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Hi all, I'll be trying to update this blog frequently, especially after my dirty webcasts
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Another incredible orgasm... :P
Posted:Mar 28, 2012 9:14 am
Last Updated:May 23, 2012 2:09 pm
Well, finally I got to cum on cam without my cam crapping out on me! Awesome. I'd picked up a new toy some time ago...a Gspot vibrator. I've taken to using it on my tight little asshole though. Just the right size It makes me cum really hard when I have it in...mmmm...and I love sharing it with everyone watching.

On a fantastic note, I just may have found me a local playmate. I'll keep you posted, maybe she's into camming too and we can play together for all of you. I've been dying to get my lips around her cute little pink clit and nipples...I get the feeling if we get in the same room there will be sparks...

So tell me, all you dirty boys and especially girls, what do you want to see on screen? I love being bossed around and today I acted on many many suggestions. I take it from the comments that you all love to see me play with my ass and spread my lips It's finally getting to be spring here in Nova Scotia and I'm excited to take this outside. I love outdoor sex, and regularly sunbathe nude...feeling the sun kiss my clit is amazing, I always get wet when I can feel the sun and wind on all the skin that usually has to be covered.

Leave me a note below about what you liked today and what you'd like to see. I'm all ears Also, if you are a local girl looking for a little fun please get in touch...I'm always looking for new friends and would love to get a few of us dirty girls together for a night of debauchery...xo
This mornings' webcast :)
Posted:Feb 23, 2012 6:59 am
Last Updated:Mar 28, 2012 8:56 am

What an eventful morning! LOL...
I had a great time this morning on cam...for the most part. I had to ban a couple people for familial references (which is forbidden on my message board please)but otherwise it was great. I love reading the comments while I play with myself...you guys got another look at my 2 fave toys. My camera crapped out on me right in the middle of the big O unfortunately LOL Sorry...
I had over 2000 viewers this morning (which still kinda blows my mind) it's kinda an exhibitionists fantasy to have so many watching, so keep tuning in! AND don't forget to leave me a testimonial...I love reading what you have to say about my "performances" he he he... I'm such a dirty slut.
I had an email after my webcast that went like this:

"hey sexy im watching your broadcast super sexy, you cant tell me you wouldnt want a fat cock right now, you know youre fucking horny, id love to give it you in front of the web cam"

I thought I'd reply in a public forum since I'm sure he wasn't the only one wondering...lol!
I. Love. Cock.
However, I get all of that from my husband. I am a very naughty girl and have permission to explore as much exhibitionism and girl on girl play as I want My hubby will join me on cam from time to time...he loves it when I suck him on camera...
So to answer your question sir, YES I would love a fat cock , YES I know I'm fucking horny, now fuck off

A fantasy for you...
Posted:Feb 22, 2012 4:58 am
Last Updated:Mar 5, 2012 8:59 am
Did I tell you that I have vacationed at Hedonism 3 in Jamaica? That's where our story takes place. The entire resort is
clothing-optional except the dining hall, and the nightclub has the best public sex you could ever want to witness!

I see you across the bar.
The bass in the music is the kind of loud that you feel in your stomach.
You are watching 3 girls in a big cage. You look like you want to join them. They're kissing and touching, dancing
with each other. There isn't enough room for you. You're dancing, wearing just a sheer babydoll top and thong panties.
Through the black lace I can see your nipples, just barely...
And I realize I'm staring.
You catch my gaze, and notice me staring at you. I drop my eyes, embarrassed at getting busted staring at you like that.
But when I look up for you again, you're still looking at me, and now you're smiling. I smile back, grab my empty glass and
get closer to the bar. As the bartender hands me another, I feel a hand on my back.
I turn around and see it's you, and you look me in my eyes and kiss me.
I'm shocked that I'm being kissed by a stranger, but your mouth is so soft and wet I can't pull away.
I feel your tongue slide between my lips and I meet it with mine, pulling you closer to me, feeling your breasts against
You pull away and try to tell me something, but it's too loud and we can't hear each other. I grab your hand and pull you to the dance floor. It's so hot we can barely breathe, but we dance anyway. Before long we have attracted an audience, everyone happy to watch us dance and kiss and touch each other. I turn you around so we are dancing, me grinding against your ass, getting so wet and turned on. I can't believe you're letting me pinch your nipples and kiss your neck. You put your hands behind you and touch me, and it's electric. I realize I've been given permission and I let my hands drift from your tits to your tummy, dragging my fingers lightly over your panties.
You tip your head back so it's on my shoulder and I sneak my hand inside your panties. I can't believe how soft you are...and I can feel your clit getting harder. Everyone near us is staring now, and smiling, watching me make your pussy wet...
I take you by the hand and we move off the dance floor. As we get closer to the bar, I get an idea.
I take your panties off, slowly, teasing you and putting on a show. Once they're off, I pick you up and sit you on the bar.
I stand in front of you , and lick your nipples thru the black lace of your top. I nip at them, and grab at your ass. You lean back, and I know what you want.
I kiss your body down to your pussy, but before I touch you there, I flip you over so you're bent over the bar. I'm going to give everyone the real show.
I kneel down, and slowly lick you clit, stroking it from front to back with my tongue. Your juice is running all over my mouth, I put a finger inside of you, over and over, and lick it to taste you. You're rocking your hips, sliding your clit across my tongue, giving me all of you.
Everyone watches while you turn around, so you can watch me. You grab your tits, and I suck your clit into my mouth, flicking it with my tongue. I love the way you taste and before long you cum all over my face, to applause from an appreciative audience.
Watch for my next dirty webcast...
Posted:Feb 20, 2012 10:52 am
Last Updated:Feb 24, 2012 4:42 am

Hello to all my dirty webcam viewers
I'm new to AdultFriendFinder, but am loving it so far. I've met loads of new friends, and I'm always looking for more...please read the rest of this blog for more about me.

I'm happily married and I'm looking for girls to play with privately and on cam. If this might be you, send me an email If you are male, please *carefully* read the following paragraph.

I am an exhibitionist and I totally get off on people watching me and giving me attention. I am an attention . HOWEVER...I am not here to meet/chat with men. You are welcome to tune into my webcasts, and I welcome your horny little suggestions to my message board. I read the messages even if I don't respond. I do not respond to men out of respect for my husband. He is the only man I will have sex with, but you are all invited to watch me have sex with myself

Please note that anyone who references beastiality or familial connections (mommy, daddy, sister) will be blocked with no hope of redemption. I am very liberal-minded but these things do nothing but turn me off. Please respect these boundaries.

I hope to use this blog to communicate with those of you who watch me. I do not have sound capabilities (yet) and it will be fun to see what you all have to say about my online activities.

I also l.o.v.e. having testimonials put on my site. If you love watching me on cam and want to do something nice for me for making you cum please leave a bling or testimonial. I'm saving up points for gold memberships and private chat rooms

Please feel free to leave questions and comments here regularly. If you have a suggestion of something you'd like to see me do on a webcam show let me know, I'm always up for new ideas...

To link to this blog (rm_sexy_playm8) use [blog rm_sexy_playm8] in your messages.

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