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first impressions on my AdultFriendFinder experience
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what women want!....sometimes......
Posted:Mar 1, 2007 11:38 pm
Last Updated:Apr 23, 2007 10:17 pm

ok I feel like doing a cultural exchange, but only if the audience partecipates.
I'm putting down things that a girl likes, not every girl, not always, here's the tricky part, a man who's a man has to understand what, when, and where.....
1. sex in unusual places...mhhhh most girls like that, I guess we are a little thrillseekers and that's a big thrill, i don't know a single woman that didn't fantasize about having sex in the open or in a public place. satysfaction guaranteed!
2. kissing and touching while making love, guys, you have to learn not to put all of your attention just in your cock (I know all your blood goes there so there's little left for the brain), keep using your hands (maybe gently sctatch our back?) and kiss us (closing your eyes!)
3. 99% of women (included me) like to have our ass fondled while on top, either our buttocks squeezed or spanked (some gently some hard, asking never killed anybody), mhhh the feeling.....
4. oral, now tha't not for everybody but in general a woman likes to recieve it as much as giving, ask to do a 69, takes a little practice but the feeling of a cock in your mouth while your pussy is licked.....mhhhh again.....
5 and last. Me? I like body hair, drive me crazy, some hate them, I like sweaty men also (sweaty but clean, NEVER take it as an excuse not to wash yourself! you wonder why you have to even say it), a man that get's sweaty while on me drives me just our of my mind......
6 anal sex?....we said 5 was the last one....sorry

Ok I'm a bitch and maybe patronizing also but what can you do, I am what i am...

guys and gals, let me know what turns you on besides the obvious, come on, don't be shy!
Had this friend that got wild if he could suck diamond earrings.....isn't sex wierd (but great!)
Group experience.......
Posted:Jan 18, 2007 4:02 pm
Last Updated:May 31, 2023 1:48 pm

Ok guys, sit down with your hands on the table so i can see them and a stopwatch in front of you and tell me how much you resisted before your hands vanished....(where, I wonder). I know, I'm bad.....and i like to tease and flirt...what can I do?! On with the story.....
Me and my AdultFriendFinder friend finally decided to accept another couple invitation for a "party", we had met them before once and had a great time, She's blonde, sinuous with long legs and nice d cups breasts, her nipples always hard and you can spot them always "peeking" through her tops (wonder how she does that) makes ME want to suck them all the time, I wonder how guys can resist. Her hubby tall, tanned and in shape with always tight pants, a little too macho for my taste but well endowed and always hard, more a guy that likes to be pleased than please but nobody's perfect, ok once in a while. She has this "one piece" pink dress, short. We pick them up and I drive, she sits back with my partner, her man in the front. She's really a tease, sits in the back but in the middle of the seats, at a certain point him moves the rerview mirror so I can see exactly between her legs, it doesn't surprise me she has no panties, giggles and open her legs, closes them, opens them....I have to drive but it's getting hard to keep the eyes on the road all the time....
She gets my friend's hand and puts it between her legs, I can see she' wet, he palys with her a little while she giggles and asks him to stop.
The little hypocrit! I know it was her to start.
So he stops but puts his fingers to her lips, I had to move the mirror to follow the scene....they all laugh at my evident difficulty of mantain some dignity and trying not to get us all in an accident.
Bastards! thanks God we are there. As we get out, before I can say anything she kisses me deep, and she's gone...that woman will drive me crazy, now I definitely feel something stirring down below...
We ring the bell I'm pretty scared and excited, glad we are two and then four, would've never have gone alone. My partner is older and has seen more and he's as calm as you can be, what an envy!
We enter, two women tell us to feel at home and look us like they want to undress us, then take my friend's hubby by the hands and vanish up the stairs.....there's other people around, everybody is dressed, some are kissing some have their hands occupied, I'm not sure I feel completely comfortable, we wander the rooms and end up in the kitchen, there are two girls and one guy, just chatting, we introduce each other and "evaluate each other", my slightly exhuberant friend then decides to bend in front of us because she says she lost something....My partner is as quick as can be and says that mybe she lost her underwear and decides to cover her ass with his face.....the other girls then say that they lost something too and go on their four, both obviously with a miniskirt and both (you guessed) no underwear. I'm the only dumb one with not only underwear but also a flash the two boys are fucking the two girls and the third is with her ass on my date's face and deep kissing the other girl. Hei! what about me?! Never been in an orgy before but I definitely like it, in fact I'm getting quite wet, never watched before group sex "live", I put my hand in my pants and start touching myself, the other is on my breast, I can get it pretty hard too, I'm having quite a great time but shit! I want more, I didn't come here to play with myself! finally in this sex induced haze my girlfriend takes pity on me and helps me take my pants off, leaves my bra (yes, had that too...) on but I can feel her tongue going down from my navel to my clit and then sucking it, and while putting a finger inside me all the while....I come immediately, 30 secs it took, lost completely the grip on reality for a good time, when I come back I have a cock in my hand and a redhead licking my tits, there's much more people in the kitchen now........
Wow, what a party! I'v ebeen sore for a week between my legs, but a good soreness, ladies surely know what I'm talking about......
I'm starting to like this city...he, he.....
first AdultFriendFinder meeting.......
Posted:Jan 3, 2007 8:20 pm
Last Updated:Mar 2, 2007 9:33 am

Well I was going to add a new blog but I guess us poor standards can't so I'll just post.
today I had my first AdultFriendFinder date.....
so apparently the thing works, had great fun....
I still have his scent on me, some scratches marks on my back, sore nipples (but in a good way), the sensation of him inside me, I can still hear his breath in my ears, his strong arms hugging me tight, his masculine body against mine against the wall, his kisses everywhere.....a salty taste in my mouth, the sound of laughter and of pleasure.
This is how a woman wants to be treated boys!
That's why I'm putting this here, so some of you can understand that sensual means that and not:" come here and let's fuck"
Or :"you have great eyes, let's fuck!"...
I know, nothing new under the sun....
But I got lucky and I just wanted to share, I love good sex, and i'm curious to see if I can raise the bar (it was put pretty high today, I think I had at least ten orgasms).
Intelligent comments? suggestions? Adding a member or a couple would better it? Be quick to answer because otherwise i'll find out by myself...he, he....
kisses, Anna
feel like a post flood worker....
Posted:Dec 18, 2006 7:54 am
Last Updated:Feb 23, 2007 2:48 pm

I've recieved tons of mail and contacts and finding the good ones is difficult (maybe I'm a litle picky.....nooo).
Things I've learned:
married men are more honest, correction, married men that say they are married are more honest about the rest also (especially looks)
the power of pussy! guys this is really not falttering for you ro the way we evolved, I had my face pics blocked for the first days (wonder why...) and got flooded of mails, which makes me think that a phD and all the rest really aren't my best assets.
I wonder if I would be picked and liked so much (so to say) if I was in a dark room with five sheeps, it'll be an interesting experiment to find out....
couples are fun! if they end up here usually it's because they know how to have fun, in and out of bed, I decided I like women too but if there's a man around it's more fun!
If you end up in my NW is because I really like you, I'm being selective there!
Maust go, I'll continue later on.....

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