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"Now here's something we hope you really like"  

scoupe42 57M  
3942 posts
9/23/2020 6:49 pm

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9/24/2020 1:27 pm

"Now here's something we hope you really like"

Here is some MORE humor, how's about a little evening humor..

Tmptrzz 58F
89480 posts
9/24/2020 1:12 pm

These are too funny my friend.. thanks for the laughs..

Just your average every day run of the mill nana here!!!

sexysixties2 72F  
39285 posts
9/24/2020 11:55 am

Thanks for the laughs my friend.

"Age does not protect you from love, but love, to some extent, protects you from age."

~~Anais Nin~~

coolpoolguy3 54M
2969 posts
9/24/2020 5:50 am

Some funny stuff! Thanks I needed a good laugh.

luv2suk1966 60M/54F
1416 posts
9/24/2020 3:43 am

Ohhhh. the Miss Piggy one tops them all! LMFAO!!!!!!!

Have a great day, and be nice to one another.

scoupe42 replies on 9/24/2020 6:01 am:
Miss Piggy, too much Bacon for me!

lunchandconvo 50F
2071 posts
9/24/2020 1:46 am

i had a crush on leonard nimoy. and gangster spoke was one of my favorite episodes!

scoupe42 replies on 9/24/2020 6:00 am:
Spock a bad dude! Thx for viewing

Paulxx001 63M
17299 posts
9/24/2020 12:11 am

Spock! 👍 😊 ❗❗❗

scoupe42 replies on 9/24/2020 5:59 am:
Hi Paul, kirk was the man, but Spock was my favorite character on the show

author51 57F
104838 posts
9/23/2020 11:55 pm

Laughter is much needed at any time my friend..Thanks for sharing.xoxo

scoupe42 replies on 9/24/2020 5:58 am:
My friend, thx for viewing

WhiteHatDude2001 37M

9/23/2020 8:41 pm

Great post! Thank you.

scoupe42 replies on 9/24/2020 5:58 am:
Thx for viewing

LadiesR2B1rst 57M  
1063 posts
9/23/2020 8:08 pm

Thanks for making me Smile !

scoupe42 replies on 9/23/2020 8:34 pm:
Thanks for viewing

scoupe42 57M  
9385 posts
9/23/2020 6:54 pm

That's too much Bacon!

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