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And then one evening (Part II)  

sandy19732018 47M  
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5/22/2020 7:48 am
And then one evening (Part II)

Zeenat the emissary asked for Smitha's number and said Zaheer wanted it, and she ever so obediently gave it without a protest or question. Zeenat knew that Zaheer had the haughty, hawt doctor at his beck and call.

Zeenat told Smitha that Zaheer wanted her to be a Toit, a reasonably well know pub in town and also told her she should be ready to spend the weekend with them. And to not worry about packing a bag for the weekend, she was to wear a skirt with a top and be there the next day. Smitha was shocked at the lack of protest and absolute obedience she displayed to not just Zaheer but his the sexy Zeenat.

Smitha went home weak in her knees, confused at the lack of power resist this strong magnet and even more the submissiveness and obedience she was displaying, she never ever thought herself capable of it. Until now most men praised her and made the move on her making her special, more often than not putting her on a pedestal and expressing a subtle deference making it clear that she was in the driver seat. Zaheer had passed on praise, he pretty much treated her like one would treat a stray with disdain, though there was not rudeness or any inappropriate words at the party. It was just the way he carried himself and how he send word for her through Zeenat, and not forget the crude grabbing of her bottom, not guised in the accidental brushing of her bottom or caressing, nothing of that.... just a crude grabbing and hard squeeze with no regard for her feeling or discomfort or lack of it. Yet there she was feeling that it was as it ought to have been. This side of her scared her, excited her all at once.

Early next morning, she told her husband about the previous evening and that there was the strong possibility that she would not be home for the weekend. They agreed on basic safety of sharing of location and the like and were not unduly worried on that count since Sandeep knew the Zaheers further they were very well know to a friend who Sandeep and Smitha knew very well and valued Smitha's well being just as much.

The day went by in a daze, around 5 in the evening as Dr.Smitha was looking to wrap up, she was asked by Zeenat to send her a selfie of herself as she was right at the moment. Never had Smitha seen herself react so obediently to any one asking her to do something.
Afetr she whatsapped the selfie, Zeenat replied back that she was to freshen up at the clinic and leave for the pub from there and not to go home. Smitha booked herself an uber shared the ride progress with Zeenat and was on her way...Her mind was an roller coaster not knowing what to expect, she was jelly inside yet she so looked forward to the evening, weekend and wanted to please Zaheer.

Once in the pub she found got to the table, and Zaheer and Zeenat were already there. Zeenat looking gorgeous and Zaheer the magnet at it most powerful... Zeenat gave Smitha a full tight hug and whispered, you will be fine baby and be a good girl with . Zaheer hugged smitha, pulled her close into him grabbed her butt, not a care about who in the crowded place would see or notice... and as he pushed her away from himself, holding her shoulders, gave herleft breast a crude hard squeeze. Never had smitha experienced such a greeting that too in a public place teeming with people, though she saw no one but Zaheer.

They settled down to the table, Zeenat did most of the talking kind words, enquiries of the day gone by etc, gentle caresses on her shoulder. Zeenat was wearing dark blue dress with a deep neckline, and Smitha thought she could see her<b> nipples </font></b>through the dress and no sign of a bra... While they were on the second drink as Zeenat was softly talking to Smitha, her eyes were drawn to her breast again and the prominent nipple showing through her dress.. Zaheer who never missed anything, latched on to it. Pointedly looking at Smitha, he asked are you wearing a bra? and Smitha demurely said yes.
He aid your first task for the night to plese your master is to go the ladies room, do not go into a stall, stand by the miror, irrespective of who is there or not, remove you bra and then bring it here to the table... no tucking it away or hiding it. He ordered Zeenat to go along and ensure she did right. There was fear on Smitha's face and without a doubt of excitement, she gulped the balance vodka in her glass for reinforcement and walked to the ladies room, with Zeenat at her tail. As they walked into the ladies room, Zeenat pulled out her phone and told Smitha he will sure ask us for proof, I better record you taking of the bra. As they got in Smitha realized she had no luck, she saw women actually girls early 20s maybe by the wash basin straightening up their hair, applying some lip stic Zeenat sensed doubt, and told "Smitha better get it done fast before you have a bigger audience" that not only rushed Smitha but also caught the attention of the girls, tuned around watch while the third looked intently on the mirror see what would happen. Smitha threw caution the wind, dropped the shoulder of her top, took the bra straps of her shoulder, turned the bra all the way around tobe able to unhook the bra in front of her. Smitha had small breasts, but prominent<b> nipples </font></b>and all this excitment and the buzz of alcohol had got it to attention. The the girls and Zeenat had a good look, while Zeenat had her phone still recording.... Smitha turned to face the mirrror cupped her breasts once and then started to pull her top back on. The girls had a question in their eyes, which Smitha saw clearly, she just said, "It is a dare, and i never lose" one the girls aid, you have lovely boobs and even better nipples, will love to take you to my room. Smitha smiled and started her walk back to the table, as she turned around her body langauge became once again of the docile and obedient.

At the table, Zaheer saw them, Zeenat and Smitha walking towards him, he loved the kittens and sure was looking forward to the weekend. Smitha stood politely infront of him and handed him her bra.... he took it, reached up tweaked her<b> nipples </font></b>which were now very sisible from outside her top, Smitha gulped down her yelp... As she sat herself down, Zaheer threw the bra on the table and called for their next round of drinks.....

Smitha knew that the weekend had only just begun...

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