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"Happy vs Happiness"?  

scoupe42 56M  
3213 posts
1/15/2020 11:59 am

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1/17/2020 7:52 am

"Happy vs Happiness"?

I talked a friend today, she mentioned about a manger we both had wife. friend is an artist, so is that manager's wife. The manager's wife did a drawing that was in a frame shop. friend seen the drawing. It was done in black and white and very dark drawing. Everyone notice there was Dragons and people with very sad faces in the drawing. knowing the manager's wife, she is a very sad woman.

Poor thing, she' in very bad health, now on a medical retirement. She married a man, that married her for what she have. She's in her mid 60s and he's 48. So I can understand, why she's not happy! Happy in a temporary thing. Something good happen and you feel good, then it fades away. Short term, then after that, you might go back feel the was you was feeling before.

Now, happiness might be a longer term thing. You win the lottery, and you create happiness! Well the is gone. But! If a person that has cancer, and then they cancer free. They might do the things they always wanted do. Then they can say, they found happiness. I also talked another friend today. He and his wife is miserable, but they stay together, for their lifestyle together. Both incomes create a great lifestyle.

They happy to live this lifestyle but unhappy . I told him, for them to find happiness they might get a divorce! Maybe I'm not a good friend for saying that? But neither of them can't find happiness. being happy is a temporary thing, while happiness is more long term.

Was I wrong in what I said friend? In your opinion, what the difference between being "Happy vs Happiness'? I love your opinion on this subject!

author51 57F  
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1/16/2020 12:20 am

I am one not to stay in a relationship if miserable and unhappy..Life is too short not to be happy and content..

One can never have enough JOY in their life...

scoupe42 replies on 1/16/2020 6:18 am:
I do agree! Thx for viewing

positively4you 70F  
3674 posts
1/15/2020 2:13 pm

A saying from Dr Phil I love is, “I’d rather be single and alone than miserable with you”. Staying constricts your chance of finding better. But, fear of the unknown can hold us back. There are worse things in life than dying alone.
Like wasting our few years unhappy.
I don’t think you advised wrongly.

scoupe42 replies on 1/15/2020 2:53 pm:
How are you? Thx for viewing, and I appreciate the feedback!

sexysixties2 72F  
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1/15/2020 1:06 pm

I think happiness is knowing yourself and being content.

"Age does not protect you from love, but love, to some extent, protects you from age."

~~Anais Nin~~

scoupe42 replies on 1/15/2020 1:11 pm:
Hi my friend, thx for viewing and awesome feedback.

Temporary31 59T
61 posts
1/15/2020 12:56 pm

You have some great thoughts gathered here!

scoupe42 replies on 1/15/2020 1:01 pm:
Thx for viewing and feedback.

scoupe42 56M  
8105 posts
1/15/2020 12:35 pm

I know it's hard to find happiness is a bad marriage. Gladys Knight did a song in the 70s. Called "Neither one of us". I told a friend to listen they lyrics, for he and his wife is miserable!

scoupe42 56M  
8105 posts
1/15/2020 12:16 pm

Happy vs Happiness is there any differences?

Tmptrzz 57F  
72505 posts
1/15/2020 12:06 pm

So sad that they are so unhappy my friend. And it's good that you told them from the heart how you felt. Happiness is what I choose, and I hope you enjoying your retirement and having some new Happiness in your life..

Just your average every day run of the mill nana here!!!

scoupe42 replies on 1/15/2020 12:16 pm:
Hi Temp, I knew many people over the years that shouldn't had been married. They live a miserable life! Thx for viewing and feedback.

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