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"Check these out".  

scoupe42 57M  
3396 posts
2/14/2020 7:26 pm

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2/15/2020 4:22 am

"Check these out".

You know me, I love humor. Here is a few random humor things, I thought I would share. Come one, where your humor?

author51 57F  
92016 posts
2/14/2020 11:54 pm

Too funny my friend..Hope you had a good Valentine's Day Hun....xx

One can never have enough JOY in their life...

12393 posts
2/14/2020 8:27 pm

*All Good Stuff*


Tmptrzz 57F  
77882 posts
2/14/2020 8:14 pm

Some great stuff my friend and that second one is so very true, love getting candy half off..I hope you are enjoying a very Happy Valentines Day..

Just your average every day run of the mill nana here!!!

scoupe42 replies on 2/14/2020 8:17 pm:
Hi Temp, hope you had a good Valentines day! Thx for viewing

slutcock100 36M
30 posts
2/14/2020 8:08 pm

good ones

japaneseass 52F  
49051 posts
2/14/2020 8:04 pm

LOL...i love Doc Holliday...

scoupe42 replies on 2/14/2020 8:06 pm:
Hi Sexy, thx for viewing.

dom37uncut 38M
22 posts
2/14/2020 8:03 pm

haha nice

partygald 37F
1739 posts
2/14/2020 7:52 pm

Hahaha.. Some of the mare pretty good.
Thanks for sharing

scoupe42 replies on 2/14/2020 8:01 pm:
And thank you for viewing!

Sagboi11 23M
16 posts
2/14/2020 7:45 pm


scoupe42 replies on 2/14/2020 7:48 pm:
Thx for viewing

scoupe42 57M  
8420 posts
2/14/2020 7:43 pm

Hope everyone enjoying their Valentines day.

Paulxx001 63M  
16538 posts
2/14/2020 7:29 pm

yo... 😎👍❗

scoupe42 replies on 2/14/2020 7:42 pm:
Hi Paul Thx for viewing

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