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The Wedding  

sectsax 55M  
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1/30/2019 5:52 am

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The Wedding

After graduation, Peter and Bailey went to work. Bailey worked at an insurance company, in the Human Resources Department. Peter took a position at a bank. He waited a year, then went to grad school. He worked during the day, went to school at night, and had his MBA in two years.

One day he came home from work, got down on one knee, and asked Bailey to marry him. They had talked about it, at a very high level, but she never expected this. He had taken the time to select a very nice ring. She laughed and cried at the same time, and accepted his proposal.

They set a date for a fall<b> wedding. </font></b>Bailey and Peter were only . They had no siblings and not a large extended family. They thought about eloping, decided on a small<b> wedding. </font></b>Bailey came to him one day in early September.

"I want you to fuck Heather", she said, "before the<b> wedding.</font></b>"

"You want me to fuck your Maid of Honor", he said.

"Yes", she said, "I do."

"Because?", he said.

"Because you set the standard for men", she said. "And I want you to have one last hurrah. She needs to hold out for someone like you."

"How do you suggest I approach her on this subject?", he said.

"I've already talked to her", Bailey said. "She wants it too. She's coming over tonight. I want to watch. She wants me to watch."

Heather showed up at 6:00, a bottle of merlot in her hand. They ate dinner, drank, and by 8:00, she was making out with Peter.

Bailey was very encouraging. She coaxed, prompted, caressed. She kissed Heather, caressed and sucked on her breasts, slid a finger inside her best friend.

"She's ready", Bailey said.

Peter took her on the couch. He mounted her from behind. Heather screamed.

They were certain the neighbors heard her.

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very nice

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1/30/2019 10:25 am

Yes please

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1/30/2019 10:12 am

Yeeaaahhhh Buddy!!


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1/30/2019 7:51 am

Good story, is there more? Hope so

sectsax 55M  
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1/30/2019 5:53 am

A comment, just for you.

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