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'Fools gold".  

scoupe42 57M  
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3/3/2020 6:48 am

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3/4/2020 5:24 am

'Fools gold".

I knew people in my lifetime, that thought big! They also thought wealth was going be given them. In the 60's and 70s, when I grew up people believed in Publishing House with Ed McMahon. So everyone participated in it, and there was 1000s, world wide that enter, and every family in my neighborhood though they was going win it, and even my family. This was the first time I was introduce "Fool's gold". When people are poor, and struggling they look for hope. There was a poor man, I mentioned in previous blogs, that though he could gamble at the tracks, make end meets.

Too bad for him he lost to some bad people, and the price he paid was death! later there was the info commercial that came on after 2:00 AM, with this giant of a man, with teeth. I'm talking about Tony Robbins. This friend of mines had $100, 000 to blow, so he invested in Tony Robbins books and seminars, also he made other investments. He would for flights go seminar, flights, hotel, and when he got there, no one seen know he was coming. Tony Robbins sold him some "Fool's gold""! He had nothing show for his investments.

In our society, they sell "Fool's gold", every where. When you buy scratchers or power ball tickets, they got you! I know it's for a good cause. I seen someone bought $50 on scratchers and win $7. We all spend tons on Powerball tickets. Believe or not Casinos are the biggest "Fool's gold" there is!In this world, we be the Fools, they make the gold! This is why we have "Fool's gold". Imagine, if there's no fools, they won't make the gold!

author51 57F  
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3/3/2020 11:57 pm

Words of wisdom my friend..Happy Wednesday Hun...xx

One can never have enough JOY in their life...

thikhead 63M
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3/3/2020 10:38 am

all sage advice, thanx !
you always offer wise words.

unfortunately, in todays political theatre at least,
if you dont at least try to argue with the fools, then they win uncontested.

we may have to suffer fools,
and maybe its usually best to avoid them,

but i WILL NOT BOW to them

"were all in this together"

scoupe42 replies on 3/4/2020 5:22 am:
Thx for viewing, It's always good to express yourself! Wording has a lot to do with everything

Paulxx001 63M  
16565 posts
3/3/2020 10:25 am

hmmm... good advice. ❗

scoupe42 replies on 3/4/2020 5:21 am:
Thx Paul

Lussypicker69er 36M
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3/3/2020 9:04 am

Very well said!

scoupe42 replies on 3/3/2020 10:36 am:
Thx for viewing

sunligth2222 54M
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3/3/2020 8:57 am


Tmptrzz 57F  
77984 posts
3/3/2020 8:22 am

You know my friend years ago I used to enter and I think it's a scam as I don't know anyone that's ever won Publishers House Sweepstakes. And there is always someone out there who wants to win the get rich quick scheme.. I hope you have a wonderful day my friend..

Just your average every day run of the mill nana here!!!

scoupe42 replies on 3/3/2020 9:52 am:
Hi Temp, there "Fool's gold" every where. Thx for viewing

scoupe42 57M  
8442 posts
3/3/2020 7:05 am

If I can help it, I'll try to prevent someone from being foolish!

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