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Why Do Men Cheat  

rm_mike_jan1970 50M
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9/17/2013 10:36 am

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10/18/2013 4:06 am

Why Do Men Cheat

I would like to know why men cheat on their girlfriends, wives,<b> boyfriends </font></b>etc... is it normal ii cheat !!!!!!

dnafun11 47M/46F
2845 posts
9/17/2013 3:31 pm

Cheaters find a way to 'justify' thier actions. My s/o didn't do this for me. Or my s/o did that. So I can do this in return and it serves them right.

You see men on here and other sites always with the excuse that the wife doesn't give him what he wants in the bedroom so he is 'forced' to look to others to satisfy his needs. My first question is have you asked her if you are satisfying HER needs in the bedroom???? I'll just bet he is lacking there himself. It does take two to tango and if one isn't doing their part its real easy to stop doing yours this goes for MEN and WOMEN. It's not always the women that drop the ball first guys. Couples stop talking, stop working at it, stop trying and things fall apart. No one teaches you how much work a relationship is. Men don't talk about those things and ladies are brought up on Disney fairy tales. A disservice to us all.

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absolutelyiwould 75M/75F  
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9/17/2013 10:42 am

Because they are men.

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