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Can a bad person, turn out to be good? Can a person redeem themselves? Maybe, I had a uncle who was a son of a bitch. He was abusive to my aunt, wasn't a good father. On some payday he would gamble his check and lose all his money , and my aunt wouldn't see him for several day. My aunt had to pay all the bills. My aunt must have really loved this man! She had four kids with him, and never filed for divorce. She was his rock when he was down and out, she always took him back when he left, and when he was sick she nursed him back to health. There was one time he admitted that he didn't deserve such a loving woman. Years later she died, and he inherited everything she owned, two cars, a little money and a house, along with the life insurance policy. Family members was upset, and thought he shouldn't have gotten anything. Later in years, my dad died. He was a good man, good father and everyone loved him. He was 6yrs younger than my uncle. I was upset, why would God take a good man and let a horrible man remain alive? I look at life as unfair, I was hurt. But as time passed by, my uncle started to change. He gave up drinking, cussing, and started to go to church once in a while. His child, my cousin moved in with him. He tried to reach out to the other children, but my oldest cousin refused to acknowledge him. His health start to deteriorate, so my cousin was there to take care of her dad. At times, I talked to other family members and they said he did 180 degree turned. I couldn't believe it, with in a year he died. Then I thought about it, my dad was a good man, and did all he had to do so god took him, and my uncle was spared and given a chance to redeem himself. It took much longer for my uncle, compared to my dad. So the question is? Can we be redeem? Maybe if we live long enough, we can!
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"Too much time on my hands"
Posted:Feb 5, 2020 10:52 am
Last Updated:Feb 6, 2020 10:09 am
I been retired for about 3 months, love it! I apply for other jobs try get another retirement. But the jobs are about 45mil away, I decided, I don't want commute, I did for the last 15 of my life and want something local. I apply for a few jobs locally, right now I'm playing the waiting game. In the mean time, I notice my gut getting bigger, and now when I look down, I can't see my dick anymore! My pants are tight on me. I say myself, how could that happened?

I listen the radio, and they a song by the group Styx. You know the title! In that song right! I do! I still waiting for results on job that in my areas. But, I can't just wait. I' still can do thing around the house, exercise, and get back into my writings. I can't just do nothing and get sleep. This is why I gained weight. I'm wasting time and not being productive.. Hell, I love to look down and be able to see my dick again. I can live off what I make, , But I probably should at least get a part-time,

I'm 5 and 4 months for Social Security, I retired a lot younger than most. So, I got be productive, maybe take another job, before or hopefully for the job I want hires . Today, is a good day to join the neighborhood gym. Maybe read more and if I have to, maybe see what other jobs available if I do have to commute. All I know Styx was right in that song! I do have "Too much time on my hands'!

"Star trek humor".
Posted:Feb 3, 2020 6:46 am
Last Updated:Feb 3, 2020 11:14 am
How like Sci Fi? I love Star trek and I'm nota geek! Well, I'm not smart. Here some new one ad oldie but goodies. Start the day with "Star Trek" humor.

"Quotes you might like"!
Posted:Feb 2, 2020 5:44 am
Last Updated:Feb 3, 2020 9:29 am
Good morning, the Rooster is up, so I guess I'll start my day too. Here is a few quotes to get you going.

Posted:Feb 1, 2020 6:54 am
Last Updated:Feb 2, 2020 6:19 am
I grew up with a older brother, who was normal the early in his life. He would get sad once in a while, but don't we all? He was given a , I wasn't sure if he liked animals . He show loved that , I seen a side of him, I never know existed. He must had been 9, he's 3 older. But one sad day, his died. I'm not sure how, I do remember this day, and him losing his , he transformed in an emotionless person ! After that day, He never cried again in life! I shit you not!

He had some friends he grew up with, he did college, military and had a family. he would joke once in a while, but most all business. But he would never cry, he would be sad, but only a minute. Over the year we lost family member, he would go the funeral and be the only one don't didn't cry. There was times, when we didn't talk each other 4 , I had reach out him. He now hate animals , he never liked them after he lost his . He didn't keep in contract with friends from his past. While , I do, or did.

We lost a mom and a dad, he didn't cry at either funeral, didn't even seem sad. I sometimes, cry much, he would just look at . He once in a while had a sense of humor. But's he not a funny guy. He got divorced and married a gold-digger, lost his ass, but don't want talk about it. He talk the people that call him. But he don't really talk much. I mentioned him, that I have depression, but he got a problem worst than mines! He said, "What is my problem"!!!!!!!! I told him you are "Emotionless'! I also said, that I might be crazy, but I do have emotions!

"Stupid quotes"!
Posted:Jan 31, 2020 9:45 pm
Last Updated:Feb 1, 2020 8:54 pm
Here is some quotes that don't really make any sense. This is why they called "Stupid quotes'!

"XXX Gilligan's Island humor".
Posted:Jan 30, 2020 5:09 am
Last Updated:Feb 1, 2020 9:46 am
Just imagine if "Gilligan's island was a porn? If it was it would be like this!

"How would you be remembered"?
Posted:Jan 29, 2020 9:45 am
Last Updated:Jan 30, 2020 5:45 am
Last Sunday, NBA star Kobe Bryant died in a plane crash. Him and his year and 7 other passengers. He was loved by many, and he touched the people all around the world honor him. People in Russia and China, and other parts of the world. I cried, so did millions others. They honor him at the Staple center when he once basket ball for. He was LA Lakers and would be a Lakers for life. He died in a blaze of glory! He has a great Legacy!

There was a man in my neighbor, he was a cab driver, and man in his early 60s. He had a gambling problem and there was many talk bad about him. At this time, I was about 9. He was nice me . He lived across the street. day I was across the streets playing with some my age. A man drove up, he was park on the wrong side of the street and his car was still running. At this time, Mr. Fisher came ( the gambling man). The man came the car said him. "Do you have their "!

The man said in angry voice! Mr. Fisher, said, "I don't have it yet, I need more time'. The man walk up Mr. Fisher and said, "There is no more time". The man pull a gun and killed Mr. Fisher, and left. Some ran when they head the gun go over, me and this other froze. We saw Mr. Fisher died for he was shoot at least 6 times. I went home and told my mom what happened. Short after the cops came, and I told them what happen. But they seem not to care.

People in the neighbor hood make comments, they was shocked he lived this long. No shed a tear, no , just me and that that saw the murder. People when on with their life, no was sad. I mentioned it my parents and parents in the area, Mr. Fisher was forgotten. How can you have a Legacy when you are not loved by anyone? I know I did some bad things in my life, not sure what my Legacy going be. My question you, are you going have a Legacy? Me, not sure?

"More captions"
Posted:Jan 27, 2020 3:38 am
Last Updated:Jan 27, 2020 6:40 pm
Well, we made it another day, put a smile on your face and make the best of it!

"Just one of them Fuck, fucking, days".
Posted:Jan 25, 2020 5:58 am
Last Updated:Jan 25, 2020 10:06 am
We all have bad days, but just saying "Fuck", can make it better.

"Be careful of what you wish for"!
Posted:Jan 24, 2020 10:22 am
Last Updated:Jan 25, 2020 5:51 am
Years ago, when I was the ninth grade, I had and idea for a play, we had a great drama department. There was a that was part of the drama department. He was smart and "A" student. So I befriended him. I want present , called "Schoolly ". the it was 5 different scenes. I mentioned it Douglass and he said, he wanted see the . It was tons of papers, written, not typed and I only had one copy. Douglass was the 's name.

When I given it Douglass, I was then the 10 grade, the 1st several months of school. After several month , I asked Douglass about the , he said, he haven't read it yet but will. A couple of months passed, I talked Douglass, and he said, "it's ok, so-so. So I asked him for the back, he told he lost it. I was mad! I told him to find it. So he avoid for a while, and told , the was no good anyway. I wanted kick Douglass's ass! Douglass was a nerdy guy with bifocals and very short.

Douglass didn't weight much. I hated him after . I slander him and said, "If I had a wish, I wish Douglass would burn hell"! People knew , was shocked of comments. The next year, I went another school, and the year after I joined the Air Force. Douglass was still on mind. I came home for a visit, mom said , "did you know a named Douglass "? I say yes! She told me , "He died a horrify death. I hate to mention what he died of. consciences got and I cried!

I felt bad for wishing, bad for Douglass. Years later I married the wrong woman, and I was in a bad marriage. Her and mom hated each other. After the divorced I had 10 miserable years of hell! I talked mom one day and she told , she wished ex-wife would suffer the next ten years of her life. She didn't realized, wishing , it was going happen ! ten years was probably 10 of the worst years of life! "Be careful of what you wish for"! Karma is a bitch! This I know.

"Morning captions".
Posted:Jan 23, 2020 4:08 am
Last Updated:Jan 23, 2020 8:04 pm
Morning, you need to start the day with some humor. A good way to start every day! Here are some oldies but goodies and some new ones.

Posted:Jan 22, 2020 1:00 pm
Last Updated:Jan 23, 2020 5:25 am
Awesome, uplifting, powerful, a very complimentary word. I get goose bumps when I hear this word. To be honest, I never really heard this word much. I guess I live in a cave most of my life. About 20 years ago. I work at a job doing customer service work. I accomplish a task for a customer. And, I never forgot the words he said to me!

He said, "Drew, you are Awesome"! I never got that kind of compliment in my life, ever! This is a very kind way to say thanks to someone, and this word make a person feel great! So that day, I stole that word and use it on occasion myself. You can see the smile on their face when you give them this compliment. I love to see people smile!

Again this is a powerful word and make people feel validated. I work with a woman, just before I retired and I told her, that she was Awesome", her day did a 180 degree turn. For one day, a bad day turned into a great day! Damn, I love this word! A-w-e-s-o-m-e., just 7 letters, but such and Awesome word! Here are some "Awesome" quotes.

"Quotes of the day".
Posted:Jan 20, 2020 7:27 am
Last Updated:Jan 23, 2020 2:36 am
To some, today is a holiday. Enjoy your day. But before you start your day, here are some quotes to get your day started!


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