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Tmptrzz 58F
88974 posts
10/9/2019 11:43 am

Calls the FIRE BRIGADE for you.. I hope you have a great hump day hun..

Just your average every day run of the mill nana here!!!

harbor112 61M
1351 posts
10/9/2019 11:55 am

Ummm you only go around once here. You should think twice on that 35 year old. And share that Fire ….

bronzeartist 51M
71 posts
10/9/2019 12:06 pm

Did you think you could meet someone who could turn up the heat on any site and just become friends, talking, laughing, and then become friends with benefits and then go to a whole new level. You can do it because there are men who want exactly what you are looking for, only they are sending you messages, right in front of you. I am Don, Retired at 55, Looking for more than NSA, wanting to feel so close and have more and more exclusive benefits. I say ypou can find what you want, That is If you have patience. Hang tough, Good men who can do everything for you are right in front of you.
I am Don. find me at donwadeblacksburg, at the y hoooo. Friends of a feather will stick together. Come find me sissy gurl, Princess. .

mareus100 41M
101 posts
10/9/2019 12:13 pm

Hi i thought id return the favor and have a look at ur blog as u do check my new one's out.i thanked u in response to my last one so if u didn't see it i will thank u again.i think I'm up to 13 or so know which I'm fuckin gobsmacked at. i didn't think i would get past the first two never mind anyone taken an interest and actually reading them!!and as far as the messages u got i always see them as a conference boost.its nice to kbow u could if u wanted to isn't it!lol well when i get messages that is.mind the last one was from a dude who and i shit u not would like me to stand above gim pissinf in his face wile laughing at him.he even offrd to pay me to do it.and he gave me the points to read the message!lnao those tipe of messages dont do much for my confidence.!lol so onece again thank u for ur interest in what i post. Mareus.

Imthatgirl1122 39F
1821 posts
10/9/2019 1:37 pm

Take them all!!!!

Heathen_G 62M
7839 posts
10/9/2019 1:40 pm

You really should enjoy the young males. You're not ever going to be 20 years younger....and you are not ever going to be as young as you are now.

So next time wen a young man , living in the area , contacts you...go have some fun.

gardenboy321 57M  
41407 posts
10/9/2019 1:43 pm

Maybe one of them is a fireman. lol

Thoughts from the Garden...

Theseo00 45M
163 posts
10/9/2019 3:03 pm

I am jealouse!!

pocogato12 68F  
35554 posts
10/9/2019 3:12 pm

Getting HOSED by the younger generations. Good for you but like me there are some parameters that need to be met and in my instance the intellect/communication has be be primary. I hear the rescue unit coming down the avenue- I'll re-direct them

(Virtual Symposium Group) use Virtual Symposium Group

2Saltie2 27F

10/9/2019 3:50 pm

No young ones for you either? I am 62 and get as young as 18yo sending me a message or im. No way.

Love all animals. Tolerates humans.

azriel1970 50M

10/9/2019 7:30 pm

LOL I would love to pour some sugar on you

BiggLala 48F  
29057 posts
10/9/2019 10:31 pm

I'm confused...what is the problem with those guys messaging you? And...why are you not considering them (okay...the 26 year old I can *kinda* understand)? 🤔

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backpocket13 46M
8738 posts
10/11/2019 9:53 am

Hey Sexy,
..........You know my Mantra, Do what makes You happy, that’s all that matters,...........
Sinfully Yours, backpocket13

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