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Odd couple exp.....learning!!
Posted:Oct 2, 2020 10:55 pm
Last Updated:Jan 15, 2021 6:42 am

So, after a few mixed experience of swap , we were enjoying our life. It’s really helped strengthen our relationship. Not all experiences were hundred percent pleasurable, so we made an effort have those conversations and keep the lines of communication open. When you talk about it makes it so much easier discuss other issues in the relationship. “We came know the actual likes and dislikes of each other.We also understood that swinging is not just a fuck with someone else. Swinging changed us personally for the better. We have sexual confidence that we didn’t have before. We are more confidant as an individual personality and when people admire you gives a lot of confidence that motivate us to do better things in real life as well.One more thing, we realized now that no one is perfect and same with us also.

As a husband and wife we may have different desires and demands in sex. Swinging takes care of all of our sex needs. I really feel that it strengthens every relationship. I don’t view sex as something that you only have with someone you love. Sex is recreational. I think most people we have met had has felt the same way. I guess we could say that swinging has enriched our relationships and also enriched our life.”

So, if you want to start experimenting with swinging and swapping, you need to take a look at your sexual values and belief system. Compare it to the way your partner perceives things, and before you proceed, have an honest discussion. Overall, if you find yourself wanting to try this later on in life, go for it! It may reawaken you and give you a sexual second wind. It’s never too late. There are people of all ages, all body types, all colors, who come from a variety of backgrounds looking for like-minded people.”With all these knots, we are really enjoying the life and the recent lockdown. We came to know many more dirty things about each other. However, everything is having a limit and same with us as well. After August onwards, we start getting bored again and we decided to go for a swap fun.

As you must be aware, we were exploring the right couple from last few days but somehow things were not happening. Sometimes, we are not available when we found a good couple or some good couples are still avoiding real meets which is due to well-known reason of COVID-19 which is true and fair enough as well.Fear of COVID is with us as well, as we stay with family and old people around us. So, we also know that safety is non-negotiable.

Considering this, we decided that we will go for a COVID-19 test (Rapid) before meeting someone. However, few couples feel this as too awkward and showoff and avoided the meet. But Neha had covid fear in mind. So, she advise me that we will only meet with a couple if they will also undergo covid test before meet.While exploring a couple, we interact with a couple here. We exchanged the basic information and exchanged numbers. With a pleasant surprise we observe that we had a lot of chats in past and we take up a step back that time due to age difference. The couple claimed the age in forty.We frankly told them that last time this was the issue.

However, guy justify that age is a number and you will realize it if you will meet us.If you guys are avoiding us just because of age is not a wise decision, he added. I asked Neha and this time she is fine with it.Later on, we desire for a Covid test before meet and they were quite Ok with this and appreciate us for the initiative.

As per plan, we were meeting on Friday Night and we have decided to test for COVID-19 on Friday Monring.However, I was having some doubt that may be they will not meet or come. So, I post for a couple to meet on Friday night as we have fixed the place as well. This time the place was a private place instead of hotel due to COVID only.

Here, the first embarrassment with me happen. The couple with whom we had a meet plan was that platform as well and we were not aware. However, they were following us from last few months and actually eager to meet us. So after a few minutes of the post, the guy called me.He asked me that Bhai hmse nahi mil rhe ho kya…if no plan you should tell us in advance as tumhare liye Corona test b krwa liya!! I assure him that we are meeting as per plan and there is no change in that. He clarified further, than why you are posting for another couple without asking us .

So, I realized my mistake and assure them that we are going to meet tonite with you guys without a doubt. Later on we exchanged the covid report of us with each other(obviously was negative for all) .Few of you guys must observe that I deleted the post after half an hour yesterday.We meet to this couple in evening and the couple was actually presentable.(Tall, fair, gym fit ).In look it was a perfect odd couple for us.Lol.Age difference, height difference wastoo much as they both were too tall”).I look at neha and said with my eyes ISS bar be kt gya na.. to will not do any experiments in swapping.

Honestly speaking, they were having some aggressive and dominant personalities and we really feel nervous. We both were looking like in front of them and we lose some confidence.We sat down at the drawing room and we ordered some foods and manage some drinks.We all start discussing normal things of life. Conversation starts from Bollywood drugs/SSR case/Agriculture Bills/Real life shits etc. Obviously this all was not of ladies taste and they feel bored.After some time, She goes to bathroom. After few minutes he advised me to help her for lights etc as it was not their place. She didn’t lock the door and I was just curious to interact with her and I go to the bathroom and there was a naked woman standing in the bathroom fixing her hair. I was not expecting this to be happen.And it was first time for me to see a tall lady naked and the assets were more than perfect.

They both did Gym and were active and quite fit. She asked me to wait outside only as she was not comfortable in my presence.I came back to the drawing room and Neha was sitting in his lape and he was kissing her.SO I was little surprised that till now we were not even talking on sex or this life style and suddenly all this happened.He revealed that he is having a fantasy to fuck a girl in his arms in air and he was not able to find a light weight perfect shaped girl. So was the major reason to meet us. He said he is not able to hold Shruti in arms due to her weight and height and Neha is perfect for the same.Meantime, She came outside with a yellow sexy dress and she was actually looking hot. The lady was having confidence as well attitude in the body language. We observe the guys is super cool.

She asked me, still you feel we are mature couple and age difference matters. Mera bacha kucha confidence b gya!! She added, don’t worry I will tell you more about sex today. Neha was comfortable with the guy and they both started playing with each other on the Sofa.I asked her; what you like most in sex and how we should start it. She smiles and said I can do anything which your wife can do.I am open with everything you desire. She just hold me and touch my cock and asked me to show it.

She started removing my clothes and I also start playing with her. She was actually gym fit and her boobs were saying the thing. When she hold my cock, she said its decent. So we started to play oral for some times. After 5-10 minutes I was also very comfortable and start actually playing with her.She was an awesome sucker and her ass moves were unique. Next half hour we were fully involved in each other. More than emotions she was experienced and she know well how to handle a man.On other side, guy was holding Neha in his arms and fucking her like a doll. Shruti asked me,see Neha !! and she smiled. Next 1 hour was full of sexual activities .After first fun we all sit again and we all appreciate each other.

We all were with a new experience and all were quite happy. In the next session, we tried anal.First She helped her hubby and Neha for anal fun, later on she asked me to follow the same. Although Me and Neha are not anal lovers but we both enjoyed this anal fun.Afetr 2nd fuck, we spent some time together in some talks. In night they left the place as they have family as well and were waiting for them.

Overall, for all of us it was like a happy ending and luckily no fight this time between me and Neha.I asked Neha hows the experience and she said this man have more patience and drive to make me cum, as opposed to young guy closer to my age, who are far more focused on getting their nut with little regard for my pleasure. As per neha understanding, mature man haven’t grown up in an era of porn where aggressive making out is common, the kiss, and touch like gentlemen I seen in movies.

Neha feel that he was passion giving, and obsessed with making you come first. He was confident in their performance and he want please , She told.

For , this experience realize that still I have lot of things learn. Sex is somehow physiological and mind game. The most obvious thing that I get is the experience. She was actually experienced and know about your needs. Secondly since she possess some degree of maturity, she was practical while performing sex and expect accordingly. She don’t demand something that was notwithin my boundaries.
How they started and liked swinging
Posted:Sep 30, 2020 10:12 pm
Last Updated:Oct 1, 2020 6:44 am

Dear Readers:

Please note : This post has been copied from one of friend couple profile, please enjoy reading it and let us know your comment:

Our first encounter was with a very senior couple, they were in their 50s.
We were in 30s age group. After a long day of river rafting in Kullu, we both were back in our camping site and relaxing on chairs in front of our tent. The next tent belonged to the Couple Mr and Mrs Suri. We just waved and said hello, the Couple invited us for beers. We were also bored as we were driving from many days along.
We sat with them till midnight and made a program for next day to go hiking on a mountain trail.

The next day we started early , it was 2 hrs walking to a village. During hiking we became more friendly as couples. Touching and grabbing for helping in hiking. Although she was in 50s but very jovial and good looking and Mr suri was also fit and very funny in talking. By the time we reached the final point we both were friendly and cracking jokes. Patting each other etc. At that time me and wife realised , that Suri couple wish to mingle a little more in us( at that time we never heard or thought of swinging).

From then on I started seeing more towards Mrs Suri and practically I came down walking with her on the entire trail.After a few hours of rest Mr Suri suggested that we should arrange a private bonfire for 4 of Us. Beers started flowing through our throats, music was there Mr Suri asked my wife for dance, so she agreed to. Mrs suri and I danced and quite closely. All were boozed, my wife told that Mr Suri had a boner during dance and she flirted with him, casually.

Now comes the best part, where our hearts pounded.

All campers were asleep, me and my wife were sitting near campfire and Mr and Mrs Suri went to there tent, after 15 mins or so they called us inside for smoke, I smelled weed, both were stoned and sitting in blanket. They asked us to come in blanket as it was cold. Lights were very dim to clearly see much in tent. When we entered blanket, I felt that couple was nude. My heart pounded , I saw towards wife, she smiled viciously and we settled in blanket. I also took 2 puffs. They started kissing each other and we just watched. After a while Mrs asked us , if we would like to join, I said politely sorry, Mr then offered us to stay if we like for some more time.
We sat on same bed as their smooching started. We also became aroused and started kissing each other.

Basically we both were doing on same bed. Things became hot as I can remember Mrs hold my penis many times , which my wife didn't noticed. After a while they opened their side of blanket and did 69, by that time my wife said, let's go in our tent. At the time of saying bye, Mr Suri asked my wifes permission for licking her boobs, which she agreed to for a sec, same time Mrs suri put her nipples on my mouth, I sucked and smooched her and went to our tent, where we had amazing sex session.

Next day we 4 again met, they being senior talked us about harmless spice in life and asked if we would like to have 4 some and told he is Bi. We said no, but we can be present and see them, if the idea suits. They said yes. In the evening we started party early , inside tent, all 4 were minimum clothed as thet have put strong heater in tent. It started with jokes and wine, after that they played an erotica on laptop, we we all enjoyed caressing our own partners, Mr and Mrs Suri both touched my boner, when ever they got opportunity.

Their session started and Mr asked my wife, if she could allow my cock to be sucked by him, my wife neither said yes or no, Mr suri took my cock in his mouth and sucked well. Mrs suri also did same with my cock. I saw my wife and she looked that she also wanted some fun.

Mr suri licked her cunt quite well, at that time we said bye bye and came back to tent and fuked well. But neighbours tent romped till late. At around 3 in night I came out to pee and saw them caressing in their tent, mr Suri called me and asked if I could join for few mins. The Couple was stoned with weed. Mrs suris breasts were huge and inviting, I milked them madely , while Mr suri sucked my penis. After finish I went back and slept.

In the morning they were gone. Me and my wife didn't talked about this incident for many years. Now we both enjoy online camming with couples of our age.
Trip to Agra & Taj in the Moon Light
Posted:Sep 30, 2020 10:03 pm
Last Updated:Oct 1, 2020 9:29 pm

Last month, we drove down Agra for the weekend with S and his wife U. We had been friends for a few years, but this was the first trip outside Delhi we were taking together. It was late evening on Friday when we reached our hotel, so we unpacked, had a few drinks and dinner, and retired to our rooms, promising to meet for breakfast next morning.

Trouble was, in the morning, when they knocked on our door, asking if we were ready to have breakfast, my wife and I were right in the middle of our daily morning fuck (My wife can’t start her day without getting a good hard fucking. We sleep nude, and every morning, either she wakes me up with a blowjob, or I wake her up with two fingers up her cunt). Now my wife is a pretty noisy lover. I was slamming into her hard and just as S called us from outside the door, my wife let out a scream of pleasure. I clamped my hand over her mouth and shouted: You go ahead, we’ll join you. Then we finished our fucking, and went down and had breakfast with S and U.

We spent the day sightseeing—the Taj, Agra Fort, Sikandra—and came back in the late afternoon. S wanted to visit the Taj again in the evening and see it in the moonlight, and my wife was enthusiastic, but I was more interested in watching a Liverpool match, and U said she was tired. So S and my wife went off, and we said that we’d meet them around 8 pm in the bar.

Around 6.30, I was in my room, waiting for the match to begin, when U knocked on the door. I’m bored, she said. Can I sit here? I promise to let you watch the match in peace. I said sure. I sat on the bed, while she reclined on the couch.

You want a drink? I asked. Why not? she said. I had brought a bottle of Absolut from Delhi and kept it in the fridge. I opened it and poured ourselves drinks. She had a long sip, lit a cigarette, then said: Can I ask you something? Sure, I said.

When we knocked in the morning, she said, you guys were having sex, right?

There was no point denying it. Yeah, I said.

I heard her scream, said U. She seemed to be really loving it.

I didn’t say anything.

Does she scream a lot during sex? she asked.

I didn’t know where this was going, but I found the conversation interesting. In fact, I was remembering that morning’s sex, and I felt myself getting mildly aroused by the memory of my wife’s body, my cock inside her cunt, she shuddering in orgasm. I said: Yes, she does. She just lets herself go.

She got up, and as she was pouring herself another drink, she said, with her back to me: I also want to let myself go, scream…But I can’t. S’s parents live with us, and their bedroom is right next to ours. They would hear if I did. Anyway, one night, we had forgotten to lock our bedroom door from inside, and in the morning, S’s mother walked in right in the…We were naked and he was taking me doggy-style.

She turned, raised her glass at me, drank from it and laughed. We’ve had to be extra careful after that, she said.

Something happened between the two of us at that moment. I picked up the remote and switched off the TV. She finished off her drink in one impressive swig. Then she jumped on me on the bed. I fell back and she was on top of me, pinning down my arms on both sides of my head. Her face was very close to mine. You’ll make me scream? she whispered. I want to, so much!

She let go of my arms and sat up straight. She took off her sleeveless top and shook her shoulder-length hair loose in a movement that I found incredibly sexy. She hadn’t been wearing a bra. Her breasts, melon-shaped, swung over my face, the scarlet nipples erect. She got off the bed and in one motion, took off her Bermudas and panty. Her pussy hair was a neat triangle—clearly, she got it trimmed professionally. She had a beautiful body—perfectly proportioned. She did a full swivel with her arms stretched above her head and asked: So, do you like me?

Yes, I said. You are very very sexy.

Do you think you’ll like fucking my cunt?

Yes, I would, very much. I want to fuck you till you scream.

Then what are you waiting for? I can see that poor thing is hungry. It’s trying to burst out of your shorts.

She sat down and unzipped me and my cock sprang out. Oh poor dear, she crooned, stroking it. You felt so locked up, didn’t you? She massaged it, then looked up and said: Come on! I don’t want to be the only naked person in this room!

As I was getting out of my clothes, she lay down on the bed, with her cunt positioned at its edge. Can you give me a good licking please? she asked. I haven’t had one for a long time. S doesn’t like to do that very much.

Now I love licking pussy. I love the smell of pussy, the taste of pussy, everything. I knelt down between her legs. First I teased her by licking up and down her inner thighs, very close to her cunt but not touching it. I could see the goosebumps appear on her skin, and I could hear her moaning. After a few minutes, she started pleading: Please…please…

I pried her cunt lips open with my fingers and shoved my tongue in. I explored, till I found her clitoris, and started licking it. She gave a sharp shrill squeal and then started going unhhh unhhh unhhh…

I lapped her up and down and penetrated her passage. Ow, wow! I heard her panting. You’re inside me! You’re fucking me with your tongue! I shoved a finger also in, and started a rotating motion along the walls of her passage. Oh, that feels so good, so good! So fucking good! I heard her saying. Her voice was getting louder. Yes! Yes! Yes! Don’t stop! Please don’t stop! Yes! And then she screamed. It was one scream after another and she started thrashing around. I held her thighs tightly with my face buried in her cunt, and her legs being held prisoner while she wanted to be free to thrash around, added to her rapture. Her upper body lifted up several times from the bed and fell back. She had lost all control.

Finally, she quietend down, but she had only come down halfway from her peak—she was still on a plateau. Come in, come in, please, she implored. I think I’m going to have multiple orgasms! Take me, take me! Oh, please!

I positioned my iron-hard cock at the entry to her pussy, and she held it and guided it in. I loved that. I love it when women help me put my dick into their cunt. I loved that. I like women with their legs spread wide and guiding my cock into their cunt. Out of their own free will. Her pussy was pure bliss. It was tight, wet and ready. I rammed her hard, but kept changing my rhythm. I would do a couple of minutes of fast short strokes, which would make her squeal continuously and then do long deep strokes that would be met by long loud aaaaahs. She was just half down from her orgasm and she was going mad. She was on the verge of a huge orgasm and she just hovered there, in a state of extreme pleasure, but not going over the tipping point.

Then I had an idea. There was a small jar of cold cream on the side table next to the bed. I reached out, opened it and dipped my right forefinger in the cream. I took it out, all covered in cream, and stuck it up U’s asshole. The cream helped it go in quite easily and I pumped it in and out in time with my cock in her cunt.

That tipped her over the edge. She threw her head back and screamed. Her whole body shuddered uncontrollably and kept on shuddering, I kept slamming into her hard, mercilessly. It was like being on a ship in the middle of a hurricane. Her eyeballs had turned up in her head, and she was shrieking at the top of her voice. For a moment, I wondered if some hotel staff might hear and think I was murdering someone and come to investigate.

When she finally came down from her high, she was totally spent. She was panting like she had run a marathon; she didn’t seem to have any energy left. Well, this is one well-fucked woman, I thought to myself. But I still had a big hard-on, buried deep inside her. And the jar of cold cream was still there.

As her breathing started slowing, while I kept fucking her gently, going as deep inside her as I could, then pulling out almost fully, then digging in again, penetrating her fully, filling her up. When she was breathing normally again, I turned her over, and covered my cock with the cold cream. The chill touch was heavenly. I think my cock grew even harder. Then I pressed my cock down on her asshole. What are you doing? she asked, her voice weak. You haven’t ever screamed like this before, I said, and I’ve never tried this before. Let me try.

She didn’t reply. But I thought it was a fair bargain.

Even with the lubrication of the cold cream, it was tough going, entering her asshole, but I persisted, while she groaned in pain, and then her hole started opening up under my pressure, and little by little, I started going in. The first couple of inches were difficult, and then suddenly, another two inches slid in quite easily. That was enough for me. I made her keep her legs wide apart and started thrusting. Her arms were outstretched. I held them by the wrists, so she couldn’t move, and fucked her at a steady pace in the ass. It was incredible sex—both physically and mentally. My cock was loving her tight virgin hole. And she felt like my slave . I was her master. She was helpless under me. I had now taken her by invading her most secret space. I owned her body now.

And after some time, U started love it. She began moan softly. Then her moans and grunts got louder, and she started pushing back a bit meet my thrusts. Finally, she got up on her knees, and her hole opened up slightly more as a result, and I could hump her more easily. Unhhhhh unhhhhh unhhhhh, she kept on going. But now I was close coming. I increased my pace, and as the orgasm started building, I started fucking her as fast as I could, holding her by her tummy and pulling her towards me every time I rammed my cock in. Finally, just in time, I pulled out (she squealed noooooo—she wanted me to go on) and shot my load all over her back. Then I flopped down beside her on the bed.

She stayed on her knees, resting her head sideways on the bed, and began fingering herself desperately. In a few moments, she brought herself to a screaming climax. Then she collapsed face down and lay still. I turned towards her and licked her earlobe. Please don’t, please, she murmured. You’re making me feel tingly. More of this and I think I’ll die!

After a few minutes, she got up, lit a cigarette (I found that I loved watching her walk around naked), and came back with an ashtray to sit beside me, smoking. She was sitting cross-legged, with her cunt in full view, and I felt my cock getting hard once more. She finished her smoke and asked: What’s the time? I looked at my phone. 7.20, I said.

They’ll be back by 8, she said. Your come has dried up all over my back. I need a shower.

Be my guest, I said.

She got up and walked naked into the bathroom. I heard her turn on the shower. After a minute, I joined her there. She leant over the basin platform, and I took her from behind. It was a nice quick fuck—dessert. We could see ourselves in the mirror, me kneading her breasts (which I had neglected till now) as I pumped into her. We kept looking into each other’s eyes in the mirror and grinning in delight as we fucked. I fucked fast and hard, and she pushed back in rhythm—we knew we didn’t have much time. She moaned and grunted, but didn’t scream. I came first. After I’d finished, she reached between her legs and started masturbating. My fingers joined her there. We played around with her clit and cunt till she orgasmed with a series of soft shrieks. I hugged her from behind and kissed her wet hair. I haven’t fucking come this many times in an hour in my whole life, she said, panting a little. In fact I don’t even know how many times I’ve come. Just fucking lost count.

She dressed. As she was leaving the room, she said: “I screamed like the fucking devil. But you didn’t make a single sound. You are totally silent when you have sex, is it?”

I had never thought about this, but yes, actually it was true. I always did it silently.

We took the elevator down to the bar. The others came into the bar and joined us soon after, gushing about Taj in the moonlight. While we were having our drinks and planning our Fatehpur Sikri trip the next day, I texted U: “Can I silently make you scream again sometime?” After a few minutes came the reply: ”Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!!!! (scream) 🙂 Will be in touch.”

I’m waiting.
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carObar...way to enjoy
Posted:Sep 30, 2020 10:00 pm
Last Updated:Jan 15, 2021 6:42 am

Hi guys want share some thing with u all here. We been into this lifestyle for some time but never done any CAR FUN with anyone till some time back but due to space problem, we decided to do some adventure. Here we would like to share first experience, people here must be thinking how it is possible in Car and that too in such a short meeting.

We have met one couple few days back n we started having drinks n then they took us to an area with very less traffic moment, there we parked our car where it was not very dark n we started playing truth and dare with some Drinks and then we got comfortable with each other after spending some good time together. N then the lady asked me lets go outside n take a walk...
I understood why She’s is asking me to go outside n when we got out we Took a shelter in some near wall n I started touching her n then we have done Some nice smooches n Hot kisses n Cuddling n then I ask her to take her jeans off n I may fuck her from behind n she said no just suck my boobs n the moment I touch her boobs she got Arouse n then I took both her boobs out from her tie shirt as it was so cold she came too close to me n I put her nipples into my mouth n she got crazy N we did all dis for about minutes n I put my figure into her TOO MUCH CLEAN PUSSY n felt how clean pussy she has I asked her to get back to car when we got back to car MY WIFE N THAT GUY was smooching n I really like as my wife was having fun with That Guy.

He too was touching my WIFES BOOBS n when we got inside I took her tie shirt Up n sucked her nipples n when they saw us I mean my wife n him they started doing same n I asked her to suck my tight Cock n she said no n she called her hubby at back seat n I got in front n then both our wife’s gave us Hot BLOWJOBS n then How it all ended n then when we came back home we took more drinks n when I asked my wife did u liked his touches n kisses she said yes I enjoyed Making with that guy n we did a Role play sex then n we enjoyed too much sex at that night I did not knew that some soft touches n some kisses will make so much difference in our sex That Day We both really enjoyed but was wondering that if we have some good with us that time place we would have gone to that place as all 4 of us was on Too much Heat of Lust n Sex Really felt good After this AWESOME EXPERIENCE. One must try this Guy....

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