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Here I Sit  

scathascarlet 60F
7 posts
1/20/2017 8:50 pm
Here I Sit

Just hanging out listening to tunes - I'm into grunge, punk and metal, btw. Audioslave is playing now...that should be my nickname - I am a music junkie! I am recently divorced, old, fat, but still have the rocker chick in my heart. I want to rock and I still like getting laid by open minded, kind-hearted gentlemen, with maybe a wild streak. I am pretty docile and shy at first, but can have fun with the right guy(s)!

I've never done this blogging thing before so I wonder if anyone ever really reads them. Let me know...

Bowtieusa1 62M  
6 posts
1/20/2017 10:58 pm

I love what you have written... I am into the oldies, metal rock..... Some old Country, Like Willie Nelson. I am a older laid back white gentleman from West.....

scathascarlet replies on 1/29/2017 12:22 am:
Glad to know they are read, if inane. Nice to have met you, btw

Ienjoythetaste 71M
2562 posts
1/21/2017 2:43 am

People do read blogs, but you need to add a comment for it to show up in the "recent blog" section.

Enjoy blogging it can be fun but don't take offence at some who will do their best to spoil it.

“For a moment, nothing happened. Then, after a second or so, nothing continued to happen.”
― Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Much like this site

Visit my Blog for my adventures.

scathascarlet replies on 1/29/2017 12:03 am:
Douglas Adams is a GENIUS!!! Thanks for the great quote despite the dis.....

scathascarlet replies on 1/29/2017 12:14 am:
Oh, dis means disrespect in the youthful vernacular. I should have known you were from England, where smug distain originated. If you don't like my blog, you could have moved on, but no. Not an option for an old Brit.

yodude5353 67M
5 posts
1/21/2017 8:55 pm

Yes indeed, your blog is definitely read!

WellSeasoned2 70M  
393 posts
1/22/2017 7:02 am

you certainly got my attention....just too far away

scathascarlet 60F
4 posts
1/29/2017 12:23 am

This blog thing is Shit. I don't live an interesting enough life for some, so what's the point.

yodude5353 67M
5 posts
1/31/2017 10:40 pm

Hmmmm, scathascarlet...maybe we should get together and do something interesting , or at least something you could blog about. Ya think?

albanybob 71M  
417 posts
7/19/2017 6:29 am

I read it. And I'd be up for some hot times now and then.

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