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3/15/2014 5:00 pm

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The most important to all of is our temple, it's not good for anything if we don't take of it. Our temple consists of three different things, our mind, body and soul. We take care of these and we would become invincible, nothing can break up down. But it's not easy to build up out temple, it don't take brick or bone, or even stick or stone, because our temple is made out of flesh. It takes hard work, the desire and drive to achieve the high archery of mastering our temple. Being lazy isn't the way, one way is to seek knowledge, reading, taking classes, anything to enhance our minds, because our mind is the main central point of our temple. The mind is a terrible thing to waste, if you don't use it, you lose it. We need our mind to accomplish our goals in life. Our body, is the second part, that give us eternal life, longevity is we take care of it. By something so simple as eating right, there are four food group, meat, vegetables, starch, and fruit. We must eat a well balance meal, cut back on sweet, and carbs, and exercise, for at least 30min at a time, the first 20min is getting your body ready and the last 10min you actually losing fat. I just getting back into the swing of things myself, I got lazy and let my temple crumble, now I got to build it back up, I use to get depress, the doctor gave me a great advice, exercise! When I do, I don't get depress and my immune system is strong and get sick hardly at all, because my body is part of my temple. This is the third vital part of our temple is our soul. The soul is spiritual part, that give life to the body and many religions believes it live forever. The immortal essence of a person, what makes up happy, what defines us. It give us the ability to feel kindness, sympathy for our fellow man or woman, and give us the passion for love. So all three is important, one can't work without the other. So if we try to go through life without maintaining all three part of our temple, we would fall apart and lose, "OUR TEMPLE".

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