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Your first bi experience.  

rm_undermythong 40F  
51 posts
8/31/2014 1:14 pm
Your first bi experience.

Here is a list I thought of that might be your answer to your first bi experience if it is not listed feel free to put your answer down,
I was very young and wanted to give it a try.
I was at spring break and it just happened.
I kissed a girl enjoyed it and went for more.
Guys treated me like crap so I hooked up with a girl.
Got very drunk next thing we were naked and playing with each other.
My boyfriend or husband talked me into it.
Woman are better at some things.
I tried it once and was hooked.
Its more common now .
Always wanted to try but was to scared.

Bunnysyummy2 60F  
10683 posts
9/2/2018 7:08 am

I was 14 and had a GF spend the night We kissed, which led to our "experimenting" After that I was hooked and wanted a lot more

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gino44999 38M
9 posts
9/4/2018 5:23 pm


Sexczy69 65M  
3362 posts
3/30/2019 5:58 pm

Has a man for me like you I like woman more....

willbthick4u 58M
98 posts
12/12/2019 11:44 am

I met a lovely couple in there 50's from this site who where looking for another M for the wives fantasy of a 3some MfM. During this session she discovered her husband was bi and she loved it. I have been with them several times and they are very happy with a level of honesty between them.

lokn4xxx 73M  
11 posts
8/5/2020 10:43 am

I was 12 and this older man on my paper route was always nice to me and invited me to come over when I wanted to. I went over one evening and he gave me a pop and pulled me over to him with my back to his front and started massaging my shoulders and soon wrapped his arms around me and pressed his body against me. Soon he was rubbing my groin, I was scared but it felt good and let him continue. He unsnapped my jeans and started rubbing my cock and balls and in no time I was hard. He pulled down my underwear and his pants and rubbed this massive to me anyway cock on my ass. He took me into his bedroom and told me to get undress and lay on the bed while he did the same. He started sucking my cock and I was in heaven, he turned around into a 69 position and told me to put my hand on his cock and later asked me to suck it which I did, I felt this strange feeling coursing through my body and my cock exploded in his mouth and he suck every drop. It felt amazing. He had me turn around with my ass toward him and he rubbed his cock against the crack of my ass until he exploded cum all over my ass. After the first time, I went over to his house every change I got, he never penetrated my ass hole but the feeling of cumming in his mouth was intoxicating I couldn't get enough. We continued this relation for over 2 years until I discovered fucking girls. I think about that from time to time and relish the memory.

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