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The play of air on a bound body  

senfully 52F  
11 posts
10/18/2020 7:59 am
The play of air on a bound body

The play of air on a bound body
July 1995

laying on my back
arms bound apart
above my<b> head

bathed in depths of darkness
the rest of my body left free to move

this is the beginning
like a rebirth
awakening to find myself


i lay very still
casting my senses around
trying find some indication
of my surroundings

all i can see
is the darkness
i stare deep into it
trying to discern some marker

all i can hear
is the sound of music
playing in the background
and a heavy stillness

all i can smell
is the smell of old silk
from the scarf
which is covering my mouth

all i can taste
is a dryness in my mouth
how long have i been here?
minutes? hours?

all i can feel
is the bed underneath
soft and giving
supporting my body

i wrap myself in the stillness

then i notice
the air playing over my body
just the lightest touch
almost an annoyance

tickling my knees
and up over my stomach
between my breasts
barely touching

i wrap myself

the other senses are forgotten
and the touch of the air
becomes my whole world


i gasp
as the air
takes on concrete qualities

like the feel of silk
flowing over me
as my body writhes
in answer to its touch


my body stills
as the touch of silk
becomes a soft breeze

blowing over me
i see my body
like waves of silver grain
blowing in the breeze


i breath in sharply
as the breeze picks up
and i am surrounded by gales of wind

i feel my body
become long and smooth
all things unnecessary
blown away by the gale

until i am perfect
the soft planes of my body
streamlined by the gale


i expel my breath
slow and steady
up into the air above

and everything quiets
settling around
like grains of sand a beach

i smile slightly
holding the visions
of silk and perfection
in my mind

and settle in to wait
for my body to be


Leegs2012 47M
58046 posts
11/24/2020 3:05 pm

Oh My!! Very nice and very Erotic!!!!

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