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4/10/2014 4:38 pm

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Do you like chocolate? Want some? There are some women who love black men, but some who won't touch a black man with a ten foot pole, well, they won't touch this black man. I love all flavors, chocolate, caramel, vanilla, cherry, lemon, I think women are a beautiful creation. Big or small, short or tall, we love you! I work with a white women had kind of a hippie, she had black friends hung out with blacks, but she said, she would never be intimate with a black man or this word that she used, "Interbreed" with a black man. That Ok, I'm not asking her to have my baby. I know some Asians women who only mess with successful white men. Everybody like what they like. I want everyone to know, I'm not a player by no mean, believe or not I'm a good guy. I tested the waters at age 11 and got hooked. I think sex is the best gift a man and a woman can give each other. So ladies, in the want to try black, remember what they say. Once you go black, you won't go back. Who knows? But check this out, you wake in the morning and have a black man on your mind, whether it's a famous actor or a friend, you find yourself listen to our type of music, and you find yourself talking a lot of slang. You might be craving some "JUNGLE LOVE"

scoupe42 57M  
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4/12/2014 10:45 am

Love to be your first!

sweet_VM 61F
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4/12/2014 10:10 am

Soupe to tell you the truth I have never been with a black man before. I think your right from what I been hearing you try this you will never go back hugs V

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