posts
3/11/2010 5:55 pm
erotic seductive way of eating my fruit

Learning to eat dates with sensual yearning and self-expression can be one’s first step into an enhanced appreciation of sensuality. With hopes that our mutual appreciation and passion for erotic food enhances and ignites other pleasures in our lives, Fondling this soft, brown, orgasmic fruit in my wet mouth, I am cradling him against the roof of my hunger. There is no escape from the dark recesses of my lagoon.We cannot proceed just yet. I must collect him again from the smearing, running my tongue far and wide in the outer chamber, licking my lips of him, making food putty of him, then depositing my sweetheart in the alleyway to my inner chamber.
washing my date one last time with my sweet saliva. Slowly now, It is time to let go; I do not believe in possessing goodness beyond his free will. My brown date, consumed with his own need, seeks release.

Swallowing very slowly, I thrust him into mutual ecstasy. I feel him exploring my insideness, as my brown-veined darling slides slowly down my throat,
Fingers brush my lips longingly now, searching for traces of his sweet, sacred nectar. I am filled with exquisite reverence, cherishing this moment of tender love between us, even though his physicality is lost to me, gone forever.

Whootle 70M

5/3/2010 2:57 pm

Where is this going to go? It's so hard to control. It wanted to go right and then up and to the side but it slipped inside before it rested outside. The grip helped and slick skin struggled but it toughened up in the fight for control. I want it but no, you can't have it, and then, it teetered and tottered and waited for when. In the cave of comfort and the air of despair it wobbled and hobbled to avoid the gobble. But the thrill at the sill that rained the reward gave pleasure in treasure and bloom in the tomb and bounced on the grin and slipped from the chin in its thirsts for the win! The why didn't matter it was better than batter and fine when it wine it was the grape that mattered.

rm_ladymiles123 63F
230 posts
5/15/2010 12:18 pm

whooo.. you always make me smile.... how you come up with all the rhymes... your mind must be so full of thoughts. thank you..Lady

Chuck3907 61M
357 posts
9/27/2010 12:33 pm

try straw berries and honey

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