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More AFF Points BS  

rubymn 100F  
313 posts
9/26/2020 10:15 pm
More AFF Points BS

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rubymn 100F  
407 posts
9/26/2020 11:03 pm

WTF is with this site BS

GolfnMoreGuy 51M  
106 posts
9/27/2020 12:03 am

I don't mean to ask a really silly question but... Were you under the impression "this site' gave an actual fuck about it's members?

YourGoodLukCharm 62M
80 posts
9/27/2020 1:02 am

Couldn't agree more with you rubymn. I've hated the points system and buzzmode and all of the other b.s. that has happened here since the ownership change. They also don't seem to pay you the 25pts you're supposed to earn by logging in/out every day and now the house wants a percentage. I agree 100% WTF! I also don't like paying points for a message that is "delivered" but not "read". I mean really paying to have a one way dialogue with myself when a chat is by dictionary definition a conversation between 2 or more people. WTF! I still feel that if a basic member has no ability to connect and get to home plate under what could be considered almost impossible odds why would you want to upgrade? Especially if you've been here for awhile and witnessed how many perks membership has lost and how clunky junk things work. While I'll admit the new IM is a little better, there are things like when I pull up the search page, why can't it remember my settings from before. Can't search by zipcode anymore. That was certainly convenient for travel. And really since cell phones, the IM should be talk to text to speed things along when people can hardly focus long enough to keep a chat going unless you are the most basic and simple. Slow as hell to type a paragraph or two, and I hate bastardizing the language to type faster.How long has it been since the filters worked? I could say more, but after 16yrs or so and being gold for a part of them, and seeing long term site problems never fixed while they keep giving up supposed improvements which just seem like more restrictions. Originally this was a dating/hookup site and people cammed for fun. Now it seems as though most of the same people are on all the time trying to make money. It's sad. Used to be Friday and Saturday nights there'd be 2-3 pages of in my case gals camming. Now it's a handful and more sadly many of the people that I made friends with here have left and moved on, which I suppose I should do also. Just not sure where to go. Would certainly love to reconnect with some of them now that I've retired and can travel. just know that I'm not exactly happy anymore here and haven't been in quite sometime. I do know, that I won't upgrade unless great changes are made and it becomes more like a dating site once again or somebody starts a different site that's worthy.

DorsetLes 31F
30 posts
9/27/2020 2:09 am

Even if you are a gold member you won't get much value if everyone else leaves. I appreciate that they need to make money and have some kind of bar to keep the scammers out but they risk losing everyone.

It's 17 points now to page someone on IM - even if they don't answer. Are they trying to kill their own site?

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