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I Fucked Your Mother  

secretpartn20 28M/26F
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3/30/2020 6:21 am
I Fucked Your Mother

This is a real story that happened before 10 years. I was living with my parents in a remote village in Dharmapuri district in Tamil Nadu. I was the only of my parents. I was 19 years old studying in a government college. My father had some inherited land and was doing agriculture in it. He was 47 years old.

My mother was a housewife 44 years old. Even though she is in her 40s she does strenuous work. So she maintained a great figure with fair skin. Ours was a middle-class family. Our house was far from the village. An isolated one except for a small house near 100 meters, surrounded by wasteland.

My father was a typical middle-class man and a hard worker, who leaves to farm by 7 am and return only by 7.30 pm. He brought me up by telling not to get involved in any violence and not to confront anybody even verbally. I also obliged him and lived as he said. Our life was going peacefully.

One day during dinner my mother told my father that some old man has occupied the house near our house. It was empty all these days. My father told, "Yes, he is Karungan. He was arrested for selling ganja (marijuana) 20 years back. And yesterday only he got released from jail.”

“He used to live with his family here. Due to his business and affairs with other women his wife left him. He is a cruel criminal. Be aware of him. By the way, if he talks to you guys, kindly reply to him. If he asks for any help do it and maintain a friendly relationship with him. Or else he may think bad of our family and hurt us as no other house is nearby.”

By the way that my dad described him, I can surely say dad was really scared of him. The next day morning I saw a dark-skinned man around 50 to 55 years with thick mustache and beard. With a good build physique, he was around 6 ft tall. He was looking like a gunda shown in movies.

He was wearing only a lungi folded up to his thighs and<b> smoking. </font></b>By his appearance, I was really scared. My dad wished him ‘Vanakkam’ in a respectful manner. Hence I also wished him. He saw us with a fiery look and he didn’t even wish us back.

The next day half-yearly exams started for me and as exams were over by 12-30 pm I came by cycle to house around 1-00 pm. My house consists of 2 bedrooms, a hall and, a kitchen. In the back of our house. We had a separate bathroom (which was a small hut with an iron door).

As I usually park my cycle in the backyard I went there. To my shocking surprise, I saw that old drug dealer Karungan peeping inside our bathroom through a small hole. I heard the sound of someone bathing inside. Usually, at this time my mother only used to take a shower.

I was too angry and I wanted to hit that criminal. But I was very scared and I also remembered what my dad told me about him. I thought if he sees me he may leave. So intentionally I coughed. He saw me but contrary to my expectation he continued to watch my mother taking a bath.

As I was too scared I could not stop that old criminal from watching my innocent mother's nude body. After 10 minutes he turned towards me and smiled at me cunningly and left towards his house. As soon as he left, the bathroom door opened.

My mother came out with a small towel tied around her, exposing a huge amount of cleavage. The towel was too short as it just covered her ass. With tied up hair and exposing that much flesh, she was looking like Mallu ‘B’ grade actress.

The next day I had a maths exam. When I came back in the afternoon I was shocked to see Karungan watching my mother taking a shower today also. In addition to my shock, I saw him masturbating by watching my mother's body. His cock was too huge, around 14 inches, black with few grey hairs.

It was rock hard. He was shaking it vigorously peeping inside the bathroom. Today he saw me and as usual, he did not mind my presence. He was enjoying the pleasure of watching my mother's body. I felt too hopeless with myself. I left and went into the house.

I was secretly watching him from the bedroom window. After 5 minutes he made a mild grunting sound and squirted his spunk over the floor. He wiped his huge cock with his lungi and left with a satisfied face. This continued for 4 more days.

Every day when I return from my college, I see this old drug dealer enjoying a free show of my mother's body. I could do nothing about it.

Every Sunday my mother used to wash clothes in the back yard. As it was a Sunday my mother was washing clothes and I was reading in my room. Suddenly I heard mother conversing with someone. I thought dad might have got home early today and I continued to study.

After some time I heard a deep harsh voice laughing. I thought it might be Karungan and I ran to the backyard. I saw him flirting openly with mom, inquiring about her nativity and all. Mother was wearing a green color cotton saree tied a little high from her ankle to avoid water spillage.

He was talking to her sitting on the floor facing her. He told my mother to tie her saree high above her knees so that her beautiful saree doesn't get spoiled. Mom told him, "It's ok. It is old saree only so no problem." But he kept on insisting her.

As my father told, mom doesn't want to disappoint him. So she folded her saree and tied above her knees exposing her fleshy thighs. As soon as she did that I saw Karungan's face glowing with the radiance of lust on watching those thunder thighs.

He was smiling at me and he complimented my mother that she has a body like a twenty-year-old woman. For which mom smiled with shyness. I could see his eyes fixed to my mother's thighs. He inserted his left hand inside his lungi. I surely know he was rubbing his dick and masturbating on this free exhibition of flesh.

As my exams got over. One day I was on the way home. Suddenly Karungan stopped my cycle and he asked me to drop by his house. I don't want to help this guy who feasts on my mother's body with lusty eyes. But I remembered my dad's words and asked him to sit on the rear seat.

He ignited a weed joint and started<b> smoking. </font></b>It was neither looking like a beedi nor cigarette. In between each puff, he was simply laughing and he told me, "I wanted to say something to you.” I asked "What sir?" he came near my ears and whispered, “I fucked your mother," and started laughing again.

secretpartn20 28M/26F
2 posts
3/30/2020 6:23 am

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mufdiver69er2 59M  
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3/30/2020 5:54 pm

you see..in my world? that motherfucker would have disappeared into an old coal mine..never to be found....

woop woop

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