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short story or trying to  

rvcamper69 60M  
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4/23/2020 6:46 am
short story or trying to

rough outline ...

he was a master. Masculine looking. I was a mixed with a yearning for humiliation. One day I got a put pink panties and go a busy department store.. There I was walking across the lot and I hear a voice. :
MK bitch there you are.
bitch:yes sir
M:are you wearing panties bitch?
bitch:yes sir
m: hold your arms strait out and stay still
........walks over pulls down shorts to look, pulls shorts back and pulls some of panty in back shoving the panties my crack
good girl
bitch: ty sir
M: ok did you bring the collar bitch?
bitch: hands over collar
M: takes collar, walks over to grass and tosses collar on ground
M: because im nice bitch , i threw it on the grass so you wouldnt have to crawl on the pavement
M: now crawl to the collar , pick it up with your teeth and bring it back like a
M: puts collar bitch in parking lot.
M: do you have a leash?
bitch: goes hand leash M
M: no, carry it for now or hang it from your pocket so the clasp shows
bitch: obeys

M: follow my slut
bitch: follows M into store and they head to womens wear so bitch can pick .. short shorts ..bra ..
M: do you have a dress?
b: yes sir a knit stretch tube and also a black number that is see thru and a liner that can be tucked so it is see thru. Can be worn as a top or skirt.
m: good , i was thinking of something send you into a convenience store and that would be perfect
m: thinking it over, that tube would be good for you to wear in the cart. easy to pull just in case I make you wet yourself.
b: yes master.

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