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Welcome to my very saucy blog
Welcome to my very saucy blog
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Jill has a Gangbang
Posted:Oct 4, 2020 1:32 am
Last Updated:Nov 18, 2020 2:25 pm
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I love wear sexy clothes. Treat like a lady in public and I;ll repay you by behaving like a total slut the bedroom. I just love wear stockings and high heels, or hold-ups and heels, or often bare legs, no panties and heels. Whatever I wear long slender tanned legs, I just love tease you day and night. I love hear about your latest fantasies and how you get turned . I have had a fantasy I was force gangbanged for many years and then one day it became reality.

The day started much like any other with a new of young trainee accountants. Dressed for work in black Armani business suit with just above the knee, tight fitting skirt, lace topped stockings and 4 inch stiletto heels I’m sure I looked the part. The ten young masculine trainees looking and down and long slender legs as I strutted about and began training session some were already drooling. I am in element with a captive audience as I strutted about heels front of them. D cup breasts bouncing as Estee Lauder Obsession perfume wafting through the room was intoxicating.

By the end of the day I can definitely say they were putty in fingers. I didn’t tell them about the Christmas office party in the hotel next door and went home change into red backless, just above the knee, designer silk dress by Armani, lace topped stockings and red heels. I returned by taxi to the hotel next door to our office just as the party was starting.

I don’t know if it was shock, horror or excitement when I saw the of trainees in the bar of the hotel. I recognised of them, there could have been more. heart skipped more than one beat as I noticed the alpha was amongst them. Of course it made sense they would stay the hotel next door the training having travelled from outside the region. It also made sense they would start the night drinking in the hotel as they would be unfamiliar with the area.

The alpha caught eye and nodded the stool the bar area. I looked colleagues dancing in the party room and decided give him a chance. I strutted into the bar knowing he was watching long slender legs and perched on the bar stool crossing legs very slowly front of him knowing he could see the tops of stocking. He kissed on both cheeks and offered a drink. A screaming orgasm cocktail with crushed ice, Thanks.

After a lengthy pleasant conversation regarding , him, the training and other pleasantries he leaned forward holding knee and whispered ear…… they are watching you, but then you know don’t you? I slowly nodded and bit bottom lip as our eyes met each other and locked for what seemed an eternity. He slid his hand along thigh and under silk red dress touch suspender catch. He toyed with the catch as he looked into eyes and undid the catch.

We should dance he said and took arm, dress riding thighs as he pulled off the stool and marched to the dance floor…they were indeed watching and we were soon surrounded by the other trainees.

He took the opportunity to pull close and I could feel his hardness against . His hands on bare back as he explored body as we danced. He kept whispering in ear with breath things like….they are watching your long slender legs….they want you after your teasing performance today….some of them say the bitch needs taking hard. juices began flow.

The more he whispered the hotter I was becoming, with the other trainees moving in closer and occasionally touching . It was like receiving electric shock treatment.
It was during a slow moving dance he reached down and put his hand under dress and felt loose suspender catch and lace topped stocking, he commented……very nice as he looked me in the eye and placed his hand over thong and pussy. He didn’t waste any time moving thong one side and slipping a finger inside. I groaned in his ear as he toyed with.

Having played discreetly for a of minutes he suddenly leaned back so everyone around could see his hand and arm dress and I must have looked like his puppet the end of his hand. Well his mates cheered and whooped, the drink had been flowing and they moved in grope “the bitch had teased them day”.

legs were shaking and it didn’t take long before he brought a climax and I orgasmed front of the crowd great delight. There were hands over and I’m sure one stage there must have been hands groping body. It was very erotic and I orgasmed a number of times the dance floor much the delight of the crowd, some of whom I work with!
Finally the music ended, the live band went for a break, it was time for the party buffet in the dining room. The alpha took the opportunity to lead me, hand still grasping mound, he lead down the corridor his hotel room. Opened the door and pushed towards the bed, I stumbled and half fell onto the bed as the other trainees piled into the room. Two of them grabbed and pushed down on the bed and held on back as the alpha dropped his pants and mounted ……now you are going get what you deserve bitch….I was pinned down by the trainees and they were groping breasts, pussy and ass. I screamed as the alpha entered me hard and lustfully. He pounded me and lasted only minutes before exploding and squirting his hot inside while biting neck. His mates were cheering and shouting and as the alpha rolled off another rolled on.

They fucked the bitch had teased them and they fucked hard filling with . I am ashamed say they made several times during this time. And so the night progressed with them over and over each one taking their turn more than once. By the time all had fucked hard the alpha was ready again…..eventually we all fell asleep exhausted and a total mess.

As morning broke and light came in through the curtains for a new day I felt hair dishevelled, I was being turned over and pulled onto all fours. The alpha was behind with his massive cock and the others were all watching. He plunged his hard cock into ass without mercy. I screamed with the pain as he pounded me and made me his bitch. It was only several minutes before he exploded inside me and then tossed me to one side like a piece of meat.

He motioned he was finished and they could have . A trainee pulled knees and thrust his huge cock into mouth. I sucked him deep into throat until I gagged for air. He thrust into throat several times before squirting a load into mouth. There was so much it trickled down chin. He held place motionless, grasping hair, as he emptied his load into mouth, I noticed some of the others had while watching and wanking. The next trainee thrust deep into mouth and throat and when he came he pulled out and squirted his load all over face and hair. The alpha signalled it was all over and they should go their rooms and shower, then go their training session next door. They left covered hot and a sore pussy and ass as well as an aching jaw. hair and body a total used mess.

I had an hour to make myself presentable. How was I going to take the training session with them today? I blushed profusely for most of the day and my body and jaw ached for days.

Jill gets fucked in front of the is the sequel to this.
JILL gets fucked in front of the
Posted:Oct 4, 2020 1:37 am
Last Updated:Oct 8, 2020 3:09 pm
Nearly two years has passed since that night and I can’t stop thinking of it, the humiliation of strutting into the training room the next morning to the sound of whooping and hollering and guys clapping and banging on the desk. I don’t think I’ve ever blushed so much.

The chairman had requested that I chair the next meeting of new as he was unavailable and of town. I had no idea which representatives would be there but the company names seemed familiar. I strutted into the boardroom wearing my Versace business suit comprising fitted jacket and just above the knee tight fitting skirt and heels. Underneath I was wearing my lace topped stocking hold ups, lace bra and thong.

I was wearing the almost identical outfit as two years ago eyes were upon as I welcomed the new and their companies as customers to our company. It took a while to dawn that I recognised many of the smiling faces, of course it should have been obvious that “the 6 ” were sitting ogling, grinning and reminiscing.

I flustered through my introduction and got down the business of the contracts with the new companies I had been talking about minutes when the big black alpha got of his seat, strode across the boardroom the door and turned the key locking us in the room. I became very apprehensive when he strode back where I was sitting at the head of the table and stood behind . He bent over and whispered in my ear “Don’t you think we have some unfinished business take care of first?”. He reached down and twisted my long blonde hair in his big left hand and pulled slowly my feet and of my swivel chair, he kicked the chair one side and I was left standing with legs parted wide with my hands on the table stop falling over. There was ten eager faces staring at relishing and enjoying what was happening.

He whispered breath in my ear as my heart was pounding……how could he do this in front of these new ? Tell bitch what I want hear from you…..as he reached around my body and grasped my right breast with his huge black hand. The in front of were beginning enjoy this show. As he kicked my legs apart further he breathed in my ear….now bitch I’m gonna take you in front of these new .

His hand grasping my breast moved across and unbuttoned the top two buttons exposing my D cups to the room. Then he hitched up my tight skirt exposing my lace topped stocking hold ups to the sound of whooping and applause from his audience, the while he was holding in a standing position with his left hand twisted in my hair forcing stand my tip toes in my heels at the head of the table. He slid a big black hand down the front right stocking just for show.
He reached under my skirt and pulled my lace thong to one side and then grasped my mound hard before inserting a finger inside. I whimpered and groaned much to the delight of the watching as he fingered my pussy in front of them. His fingers rubbing my labia and then nipping my clitoris. They could clearly see above the table my pussy being fingered right there in front of them. I moaned please stop…. no you can’t do this…. you must stop I squealed as he inserted a second finger and I groaned again.

He pulled my hair to push my head back and look into my scared eyes. He knows I’m scared but also knows that I want it, he can see it in my eyes. He undoes the other buttons on my blouse and pulls it free of my skirt exposing my lace bra and D cups to the room. He slides his hand down onto my mound and states “hey boys she is sooo wet down here I know she wants it”.

I closed my eyes, my head is screaming this is wrong in front of … god what if the chairman finds ? I could see some of the playing with themselves under the table as the alpha slid his big hand under my hold stockings and played with the silk and lace. He was toying with …putting a show prove he is the alpha .

He pulled his huge hard cock and pressed it into my mound from behind as I faced the new . god…. I wanted him fuck hard, right there in front of of them. I suddenly did not care about the chairman!

He whispered in my ear with breath “take it bitch…..take it ” as he thrust a huge cock into my soaking wet pussy to the sound of whooping, hollering and table thumping. He pounded the while holding my long thick blonde hair in his left hand. He thrust into until he was balls deep. God he was massive nearly splitting me in two as he thrust and pounded in front of the .

As he thrusted into me, his left hand still holding me by the hair, he was fidgeting with the catch my bra and suddenly my breasts are free and exposed the room. He reaches around and grasps my right breast nipple and twists it hard bringing tears my eyes. The tears roll down my cheeks along with black mascara making my pretty face a mess.

He thrust again and dropped his hand around and pinched my clit several times causing me orgasm and explode in front of the whooping . I screamed as the orgasm AAAAAgggghhhh, I couldn’t help it and the went wild in their seats. God how was this going end……
JILL gets fingered by Uncle Bob
Posted:Oct 3, 2020 9:43 am
Last Updated:Nov 18, 2020 2:26 pm
So there I am dressed in my short red Armani silk backless dress with red high heels ready to go out on the Toon and I’m leaning over the bath showing Uncle Bob, a plumber, where the leak is on the bath tap when he puts a hand on my bum to steady himself as he leans over. There is an awkward silence which seems to last for minutes.

Then he whispers with hot breath into my ear…….show me how wet your leak is…..so I point to the tap and blush as his hand moves on my bum, I’m sure he is caressing me but he’s old with a dishy wife.

I freeze leaning over the bath in a compromising position with his hand moving around my bum getting closer to my pussy. My legs are slightly apart and his hand is close to my pussy when he says…..I just love fingering a hot wet pussy……well I nearly passed out when his fingers slid down my wet pussy lips touching my clit at the end of the motion.

My head was screaming ….this is all wrong…..but my pussy was tingling with excitement as he brushed his fingers back and forth then gently probing his middle finger inside. His other hand coming up and fondling my left breast though the fine silk material of the Armani dress, my nipple growing hard at his touch.

I’m standing frozen to the spot as he slides the finger in and out of my wet juicy pussy, my head is screaming for him to stop but my pussy is so excited. Just then his mobile phone rings, he pulls his finger out and sucks the juice from it and answers his phone.

His bitch wife has another job for him to go to and its urgent. He mumbles about coming back and leaves the bathroom with me crumpled in a heap over the bath my head swimming in confusion and a trickle of juice runs down my leg. A few hours later I get a phone call from Uncle Bob apologising for his rude behaviour and can he call back to fix my taps.

Of course I agreed. He then proceeded to tell me that he has fucked his wife three times that afternoon each time thinking of me and that previously he hadn’t had sex with her for two years.

An hour later the phone rings, it’s the bitch wife, Uncle Bob has been rushed to hospital with a suspected heart attack. She told me they were in the middle of a fourth sex session that day. She really didn’t know what had come over Bob and all since he visited you to fix the taps! I blushed profusely and listened.

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