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Snowing up north  

senfully 53F
564 posts
2/6/2021 5:09 am
Snowing up north

Enter now,
O bird on the green branch of the dying tree, singing
Sing me toward home;
Toward the deep past and inalienable loss:
Toward the gone stranger carrying my
In the possible future

—Thomas McGrath, "Part One", Letter an Imaginary Friend

Snowing up north
Started February 2nd, 2021

They say is snowing up north
And I am back walking
over the roads I grew up on
the crunch of the snow
sings me home

past the fields
waiting spring planting
fence lines stretching off into the horizon

across the front yard
always needing mowing
now winter gives reprieve

up the front steps
mother's pansies growing riotously
ghosts from summers past

my fingers brush the doorbell
cats never learned to ring
now forever silent

I open the front door
and go into my memories
stepping on the black slate entryway

I wonder if his coat
is already in the closet or if
everyone is waiting for him to get home

in the kitchen
the table is set
the tea ready

this is the time
everything will be properly arranged
each talisman in the proper place

so the ghosts live here
will finally have
the longed for peaceful night

all of us keeping company
in these memories
that sing us home.

senfully 53F
412 posts
2/6/2021 5:10 am

Childhoods can be complicated. It wasn't all bad, but I usually wish it would stay in the past. Then something reminds me, and I find memories I hadn't thought about since I left that home so long ago, like that black slate entryway.

lyavu 48F
1528 posts
2/6/2021 8:03 am

Its winter

Fmwnp 52M
6 posts
2/6/2021 8:19 am

Wish I was there with youup north

69ereatwetpussy 59M
6180 posts
2/6/2021 8:20 am

We all have memories hiden away
Some good some bad
The ones you love most come back
Over and over
What trigger the memory one has hiden so long
A smell
A sound
A Song
Even a dream
The mine is a computer storing everything
You seen
You tasted
You learned
You spoke
There are some you didn't forget
Till someone something triggers your memory
Then There are time you just bye yourself
Memory just a peer and you wonder why.
We only can have memories, we can go back for they are done and gone.
For each day we live more memories are made
It's up to you what kind of memories do you make.

kamaruhl3 60M
3821 posts
2/6/2021 8:57 am

you brought me back to where i grew up . thank you this is wonderful

SingleInGR 53M
352 posts
2/7/2021 10:09 am

I agree with 69ereatwetpussy's statement, it can be many things that trigger a memory for us be it a good or bad one.

From the snowy state of Michigan - stay safe, stay warm, stay positive but test negative.

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