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ruleher101 53M/50F
56 posts
4/2/2017 10:10 am

spring is here...yea right.....foot of snow yesterday..

ruleher101 53M/50F
201 posts
4/2/2017 10:11 am

Mother natures cruel april fools joke...not liked anymore..

arabgirl65 55F
50 posts
4/2/2017 10:32 am

Its in the mid 50's, the sun is shinning, the birds are singing. A beautiful day here.

EWGuy 60T
564 posts
4/2/2017 10:34 am

IN and OUT here. It's got to get better.

Isttime4us 60M/60F
137 posts
4/2/2017 10:41 am

spring time in the northeast, still 7 foot high snowbanks on my front lawn and I'm not exaggerating .

altlooking 65M
322 posts
4/2/2017 11:02 am

Had a wonderful rain storm with lightning and thunder this morning. Sunshine now with high around 78. 80s forecast for all this week.

Yeah, Spring is here!

sexynewf61 58M
2878 posts
4/2/2017 11:03 am

Yes, I know's all about it. From Thursday till late yesterday, Newfoundland got hit with a major blizzard with winds gust above 120 kms (75 mph) and someplaces got 70 Cms (25 inches) of snow plus the storm you had yesterday is going to hit us tonight into Tuesday with blizzard warning. And then another storm due for Wednesday. Yuk,

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