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Going Forward: Some Harsh Realities  

saturn1019 60M
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5/29/2020 1:42 pm
Going Forward: Some Harsh Realities

There are a LOT of people in this country who really need put on their big boy underoos and get in touch with reality. We can start with the current president and those who have their lips sewn to his backside. But it is time everyone gears themselves up for some uncomfortable reality. What "normal" is going to look like a year from now will not, and can not, look much like what "normal" looked like a year ago.

Wearing masks in public is something we are all going to have to get used to doing, probably for quite awhile. I don't give a shit whether or not you like it. The mask I wear protects you from me, and the mask you wear protects me from you. Pretty simple, isn't it? If we all do it, we are all better off. When I see people out in public without the mask, I have one simple reaction: You, non-mask wearer, are an asshole that doesn't care about anyone else, and not even enough about yourself. Yes, there are probably nicer ways to state this, but it is on point and accurate. Some people may not like it stated that bluntly, but I DO NOT CARE.

I'd love to go to a baseball game tonight. There is nothing better than sitting in Coors Field on a pleasant evening and watching the Rockies pitchers get lit up by mediocre batters. Well, I would rarther see the Rockies win, but I'm not going to be making any<b> trips </font></b>to Coors Field or any other ball parks this summer. It just isn't something we are going to be able to safely do. That makes me sad, but i understand why it can't happen. Part of being an adult is accepting realities that don't always conform to our wishes or desires. BTW, I don't think going to football, hockey or basketball games is likely this year either.

Sitting down and eating in a restaurant? Some opportunities are starting to make themselves available, but I am going to offer you a bit of advice: If you don't want to end up fighting for your breath and life with a nasty case of Covid-19, I wouldn't do it. Most restaurants will continue to offer delivery and pick up services. Avail yourself of those opportunities. The risk isn't worth it. "But Ken," some of you will counter, "It is my right to go out in public and eat in restaurants if I want." No. It is your privilege to do things like that. In this country, a lot of people are starting to confuse privileges with rights. It has a lot to do with their inability to fill out those big boy underoos

We have structured a society, and evolved an entire lifestyles that made us dangerously vulnerable to the exact situation with which we not find ourselves trying to cope. If we want to minimize the damages it will do to our economy and society, and avoid the next one, which is inevitable, we are going to have to rethink a lot of how we live on this planet.

I have no interest here in getting into anyone's debates about political affiliations or economic philosophies. Viruses don't give a shit about your party registration, and they attack capitalists and socialists without discrimination. Look, we know socialism doesn't wor It ignores too much about human behavior and motivation and it is inefficient. We have learned over the past few decades that capitalism doesn't work either. Without new infusions of resources to exploit, and perhaps just as an inevitable progression, capitalism becomes oligarchy. That has already happened here. Instead of participating in a debate that has all the trappings of judging a beauty contest in a lepper colony, we should be asking ourselves if EITHER of these systems are really the best we can do. Perhaps its time to ignite our energies into looking for better solutions.

A health care system that profits off the misfortunes of the population is sheer lunacy. A health care system that is profoundly focused upon addressing illness instead of promoting wellness is doomed to failure. A health care system in which most people's health insurance is tied to their employment is completely irrational. We have to fix this.

Dr. Carl Sagan warned us 4 decades ago that in a world that has become deeply dependant on science and technology, it is a prescription for disaster to arrange a society in which very few people have a functional understanding of science and technology. Worse still, we can no longer afford to have national leadership that is both illiterate of, and hostile too, the methods of science. We need to improve science education in our nation, and we must never again empower national leaders that refuse to embrace the counsel of experts in all fields of scientific thought.
Never again, can we accept national leadership that promotes notions like "America first." That just isn't rational in the world we now inhabit. We are profoundly and deeply tied to each other, economically, socially and politically; all of us. The tragedy that strikes Uganda, or Sri Lanka or Outer Mongolia is going to impact us, somehow, some time. This is a reality we can no longer ignore.

Never again can we accept national leadership that empowers the racist, xenophobic, or other dividing elements in our society. Skin pigmentation, religious differences or cultural variations are too trivial to spark our baser instincts.
We have to start treating our planet with more respect and care. No, the planet isn't too big for us to impact. We all are complicit in problems like pollution, resource depletion and climate change. Global pandemics become more likely the more we destroy habitat and ravage the rain forests. We must demand our national leadership to address these issues aggressively, we must hold them accountable, and we must, as individuals, strive to make every effort to decrease the size of our own footprint upon the planet. This is a measure we must take for our own welfare, and guarantee the habitability of the planet for our descendants.

The list of issues we must discuss going forward is lengthy and daunting. But there are no problems we are facing that will magically disappear by ignoring them. We all have an enormous stake in revising how we live on, and interact with, the planet upon which we reside. The stakes for our childern and grandchildren are even higher. We OWE this to them.

lindoboy100 57M
22299 posts
6/1/2020 2:54 am

Best read I've had in ages here McTurn, thankyou. I hope you don't mind if I mention it next time I post.

Unfortunately our societies have valued efficiency and profit above all else which is why we are losing so many lives so needlessly.

Even before the Covid 19 outbreak I was struggling to see a positive way forward. All I see now is dark clouds. It's no coincidence that the countries who are dealing with the outbreak so badly are led by populist governments. If we don't start to look beyond borders soon, I fear we will never learn the easy lessons from this pandemic.

Pull ma finger.........

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